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diet foods with Low Iodine Content to Help with Hyperthyroidism and Radioactive Iodine Therapy

A: Know How to Incorporate diet foods with Low Iodine Content, to Help with Various Health Issues When you need to incorporate low iodine diet foods into your diet, it is helpful to know what foods are safe, as well as what foods to avoid. Many people are unaware that iodine is often used during the processing of foods as a stabilizer to keep foods fresh. Among some of the foods and substances that include high amounts of Iodine are salt, seafood, canned or dried fruit ,and processed meats. Iodine is a non-metallic...


Is yogert a worthy diet food?

A: Yes yogurt is great for any diet because its rich surrounded by calcium,which is great for your bones ,it''s low-fat (most yogurts only enjoy about 2 or 3 grams) and its low within calories (most yogurts only enjoy about 90 to 120 calories). And most of adjectives it fills you up if you drink it with a piece of fruit. Hope I help :) Plain, unsweetened yougurt is fine.I also agree its fine if its unsweetened, plain yogurt because the others with flavors own extra suger and calories. You can mix in fresh fruit tho, that would be nutritious.Yes yoghurt is a great snack to have when dieting. Ensure the stout and sugar content is low - alot of the low fat yoghurts increase the sugar so that it taste better.not more good for


List of Low Residue diet foods

A: Why a Low Residue diet? A low residue diet is often prescribed to patients suffering from Crohn''s disease, diverticulitis or other digestive problems. Low residue diet foods reduce the size and number of bowel movements you have. Residue is the part of the food that remains in your digestive tract, such as fiber, which is not digested. It is often referred to as a low fiber diet; the low residue diet is more restrictive and requires individuals to eat low residue diet foods like those listed....


Macrobiotic diet foods for Healing and Well-Being

A: Healing Through Balance Introduced to the world by the man often credited with founding macrobiotics, George Ohsawa, this dietary regimen and life philosophy is based on the concept of healing through food. Although stemming from Oriental ideas about finding well-being through harmony, the macrobiotic diet is most popular in America, where many people facing serious degenerative illnesses have tried the macrobiotic way. The belief is that by eating macrobiotic diet foods, and changing the way that food is prepared and chewed, transformation will take place. The body will become purified, circulation will improve, the heart will be...


All About Gluten Free diet foods

A: Why Choose to Eat Gluten Free? Gluten is a protein substance found in foods such as bread, cereal, grains and pasta. It is also responsible for binding food. For example, it provides cohesion to bread dough; therefore, the reason why the dough holds together. Many people, however, are highly allergic to gluten. People with a definite allergy to gluten, or wheat protein, have Celiac disease. Those with Celiac disease cannot have any type of gluten or wheat because their bodies will not absorb and digest it correctly. For example, a baby with Celiac disease may look like a starving child; the baby will be very thin and have a huge stomach. This is due to malabsorption. Those who suspect they have Celiac disease must go to a doctor and have a...


Recommended diet & foods for Blood Type B

A: History of Blood Type B diet Blood type B diet foods come from opposite sides of the spectrum. Unlike type A dieters, who are vegetarian, type Bs are all about balance in their diet and balance in their body. As Dr. Peter D''Adamo for Eat Right 4 Your Life discusses type Bs have highly sensitive bodies, and if one thing is out of balance, health is compromised. The B blood type originated from the Himalayas, where Pakistan and India are today. It is believed that this blood type mutated as a response to climate change, since these people were originally in hot, desert Africa and migrated and settled in the freezing Himalayas. Mongolians had the blood B gene and ate a...


List of Soft diet foods

A: There are many reasons that you may need to go on a soft food diet, at least temporarily. Whether just following serious dental work, gastric bypass surgery, or for any other medical reason, try the following list of soft diet foods. The recommended items are nutrient-packed, just what the body needs when recovering from surgery or an illness....


Does Too Much Potassium In Your diet foods Along With The Medication Metoprolo This Is An ACE Inhibitor) Cause Abnormal Heart Rhythm?

A: Metoprolo is known to cause hyperkalemia in some people. It is known to inhibit the uptake of potassium from the blood to the cells.  Too much potassium in the blood is known as hyperkalemia and this can cause abnormal heartbeats. Beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors are contraindicated with high levels of potassium. Potassium supplements are off-limits and high potassium foods should be monitored so that general potassium intake is not too high.  You cannot (nor should you try to) avoid potassium in the diet.  You must ensure that you know your high potassium foods and limit their intake while on this medication....

Is peanut butter a wholesome diet food?

A: There are so many misconceptions and myths in connection with fats. They are as vital as carbohidrates and proteins. Without it you can''t produce hormones, energy, grey issue for brain, and you can''t even think or hold your genes repaired inside your cells. The problem is how industries knob fats. They refine it, purify it, solidify it, dilute it, enrich it, color it, and adjectives taht using powerful artificial chemicals, detergents some times, and heat. The result is "something" not intended by make-up that may result in inflammation, tissues'' induration, cell''s pollution, tumors, cancer, lupus, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, diabetes, etc. The push button is knowing how to use fats cleverly. Nuts are excellent sources of good hefty, as long as you don''t eat them roasted,...


What Is A Good diet food To Eat?

A: Basically anything not processed or has added sugar, salt or fat. Get cooking, if you cook from scratch you know exactly what is in your food....
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