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Is it okay to diet with real food?

A: u cood if u wanted to but i might work as fast as with diet food stuff Yeah its ok..... But you should knoww what to eat start working out and run a mile at least per day Work out and cut back a little on the fatty foods. It''s usually easier to eat with out getting stuffed. That is why people gain weight most of the time. everything in moderation and watch your carb loads, 60 carbs per meal look for dietary fibers and minus them out of your carb load if you have 5% dietary fiber you minus 5 out of your carbs YES YES and YES!!! Its all aobut the calories!! absolutely. It works for me! I have to say thought, for normal I am trying to eat more fruit and veg, and use...


What Is the Liver Detox diet?

A: The primary concept behind the liver detox diet is to purge the liver of toxins which may have accumulated. Toxins are found in many places, including chemical-laden foods and drugs. A healthy liver generally does a sufficient job of removing these things from the body by combining them with natural enzymes to make them water soluble. Once this is done, the toxins are secreted by the kidneys as urine. When too many toxins are built up inside the body, however, the liver can become overloaded and even diseased over time. The most commonly known condition of this sort is cirrhosis of the liver, which is often a result of long-term alcohol abuse. Eating high quantities of foods that are high in fats can also cause...


What Are the Different Types of Chronic Fatigue diet?

A: Chronic fatigue syndrome is a medical condition characterized by persistent fatigue that lasts at least six months and is not relieved by any amount of sleep or rest. Other potential symptoms include muscle or joint pain, headaches, and an inability to focus or concentrate normally. There is no approved treatment or cure for this condition. Many patients, however, report an improvement in symptoms by making a few dietary changes. A chronic fatigue diet focuses on making healthier food choices and eliminating those foods that are found to be common triggers for some of the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Since energy levels are greatly decreased in patients with chronic fatigue...


what is the best diet to help heal rumotoid arthritis

A: In the effective management of this disease it is important to change the type of fat in the diet. Omega-3fatty acids play an important role in the inflammatory pathway of the human body and thus have increasedpopularity in the dietary management of this problem.It would be a good idea to increase your omega-3 fatty acid intake either in tablet form or as part of yourdaily diet.foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids are:canola oil (the oil and margarine)salmon oilsoybean oilsoybeanswalnut oilwalnutsavocado oilfresh avocado.Increase the daily intake of raw or steamed foods as well as fish, chicken, whole grains, fruits, vegetablesand rice.

So, I''m on a diet since monday, and I would like to go out for luch on weekends, do you know of any place that doesn''t have too much calories in their food?

A: Good luck! You can get healthy options pretty much anywhere. Try picking up the restaurant version of the book Eat This, Not That. @Likeradar It isn''t too much hard, actually…. We were doing the same diet before i got pregnant and we were following it for 4 months, I want to get rid of off 30 pounds… @2late2be yeah, I didn''t say it was hard? I meant good luck, as in good luck with your diet… totally genuine. :) Also, many restaurants now point out the lo-cal choices. Some use cutsey symbols while others put them in a separate part of the menu. I know that Jason''s Deli has a new choice of having a “Slim Sandwich” with half the meat (and a dollar less) of their regular sandwich. Applebees has some Weight...


What is the diet for Patients suffering from MPGN it is a kidney disorder

A: What is Glomerular kidney disease?     Glomerular kidney disease can be described as a medical problem that destroys the ability of the kidney to eliminate the waste product and the excess of fluids. Also known as glomerulonephritis kidney disease, or membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis (MPGN), this condition can attack a person suddenly, or it can be a gradual process. Primary glomerulonephritis occurs when glomerular kidney disease attacks a person on its own. However, if the condition has been caused by other diseases like diabetes or lupus, then it is known as secondary glomerulonephritis. The treatment of the condition, as well as the diet for kidney function that is recommended depends on the type of glomerular kidney disease. MPGN...


What Is a Hypoglycemic diet?

A: The hypoglycemic diet aims to extend the amount of time it takes for food to be absorbed, as this can help keep blood sugar at normal levels. It is often referred to as the natural diet, since it focuses on eliminating many manmade foods in favor of natural products. Thus, while it is meant for those with hypoglycemia, many people trying to lose weight or just improve their diet may try out this food plan. In general, the hypoglycemic diet encourages that followers of the diet decrease the consumption of simple carbohydrates and increase both complex carbohydrates and high fiber


What Is the Mayo Clinic diet?

A: The Mayo Clinic diet is a fad diet that usually includes the consumption of grapefruit and large amounts of meats as well as large quantities of certain types of vegetables. Working to lose weight is generally a healthy endeavor—being overweight can contribute to the development of type II diabetes and may lead to cardiovascular disease. Healthy or not, some people who want to lose weight quickly turn to fad diets, such as the Mayo Clinic diet. Despite its name, it is not a diet that has been endorsed by the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic diet can be recognized by the inclusion of grapefruit as a catalyst for burning fat and the...


What Is a Low-Iodine diet?

A: A low-iodine diet is a type of eating plan that restricts a person''s consumption of iodine, which is an important element essential to the survival of every human being. Fortunately, most people get the appropriate amounts of iodine without trying because it is abundant in table salt, of which most processed foods are full. Certain health conditions, such as problems relating to the thyroid, may make it necessary for a person to limit his or her daily intake of iodine. Doctors often place people who have thyroid cancer or hyperthyroidism on the low-iodine diet. foods that are safe to consume on the low-iodine diet include fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats....


What is the Best Detox diet

A: I have heard that the acai berry diet is one of the best.. I have heard from medical people that the Doctor`s Detox diet established by Christine Gerbstadt who is both a dietitian and a medical doctor, is quite good -- safe,healthy and effective. She has a book out this year by the title: The Doctor`s Detox diet, The Ultimate Weight Loss Prescription. I`ve heard that it is not as restrictive as some other detox diets so you won`t have to worry about getting dehydrated or lacking energy.. Even tough detox diets are popular there is no scientific evidence to prove that they actually work, in fact, nutritionists have expressed doubts about them...

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