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What Is The Main diet foods?

A: Anything low cal, water and fresh fruits and veggies are all great to have while dieting, or so I''ve been told :)...

Candida Cleanse diet foods

A: Candida in Our Bodies Candida is a natural fungus inside our bodies that is forever lurking, waiting for our bodies to lay down their defenses and start a full blown infection. From the mouth, to the intestines, to the vagina, candida is present, but often in minimal numbers. Overgrowth of candida may occur when people are experiencing intense stress, when they have taken birth control pills, and when they have ingested antibiotics more than four times in a year. It may also occur in those with diabetes, those who live in humid environments, and those who had sexual intercourse with an infected partner. The threats of candida overgrowth continue to plague our bodies every day, so it is essential to use some form of natural detoxification to keep the candida in optimal and balanced...


I am a newly diagnosed diabetic, on oral hypoglycemics. I have done a lot of researching of diet food choices for diabetics, but I have not been able to understand if I should count carbs ,calories or both. Also how do I calculate how many carbs and or calories I should have each day to have 1-2 pound weight loss per week. I am 5''1 and 235 lbs, sedentary work day and have only rencently added walking to my diabetic program.

A: You have to be aware of calories, but the amount and type of carbs is more important for weight loss and BS control. I would recommend 1500 -1800 calories; carbs should be about 15-30 for breakfast, 30-45 for lunch and 30-45 for dinner. Snacks should be about 100 calories (and part of the total for the day) and no more than 15 gms with some protein. Focus on low glycemic choices ? small amounts of fruit, whole grains, vegetables, limit rice, pasta and breads. Lean protein is an important part also ? bake, broil, grill, remove skin from poultry, more chicken, fish and turkey and less red meat (lowers total fat calories). Small amounts of nuts are a good snack. Adding walking is a great! Start slow and build up to 30-45 minutes, with varying degrees of intensity (intervals ? comfortable pace...


List of Low Sodium diet foods

A: Beginning a Low Salt diet A food''s sodium content level is listed on the nutrition label of prepackaged foods and describes how much salt is in the food. Salt is used in foods as a preservative, especially in dried and canned foods, or as a flavor-inducing agent. Low salt diets are recommended, especially for patients with high blood pressure, and sodium intake should be limited to about 2000 milligrams of salt per day. If you decide to begin a low salt diet, you may be surprised at the sodium content of your favorite snacks. Even food that does not taste salty may...


The Raw food diet: Ease your Transition to Raw diet foods

A: What and Why of Raw foods The term “raw food” can be misleading to anyone unfamiliar with the diet. The raw food diet is based on uncooked, unprocessed fruits and vegetables accompanied by nuts, seeds and legumes and is usually a vegan diet as well. Raw foodists believe that cooking destroys a food''s enzymes and nutrients, so nothing is ever heated above 116°. Benefits There are a number of benefits raw food proponents associate with their diet. Raw food can improve skin''s appearance increase energy help with...


Dr Simeons HCG diet food List a Safe Way of Weight Loss

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Crohn’s Disease diet: foods to Eat, foods to Avoid

A: foods to Watch Out For Watch your diet to find out whether dairy products, fats, or spicy foods seem to aggravate your Crohn’s symptoms. If so, try to avoid these foods whenever possible. In addition, although it is important to try to add fiber to your diet, avoid it if you find your symptoms worsening after consuming even a small amount of fiber....


Meatless dieting: A Low-Calorie, High-Nutrition Vegan diet foods List

A: You And Meat: It's Over. You know the facts: that choosing a plant-based diet is the single best thing you can do to preserve your health and prolong your vitality. After all, a vegan diet is the golden ticket to health: according to The American dietetic Association, vegetarians have “lower rates of death from ischemic heart disease; [...]lower blood cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and lower rates of hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and prostate and colon cancer.” If you''re feeling woeful about your waistline, there''s one other important factor in a meat-free diet: vegans are about nine times less likely than their meat-eating brethren to be obese. When planned with an eye...


High Potassium diet: foods to Eat, foods to Avoid

A: Why Should I Go on a High Potassium diet? If you have low potassium levels, your doctor may recommend a high potassium diet. In addition, diets that are high in potassium are often prescribed for people who are not lacking in potassium, but who have hypertension, or high blood pressure. If you are on a high potassium diet because of high blood pressure, make sure to limit your sodium intake as well. No matter what your reasoning for high potassium diet, remember that every bite counts!...

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