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diabetic diet

A: I can''t answer all of your questions but I can say that when it comes to baking Splenda is NOT "just like sugar". It doesn''t carmelize so nothing ever gets crisp or brown. The foods tasted.... okay... but not great. You also have to adjust liquid ingredients because it doesn''t help retain mosture in cooked foods the way sugar does. For desserts that don''t require baking I''ve had pretty good success using Splenda instead. They do make baking splenda but it''s not the same. It''s better than regular splenda but not the same as regular ol'' sugar. Apple sauce isn''t bad. It''s not the same as sugar, again and doesn''t work in everything. Second, you might want to be a litte more sensitve to your father and quit bringing all that crap over. When my dad was diagnosed


Healthy diabetic diet Plan for Everyone

A: diabetic diet Plan: Healthy Eating Plan Diabetes leads to high blood sugar level because of the body’s incapability to produce or use insulin. To prevent the complications of diabetes, the blood glucose level needs to be controlled. In such circumstances, a healthy diabetes diet plan is very important. Healthy eating and maintaining a proper diet helps to reduce your blood sugar. To know more about foods that lower blood sugar read the "What foods lower blood sugar" article on Bright Hub. Having diabetes does not mean you have to follow a complicated diabetic diet. A diabetes diet simply implies choosing...


Following a Healthy Diabetes diet

A: Everything in Moderation If you have diabetes you know that it can very hard to know what kinds of foods you can and cannot eat. There are many foods that can trigger your blood sugar and which can then cause you many health problems. So to avoid this you need to know what foods to consume and how much of it. There is really no specific diabetes diet plan a person can use, however, they can understand which foods are good and which foods are bad for them. A diabetic should not have to always limit themselves to some of their favorite foods because it can cause their blood sugar to increase, but they should eat these certain foods in moderation. The best thing to remember is that you should always try to eat a variety of healthy foods to...


Does the Natural cure for diabetes diet by The Spirit Happy people really work. My friend says it stopped her type 2

A: I think if there were a cure other than controlling it with diet, we would have heard about it on the news by now. How much do they charge for the diet? The answer to that should also answer your question. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled with diet, but I would be very sceptical of any group offering a natural cure for such a chronic condition. Beware of people peddling snake oil as a cure for anything. I have had a look through some webpages but cannot find the diet and the ''facts'' I have read so far look shaky. I know of a diet program that was made by someone with diabetes and works for people with diabetes. It is called The diet...


Best Pre-Diabetes diet?

A: Yes, muscle does weigh more than fat, and if you just started exercising, you may have gained muscle (which is healthy, even though the scale went up). You may want to track your progress by your waistline measured at navel level. Ratios for good health are often given as waist / height < 0.5 and waist / hip < 0.8 (for women; 0.95 for men). Quote: Originally Posted by Alexa3 Breakfast is a bowl of frosted mini wheats, sometimes toast with that new spreadable butter. I hate margarine and I don''t like wheat bread, so if anyone has a better choice please let me know. Toast and dry cereal (even whole grain) are typically high glycemic (fast digesting) carbohydrates; you may want to consider oatmeal porridge and/or beans instead if you want to have some carbohydrates at...


  My husband is a diabetic that had a heart attack a few years ago. The diabetic diet and low fat are complete opposite. Which diet is better to follow first? The low carb or low fat. Thank you

A: Hi, I think you have been misguided about the information on diet for diabetes and heart attack patients.Because diet in these conditions is some what similar, apart from minor changes as diabetic patients are twiceat risk of developing heart attacks if do not maintain blood sugar levels.diet in heart attack patients should include low fat with inclusion of omega 3 fats maintaining optimalweight. Where as you need to take low carbohydrate as well as low fat diet(including omega 3 fats) indiabetes avoiding simple refined sugars. Best....


Great Tips for Diabetes diet Planning

A: The goal of a diabetes diet is threefold; when you are planning your diabetic menu, you are looking to either maintain your present weight or lose weight in order to optimize your health. You also need to get your blood sugar levels under control with your carefully selected diet. diabetic diet planning is a practice of prevention: you are planning a healthy menu that will help you prevent the development of cardiovascular conditions or other detrimental health issues that are sometimes associated with uncontrolled diabetes. Non-diabetics can benefit from diabetes diet planning, too: this healthy form of eating is...


1000 Calorie diabetic diet Meal Plan Guide: Tips and Safety Advice

A: Diabetes Nutrition Overview Diabetes is the commonly used name for diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is the result of the body’s inability to use blood glucose as energy because of a lack of insulin or inability to use insulin. A 1000 calorie diabetic diet meal plan guide should be devised with the help of someone who specializes in diabetes treatment to make sure meals include a balance of calories and nutrients to regulate blood glucose levels. Diabetes puts people at greater risk for diseases like cardiovascular disease, eye, kidney, or nerve disease. Balance food, exercise and diabetes medicines to protect your health and decrease the risk of becoming seriously ill in combination with having diabetes. Diabetes is treatable and


Updates to the diabetic diet

A: diabetic diet Guidelines The traditional diabetic diet held that, since the pancreas is no longer producing insulin to regulate blood sugar levels, the treatment needed to be the addition of insulin to the system and the simultaneous elimination of all additive sugars. Fortunately, advances in medical science have now proven that the traditional restrictions of the “diabetic diet” are simply unnecessary, and the resulting diabetic diet guidelines are making living with diabetes a much more manageable task.  ...


I am a diabetic and almost 6 months ago my doctor put me on a "diabetic" diet.

A: My insurance requires a 6 month diet which requires monthly visits to ahealthcare professional. I am in my 5th month of the 6 month diet. Ichose Weight Watchers for my diet program and have monthly visits for weighin and to talk about my diet and exercise. they are very sticky on thisone! Tracy, some insurance companies are very picky about this issue. What youare going to need to do is contact your insurance and have it explained toyou exactly what their requirements are for the supervised diet. Someinsurance companies will say that it strictly needs to be doctor visitswhile others will say that going to Weight Watchers AND doctor visits fordiscussion of your

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