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What Is the Hunza diet?

A: There are many different diets available for people who wish to lose weight, live healthier lifestyles, or cure certain ailments. The Hunza diet is a low-fat option that has grown in popularity. The meal plan is based on the diet of the Hunza people of the Middle Eastern Kashmir Valley. The Hunza people are known for their unusual longevity. Most members of the group live up to 120 to 140 years of age. When death comes, it is typically attributed to old age rather than the diseases that claim so many lives in the Western world. It is widely believed that this extreme longevity is due to the Hunza diet. Unprocessed whole foods make up the backbone of the Hunza


What Is the Dean Ornish diet?

A: The Dean Ornish diet is an eating plan based on the book Eat More, Weigh Less: Dr. Dean Ornish''s Life Choice Program for Losing Weight Safely While Eating Abundantly by Dr. Dean Ornish, a cardiologist. Ornish''s basic concepts are based on his success at reversing heart disease through diet and exercise. His diet is high in fiber, low in fat, and completely vegetarian, allowing the user to eat virtually as much as they want of the correct foods. In the book, the Dean Ornish diet is described thoroughly, discussing which foods may be eaten regularly, which should be eaten in moderation, and which should be given up entirely. More than 250...


What Is a Liver Detox diet?

A: The idea behind detox diets is that potentially harmful toxins build up in the body. food, drink and the environment bombard our bodies with these substances, which build up in the gastrointestinal system, skin, hair and liver. If the body doesn''t get rid of them, fatigue, headaches, stomach upset and chronic diseases result. To keep ill effects from happening, some think that we must cleanse our bodies of the buildup of toxins, or “detox.” Although science doesn''t totally support this theory, products and regimens to detoxify the body are produced for consumers who want to try them. Liver detox diets vary in methodology, but almost all require a period of fasting followed by a strictly regimented


What Is the Best diet for Immunity?

A: The best diet for immunity is one rich in fruits and vegetables, as they are full of immune-boosting ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins, and phytochemicals. Most modern diets consist of a lot of processed food and chemicals or toxins, which bring the immune system down. Adding more fresh, whole, foods to the diet is the best way to enhance immune function and cleanse the body of toxins. It is best to consume fruits and vegetables from a variety of families. Eating various colors and textures is one good way to ensure that all necessary vitamins and antioxidants are being consumed. For instance, blueberries and other dark blue or purple


What Is a High Protein diet Plan?

A: A high-protein diet plan is a program generally designed to help a person lose weight and improve health. People on a high-protein diet plan usually seek to increase the percentage of protein in their daily eating routine. This can often also include a reduction in carbohydrate intake and a general increase in fat consumption. There are many different kinds of high-protein diets, and experts are generally split about whether or not they are effective. A good example of a high protein diet plan would be the Atkins™ diet. Most people who go on a high-protein diet plan generally seem to lose weight, but the reasons for this are unclear....


What Is Super Low Fat food?

A: There are many different types of super low fat foods available both as commercial products or natural products. Low-fat and fat-free dressings, condiments, and dairy products are readily available at most grocery stores. Additionally, fruits and vegetables tend to be extremely low in fat. While many types of meats have high fat contents, meats such as chicken breast, pork tenderloin, and canned seafood may be an integral part of a super low fat diet. Such a low fat diet, while beneficial for weight loss and heart health, may not necessarily be low in calories, sugar, or sodium. Most commercial products have fat contents listed on the nutritional facts labels. A super low fat


What is a Zig-Zag diet?

A: Zig-zag diets are a different approach to losing weight that discourages avoiding many foods that conventional diets claim to be out of bounds. Essentially, the zig-zag diet is all about portion control and alternating consumption of different types of foods. The idea behind this rotation or zig-zag in the task of dieting is understood to trick the metabolism into using stored fat for energy while tending to not convert muscle for the daily needs of the body. The point of a zig-zag diet is to maintain some balance between the need to lose fat by watching the calorie intake and the desire to gain muscle by consuming...


What Is Natural Raw food?

A: Natural raw food is food that is completely uncooked and unprocessed. Herbs and spices are usually not added for flavor, and it typically requires little to no preparation before consuming. Some things that are generally considered natural raw food are fruits, vegetables, and nuts. These foods must be eaten exactly as they are found in nature to be considered raw food. There may be many benefits connected to eating raw food instead of cooked food. When food is cooked, the heat could reduce much of its nutrient content. Beneficial vitamins, minerals, and enzymes may be eliminated, and as a...


What Is the Sugar Busters® diet?

A: The Sugar Busters® diet is a diet that focuses on cutting out sugar and refined carbohydrates to lose weight and prevent disease. The book that introduced the diet was Sugar Busters!® Cut Sugar to Trim Fat, by H. Leighton Steward, Morrison C. Bethea, Sam S. Andrews, and Luis A. Balart. It was first released in the mid-1990s, and reportedly sold more than 100,000 copies before it was published commercially several years later. The updated edition is The New Sugar Busters!® Cut Sugar to Trim Fat, by the same authors. Three of the authors are doctors, and one is a businessman. The basic premise of the Sugar Busters® diet is that high levels of insulin are responsible for the...


How can I Increase Fiber in my diet?

A: There are many reasons to increase fiber in your diet. Eating food with a high fiber content can have many benefits to your general health and well being. Maintaining a diet high in fiber can lower cholesterol, help eliminate heart disease and even lower the risk of cancer. The foods that you eat regularly may already be high in fiber, but there are still ways to help increase fiber intake. Including more raw fruit and vegetables in your diet will increase fiber. dietary fiber can only be found in food made from plants, so increasing your intake of raw fruit, especially the raw fruit peel, will help. For the best...

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