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Is Nurtisystem D a good diet for type 2 diabetes.

A: Nutrisystem D is designed as a weight loss program so there is a calorie restriction issue in the plan. You can add additional calories with grocery store food - nuts, cottage cheese, skim milk, veggies. It is certainly convenient. They do all the preparation and packaging!A concern I have in your background information - feeling deprived. You can eat what ever you want - the issue is how much, how often and what you have at one time that affects your blood sugar. You may want to make another appointment with your nutritionist to work in those foods that will relieve your feelings of deprivation. This is a life time plan - you want to enjoy yourself and make healthy choices in the process....


I need the information on a proper exercise / weight loss diet for type 2 diabetes.

A: Hello,You are correct that proper nutrition and regular exercise are important for controlling blood glucose (sugar). It appears that you are already doing the exercise. A 2-3 hour schedule of exercise a day is a lot of exercise. Is strength training included in your routine? How is you weight loss? Have your blood glucose levels improved?The diet can be challenging. There are many details to eating healthfully. I recommend that you talk with a registered dietitian about an personalized meal plan. He or she can discuss the details of carbohydrate counting, how to distribute your food intake to even out your blood glucose levels. You''ll learn to read food labels to make proper food...


Does anyone know a good diet for type 2 diabetics i cant figure out if i want high carb or low carb diet?

A: low carb diet. by the way i am going to be a ***** right now, but why? when other people have type 1 diabetes which is of no fault of their own and you have type 2 because you don't eat healthy were is the justice?...


Does anyone have a list of foods for type 2 diabetes?

A: EAT ALOT OF SUGAR Some good lists, tables & info here: http://health.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=37118 http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/diet/gi_diet/glycaemic_index_tables.htm http://www.southbeach-diet-plan.com/lowglycemicfoodlist.htm and http://www.diabetes.org/nutrition-and-recipes/nutrition/overview.jsp Search for the value of a food here: http://www.glycemicindex.com/ I have had type 2 diabetes for years. You need to avoid anything of a greatly sugary nature. Almost all desserts and regular soda ar right out. All other foods you only really need to be...


Is there a surgery for type 2 diabetes to temporarily stop the need of insulin?

A: The only "surgery" available is a pancreatic transplant. Some explanation between type 1 and type 2 diabetes might help: BOTH disease are characterized by an insufficient amount of insulin available in the body to allow sugar to be metabolized. The pancreas is the internal organ that does this. In the type 1 Diabetic, the pancreas fails outright. Without additional insulin shots, the patient will die. Since sugar cannot get from the blood to the cells where it is needed, the patient literally starves to death. Since this most often happens in children, this is often called Juvenile diabetes. In type


Q for type 2 Diabetics...?

A: You can get glucose naturally from fresh fruits. Your brain still needs glucose (sugar) function correctly. Always make sure you know what your blood sugar is before eating those sweets if you are diabetic. It is best for diabetics to avoid unhealthy sugars. the body breaks down every single thing you eat, everything, into simple sugars, that is what cells run on. The problem with eating refined sugars is that the body will use those first, and everything else you eat then gets broken down, and has no where to go, no cells to use it, not enough insulin to transport it across the cell membrane and you end up with high blood sugar and the damage that it does to your body. THAT is why you avoid refined sugars. That is why you eat a balanced


Need a natural remedie for type 2 diabetes!!?

A: You could try the raw food diet. It''s a diet where you make most of your meals consist of raw fruits and vegetables. So basically you''d increase the amount of salads you had (be it from plain lettuce or from cabbage) and put in cucumber, carrots and zucchini. You can also eat cooked fish if you don''t like the vegetables that give you protein. You can also try V8 juice and there are a lot of fruit juices you can try-pineapple, mango, guava, coconut-they''re all very delicious and healthy. I''m not sure what the stories are of people recovering from type 2 diabetes with this diet, but it does make you focus a heck of a lot more on getting...


Is there a cure for type 2 diabetes?

A: diet & exercise works wonders. Be sure to eat plenty or tradional fats in your diet like butter, olive oil, coconut oil and lard. The real problem is that recommendation to avoid saturated fats almost invariably result in people consuming more trans fats. There is no question but that the trans fats have been shown to have a detrimental effect on the incidence and treatment of type 2 diabetes. The saturated fats on the other hand, have no effect when appropriate comparisons are made. Very good studies indicate that trans fats interfere with insulin receptors and therefore with insulin resistance. The saturated fats do not. The...


What is the best type of ice cream for type 2 diabetics?

A: Ice cream that was made with fructose and no sugar added As for other meals COMPLETELY forBIDDEN Sugar cane sugar Whatever has that in their ingredients (syrup, candies) Allowed with MODERATION Bread (no more than three daily breads, better if they are whole) Rice (no more than a half cup of boiled rice) Potatoes (no more than 1 potato of 100 g a day) Pasta (no more than a half cup of boiled pasta a day) Fruits (no more than 2 fruits a day, juices included) Desserts that have been made with aspartame or sweeteners FREE CONSUMPTION Beans Greens Salads Meat Milk It would really be helpful for you to see a nutritionist to help you with this. There are no "completely


What"s the best medicine for type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure?

A: ASK YOUR DOCTOR In a brief summary, here is the evidence. Lifestyle - Changes such as exercise and the accompanying weight loss while see an improvement in blood pressure, and a reduction in insulin resistance (and thus improvement in your diabetes control). In terms on Blood pressure and diabetes Medicines, there are multiple classes and it really depends upon your comorbidities. As a general rule, diabetics are consider to be at high risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events (heart attacks, angina, strokes, etc) and as a result need to be treated intensively. Classes of BP meds include - Ace Inhibitors - Ramipril, Perindopril, etc (almost anything with pril on the end) - Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers - Betablockers - Calcium...

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