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What Is a diabetic diet?

A: A diabetic diet is a diet used by a patient with diabetes to help control blood sugar. Some people are able to manage their diabetes through a diabetic diet alone, while others must also take insulin. Other measures which can be used to manage diabetes include integrating exercise routines into the patient''s lifestyle and eating a diet which is designed to control for related health problems such as cardiovascular disease. People with diabetes lack the ability to produce insulin, or are nonresponsive to it. As a result, their blood sugar gets out of control, leading to a variety of problems ranging from permanent damage to the blood...


Where do i find a good diabetic diet? one that is livable, not starving.?

A: you can make your own.grilled fish sw. use brown bread (no fats no salt just plain)or mix veggie salad with arabic bread (tossed with trans fat free oil such as canola) or dal for your soup which is lot of protein. brocolli is better with your high blood sugar just steam with roasted nuts.you can try bittergourd for your meal just saute with lot of tomatoes and fish fillet(the bitter taste is good for diabetic person) even you eat a bunch of veggie (steamed or try grill) this is good for your help same i(note for salad dressing just olive oil and lime juice and you can buy low fat salt . diabetic diet by Kendra Blanchette, RD, CDE The energy that we get from foods, measured in calories, comes from three types of...


What are the Benefits of a diabetic diet?

A: diabetic diets have many health benefits even for non-diabetics. A diabetic diet is first and foremost a balanced one and this is important for everyone because getting the recommended daily allowances of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals is necessary for good health. When diabetic people eat every few hours, large fluctuations in blood sugar levels are usually prevented. Balanced blood sugar levels are important since out of control blood sugar can lead to medical complications, coma and death. Limiting foods that contain sugar is essential in a diabetic diet. This is also desirable for...


What Is the Type 2 Diabetes diet?

A: The Type 2 diabetes diet is a diet plan that is based on not only controlling the amount of carbohydrates that are consumed at each meal, but also the type of carbohydrates that are taken in during the course of the day. Because carbohydrates are a source of energy, it is important to make sure that the individual takes in enough grams of carbohydrates to maintain a healthy mind and body. At the same time, the need for carbs must be balanced with the effect they have on blood sugar levels, and the complications that can ensue from increased sugar levels in the bloodstream. When many people first learn they have diabetes, their first reaction is that they must eliminate carbohydrates from their diet completely....


What Is a Gestational Diabetes diet Plan?

A: A gestational diabetes diet plan is a series of dietary recommendations that can be used by a pregnant woman with gestational diabetes to control the condition. Sometimes, dietary changes alone are enough to stabilize blood sugar levels and address the issue. Exercise may also be recommended. If blood sugar levels remain high, it may be necessary to take insulin to bring them back down and keep them stable. Patients with gestational diabetes will need to develop an individualized plan for addressing it by working with their doctors. Gestational diabetes can be dangerous for the developing child. When this condition is identified in pregnancy, it is important to take steps to address it. The gestational diabetes


What Is the Gestational Diabetes diet?

A: The gestational diabetes diet is a set of dietary guidelines that typically are determined by a medical professional, registered dietitian or nutritionist. Such instructions are to be followed by expectant mothers who develop diabetes during pregnancy. Most foods are broken down by the body into a simple sugar called glucose. Glucose provides energy to cells, an energy needed to carry out vital activities to maintain life. Insulin is a hormone also produced by the body, in the pancreas, which enables it to use glucose. If insulin levels are insufficient, blood sugar levels rise higher than they should resulting in diabetes. When such a condition occurs because of pregnancy, it is referred to as gestational...


How To Follow the 1,800 Calorie diabetic diet

A: Diabetes is a health disorder that changes the life of a person and their families. diabetic individuals are not allowed to eat voraciously and unhealthily. The body of a diabetic patient usually does not produce enough amount of insulin or none at all, which leads to glucose accumulation in the blood. Remember that insulin is a kind of hormone that helps the body cells absorb the glucose, used to generate the energy essential for bodily activities produced in the body. It is essential to control the blood sugar level. One of the most effective ways is to plan the well known 1,800 calorie diet for diabetics. This diet only restricts caloric intake of only 1,800...


I Have a book The Type 2 Diabetes diet Book is this okay to follow?

A: Dear anortiz, The diet book you reference will probably provide you with good basic diet information. It is not harmful for someone with pre-diabetes to follow diet recommendations for a Type 2 diabetic diet. The goals of most people who have pre-diabetes are to increase physical activity, eat healthy, avoid excessive carbohdyrate intake from foods with empty calories such as soda, gatorade, etc,. Try to attain a healthy weight, so if you are overweight, work on losing some weight. Ask your doctor to help you identify your risk factors and give you feedback on your lipids, blood pressure, and blood sugar labs over time....


Type ii diabetic diet

A: When it comes to a diabetes diet the options are very limited. You need to do some research and figure out several healthy food options that won''t interfere with your blood glucose levels. Healthy food options include: • Raw vegetables and fruits • Lean meat such as turkey, chicken • Different types of sea food • High protein diets • Shakes and fruit juices As long as you live healthy you will not have to worry about your blood sugar levels rising too much. You also need to ensure that you exercise regularly. This will also help keep the glucose level down. Hi Kate In diabetic diet should be low in calories( foods should be low glycemic items), high in fibers, low...


Anyone with type2 diabetes have a diabetes diet plan to share?

A: I use basicly the Atkins or South Beach phase 2 food plan. Low carb that can be tailored to your body''s needs. Check each food for how it reacts for you. prepare the food, check glucose, eat the serving, then 90 minutes to 2 hours later check again. If it spikes more than you like, as in more than 50 points, eliminate that food from the plan or decrease the frequency or serving size. I eat mostly a serving of 3 oz of meat and a huge green salad with tomatos. Real dressing on that helps to prevent the hungries!! No bread, potatoes or other starchy veggies, cereals or grain products. email me through the avatar if you want more info. I would be very happy to share. Exercise is the key to both weight loss and glucose control!!! South Beach diet is recommended by many...

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