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How do you combine cardio, renal, and diabetic diets? Does a diabetic diet cover the other two? I am needing advice

A: Hello, A meal plan that combines diabetes, cardio, and renal issues must be individualized. I recommend that your life partner seek the advice of a registered dietitian. His doctor might be able to provide a referral for nutrition counseling as well as for diabetes education. Check with the American dietetic Association for list of available registered dietitians in his hometown.Just enter the zip code from this webpage: http://www.eatright.org/cps/rde/xchg/ada/hs.xsl/ home_fanp_consumer_ENU_HTML.htm The American Association of Diabetes Educators has a ''Find a Diabetes Educator'' page. Just click on your state for a list of diabetes educators: http://www.diabeteseducator.org/ DiabetesEducation/Find.html Some health...


Is a diabetic diet good for someone who isn''t diabetic?

A: Answer Absolutely! The ''diabetic diet'' is exactly what we should all be eating. It is all about choosing healthy foods and controlling portions. Answer Yes, but only to a degree. diabetics have to be so careful with sugar and so should the rest of us. The average person consumes over 15 lbs., of sugar per year and it keeps going up, thus, diabetes is soaring. My mother was a diabetic and so here is what can be done for you: 3 1/2 ounces of meat per meal lots of veggies (green in particular) Fruit (you can eat any type of fruit and are not restricted like a diabetic) Papayas are great for the digestion and Mango good for bowel movements If you are busy be...


What is the Diabetes diet?

A: A true type 2 diabetic diet is a diet that strictly excludes all products that are found to have high carbohydrates and are high in white refined sugar. It is very portion-controlled. If you want to live a healthy life then your diet must adhere to this. A balanced, portion-controlled diet plan consisting of slowly digestible carbohydrate foods rather than processed high carb, refined white sugar foods is key in maintaining blood sugar levels in a diabetic for optimum health. Type 1 diabetics have no need of a specific diet....


As the daughter of a juvenile diabetic,I wonder if my life long weight issues are related to high birth weight, etc and if a diabetic diet would help

A: Although birth weight is not directly associated with adult weight, there is a strong relationship between weight and diabetes. Definately, following a lower calorie diet and a carbohydrate restricted diet may help. Losing weight is not just about avoiding carbs or fat, but rather the total amount of calories eaten need to be lower than the calories burned or spent. Combining a balanced diet with daily exercise, will have a greater impact on body weight than just calorie restriction. If you need more specific guidance, ask your doctor for a referral to a Registered dietitian who can help you with a personalized meal plan for your needs....


I''m 44 with diabetes (10 -12 on the scale) has lost 10 Kg within a year. How can I increase my weight coupled with my diabetes diet?

A: Hello Edison1: Great job with what you have done, you must be proud, be sure to celebrate YOUR success! Considering, 1# of body fat contains 3,500 calories and muscle burns calories at a higher rate than body fat-to be ''brief'' and to the ''point''-the answer is more activity/exercise. It is a numbers game,(diabetes and weight): A deficit of 500 calories per day or approx. 1-2# of weight loss is seen, (by the experts) as a permanent weight loss! I''m sure you know:weight lossand diabetes self-management are very ''behavior'' dependent! Both require a great deal of effort and support. Weight loss is one of the best treatments for Ty2 diabetes. Your weight loss usually lowers blood pressure reduces the risk of heart disease and any risk of blood vessel damage, as well as improve the blood...


I was advised to go on a low purine diet by the kidney doctor; however, it seems to go against a diabetes diet, how do I combine the two?

A: Hello,Thanks for asking dLife.Low purine diets are prescribed to lower the levels of uric acid in the body. This involves reducing or eliminating foods with high concentrations of purines. A purine is a compound that is mainly found in animal protein and is metabolized to uric acid in the body.Addressing mulitple dietary requirements can be challenging and is beyond the scope of this column. It is best to talk with a registered dietitian about establishing a meal and exercise plan to help control your blood glucose and preserve your kidney function. Take care....


diabetes diet for vegetarians in India

A: Diabetes diet in India------Avoid  potatoes,carrot,beetroot,yellow pumpkin,cocalasia,sweet potatoes and yam.Limit your rice intake.Take plenty of greens like spinach and any vegetable in green.Nothing sweet to your taste buds.Gradually you will get used to it....

If meat in general has minimum carbohydrates, why is it so restricted on a diabetic diet?

A: Hello,You are correct that meats contain very little carbohydrates. When eaten in excess (2 or more servings of meat at one sitting or meal), meat can increase blood glucose (sugar) levels. If the demand for glucose is greater than what is available at the time, excess protein eaten can be metabolized in such a way to increase blood glucose levels. In addition, meats contain cholesterol. People with diabetes are prone to having elevated serum cholesterol levels and a higher risk for heart disease. Excess protein must be processed by the liver and kidneys. These organs are already working overtime for people with diabetes. It would be best to avoid placing extra stress on these organs. Eat all foods in moderation. Keep counting those carbs! Eat lean protein foods (3-4 ounce cooked portions)...


Are products made by Glucerna good for a diabetic diet?

A: Yes, glucerna products are appropriate for people with diabetes. Glucerna products contain blends of carbohydrates that are slowly digested to help minimize peaks in blood sugar. When using glucerna products as with any food you should monitor your blood glucose to determine the how your glucose levels are affected....


What''s the difference between olive oil and canola oil, and which one is better for the diabetes diet?

A: Neither of these oils is better than the other. Though olive oil''s flavor is usually preferred, especially extra virgin olive oil, which is great drizzled on salads, veggies, or anything. Olive oil also has lots of research behind it, supporting its heart health benefits.Here is an article right here on dLife that should help you:The 10 Best Cooking Oils for People With Diabetes...

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