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What Is a diet for diabetes?

A: A diet for diabetes helps regulate the level of blood sugar in the bloodstream in order to prevent complications from the disease. Food plans for diabetics generally recommend eating several small meals throughout the day at approximately the same time each day. The meals should primarily be comprised of whole grain foods and vegetables. Sweets, alcohol and carbohydrates typically should be limited. Doctors and nutritionists counsel diabetic patients to maintain a healthy diet, forming the foundation for diabetes treatment. The blood glucose, or sugar, levels generally are too high in people...


What's the best diet for diabet?

A: stay away from chocolate Try to keep your daily carbbohydrate intake below 50 and avoid sugars. You''ll lose weight fast if you follow this plan....also I need to tell you------when you read the labels for carb/serving------------DEDUCT the fiber from the value---------example== serving size 1/2 cup-------carbs/serving= 22g........fiber 4g.-------------22-4 =18 ---you only would count this as 18 grams of carbs. bread Go take a look at http://diets.hammocksurvivalguide.com/ and check out the article listings. There''s over 2,500 articles. It''ll be a bit of a struggle to find them but I''m sure I found several articles there to to with diabetes. Well, the first two answers are obviously...


Can figs & raisins be used as a diet for diabetes?Is it curative?

A: I am a diabetic, type II. A diabetic can eat most anything, as long as you count the carbohydrates and do not go over the limit your doctor has put you on. Figs and raisins are sweet; I would check the amount of carbs for each. go to www.childrenwithdiabetes.com and you can post the question and get a true and accurate answer Figs and raisins contain fructose which is fruit sugar. PLEASE check with your doctor before starting such a diet. It could be very dangerous for you to eat so much sugar. i am diabetic and would never eat figs/raisins as they are loaded with sugar. I don''t know alot about diabetes, but I know that when fruit dries that...


Can anyone suggest the proper diet for diabetics.?

A: Near Starvation I understand that diabetics should not have bread. Foods that help diabetics bring down sugar levels Diabetics should fill up on leafy vegetables, bitter gourd (karela), papaya, oranges, lentils and legumes with strings and skin intact, whole grain cereals, bran, pulses, sprouted mung, and 10 to 20 grams of Guar Gum (from cluster beans) Prohibited Foods Glucose, sugar , honey and all sweets, jaggery, ice-cream, pastries, cake, jam, jelly, squash, canned fruit juice, sugarcane juice, chocolates, bourn vita, all aerated waters except soda. Foods to avoid Potatoes, Yam (zimikand), Arbi, Mangoes, Grapes, Cheeku and Bananas, Dried food stuffs, Dried fruits and Nuts e.g. peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, raising and coconut etc., all alcoholic drinks. Foods to be used freely ...


Has anyone tried the Bernstein diet for diabetes?

A: Ask your doctor - the trained professional who made the diagnosis - what sort of diet you should have. He knows your medical history far better than any of us do. Yes, she should follow her doctors instruction. She may have other problems to consider when planning a diet. I am curious, just what is the Bernstein diet? I haven''t heard of it. PB I looked the diet up on Google. It could be dangerous unless a person was under doctor supervision. It is a high protein, low carb diet carried to the extreme. The dieter loses a lot of weight quickly. It''s not a diet that would be something that you could stay on the rest...


Is the diet Herbalife a good diet for diabetics? I have been using it and I have notice headache and a dumpy feeling. I just need some more input ?

A: Hello,Thanks for asking dLife.The information on the Herbalife website ia limited. The description of the diet is vague. It is designed primarily for weight loss. It is not designed for people with diabetes. Have you notices any changes in your blood glucose (sugar) levels?Since you are not feeling well, it is cause to re-evalute the benefits of the diet. There are multiple causes for headaches. This means that the symptoms may or may not be due to your diet. The headaches is a sign that something is wrong.If your symptoms do not go away within the week, talk with your...


Is it difficult to design your own low glycemic diet for diabetes control?

A: A diet itself is no hard to design, but there are quite a few considerations before starting. The first thing you need to consider is whether you are a Type I or Type II diabetic (originally designated as Juvenile diabetes and Late onset diabetes). This will determine the amount and size of meals. People automatically assume that you just need to eat a low sugar diet. This assumption is incorrect. A good diabetic diet balances carbohydrates (not just sugar) and protein. Diabetic diets are best when personalized. Many insurance companies will pay for diabetes...


What should be balanced diet for diabetic patient of age 25, insulin dependent and lung is also infected?

A: for a patient of diabetes there is hope, as long as he learns the best way to eat healthy and stay healthy. How can eating healthy help a diabetes patient? When a person suffering from diabetes eats healthy food, this ensures that the blood glucose or the blood sugar keeps within range. Although medicines are essential for the well being of the diabetes patient, physical activity is also essential. Along with your regular diabetes medicines, you should also ensure that you follow a proper schedule of meals, your between meals snacks and some kind of physical activity. One of the first things that you should...

diet for Diabetics With Gout

A: Gout is a type of arthritis common among diabetics. The condition occurs when too much uric acid in the blood crystallizes in the joints. Uric acid, a by-product of food digestion, often causes pain and swelling in the big toe, although it can affect other parts of the body. Because people with diabetes are more prone to kidney problems, they can have trouble excreting uric acid from the body. A build-up of uric acid then forms crystals that deposit into the joints. Eating a healthy diet is particularly important for preventing gout, especially if you have diabetes....


diabetes, Type 2 - Where is the best place to find a proper diet for diabetes? I was diagnosied on?

A: 12 Dec 2011 Hi Vanessa, I am sorry to hear that you were just diagnosed with diabetes, but the good thing is it is very treatable. My husband found out quite by accident about three years ago that he had diabetes. He took ill and had to be rushed to the ER and it was discovered that he had it. In answer to your question, we found that the best place to find a diet was in the hospital. There they had a diabetes workshop. It was a week long round of nutrition classes. They taught him everything about the disease and how to eat properly. They also taught him how to self inject his Insulin. He also got diet tips from his Endocrinologist. I would suggest to you that you...

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