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What is the cause of death for most swine flu victims? is it the fever? is it the effects on the lungs? what makes it a killer virus?

A: The cause of death for swine flu victims, and for sufferers of influenza in general, is respiratory failure (i.e. the failure of the lungs to oxygenate the blood and to remove carbon dioxide). This can occur despite mechanical ventilation (i.e. a ventilator) if fluid builds up in the lungs such that adequate amounts of oxygen cannot be delivered to the air sacs in the lungs. Frequently the inflammation caused by the virus renders the lungs susceptible to a secondary bacterial infection (pneumonia), which can lead to a systemic inflammatory response (also called sepsis). This causes blood pressure to drop, and organs such as the brain, heart and kidneys are unable to get the blood supply they need to function properly. It''s important to know that much of the...


In case of an emergency, if you don't have a defibrillator available, can you use a TASER gun?

A: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... um a defibrillator is not handy, but a taser gun is? no, you cannot do this.... you would probably damage the person more than you would help, but stranger things has happened.. start cpr and have someone call 911! No, it doesn''t work that way. It doesn''t affect the heart. Certified M26 and X26 Taser No, but you could try a precordial thump - if you witness a cardiac arrest, and the person does not have a pulse and is not responsive, you can try one quick thump to the center of the chest, between the nipples then follow it immediately with CPR. Of course, everyone should get trained in CPR so they can be responsible first responders. Yeep! Use CPR! No. The taser gun is designed to deliver a relatively small current in a series of pulses at a...


At which stage of diabetes, diabetic coma occurs? Will it result in death?or risks?

A: you will not get proffesiaanal help here yep diabetic coma is of two types--- 1.ketoacidotic coma--very high blood sugar level with keto acidosis.keto acids[ketone bodies] are catabolic ptroductsof fatty acids and in absence of insulin collect in the blood,acidosis results in hypokalemia[low potassium levels]. and coma.seen in bothtype 1 and type 2 diabetes. keto acidosis is brought on by stress, starvation and infection. 2.hyper osmolar non ketotic coma-- blood sugar levels are very high but there is no ketosis. osmotic changes in blood results in coma.usually seen in type-2 diabetes. treatment---- insulin correction of fluid and electrolyte changes correction of acidosis antibiotics and other[surgical drainage etc.] measures for infection control. untreated coma can cause


emergency, MATER OF LIFE AND death, SERIOUSE, please?

A: Tell her to donate them for transplant, and give someone else a pain in the ribs. x-rays can only be used for looking at bones go tot doctor Get an MRI scan or ultrasound scan or those organs Kidney stones or infection...cannot be detected by x-ray need MRI and dye injection to follow flow into unirary tract. Go to Accident and emergency doctors are good to an extent but only going to the hospital and getting seen to properly will quickly diagnose this problem, I hope she gets sorted quickly xxx MRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... My aunt had several ct scans, never showed squat till she had an MRI KIDNEY STONES..................... hard lumps of calcuim that form in the kidney and travel down to the uretha. - they try and pass naturally but sometime they...


emergency: Do I have appendicitis ?

A: People LIVE from surgery. They also DIE from fear. Going to a hospital can only harm your imaginary vision of a perfect you. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK THEY HAVE HOSPITALS FOR? If you do have it, then get over your fear of surgery because the other option is death. Do you have a fever? Also, the pain should be on the left side, not the right. If it is appedicitis, you won''t be able to walk (or even stand up) hardly at all, and would be in so much pain you would not be able to worry about typing out a quesion on Y!A. Go to the hospital and find out, but I think it is not appendicitis. Although, it could still be something very serious. Actually, it sounds more like you are having an ovarian cyst rupture, which is painful, but not a big deal. You must go to a...


What should or shouldn''t you go to the emergency room for?

A: I understand that the emergency room means life or death. I also have been told that my insurance will not cover an emergency room bill if it is not one of the two.(life or death situations). Besides the obvious like a car accident or a severe cut that needs stitches here are a few things I thought of. When to go; 1) Chest Pains 2) Severe Bleeding 3) Shallow Breathing 4) Trouble swallowing These three are the four most critical for ER. If you are not sure that it is an emergency than you should contact your doctor and he can better assist you in making a move. He knows you and your family better than anyone else so his opinion is most needed in situation such...


DOCTORS!!! please answer my question.it's a life and death question.!?

A: There is nothing wrong with you at all. What are you experiencing is most likely heart burn or it can be categorized as ''growing pains''. At your age, the body speeds up in growth faster than sometimes what the diet can give it energy to do. Since you are a teenage boy, your metabolism is also faster than it is ever going to be in the rest of your life. At your age, unless you have a heart problem since birth, it is extremely unlikely that you are suffering from angina. There aren''t many cases in the world where people your age die of a heart attack. Angina is typically a very crushing pain that radiates from the chest and spreads out to involve the lower jaw and the left arm. What are you describing is nothing like angina, most likely heartburn. Many, many people come in the


How To Locate International emergency Medical Services

A: Things sometimes change and go off plan. Emergencies occur, whether we like it or not. Regardless of whether you are working in a company in Jacksonville FL, working with a federal corps or charitable organization, or involved in something as ordinary as a federal credit union, you might eventually need the use of international emergency medical services. You will never know when you will need them, but it is certainly useful to keep references to it handy for future use. It is much better to have the information ready than to suffer later due to lack of preparation. You can learn a lot about international emergency medical services by taking online courses in health care - click here for free information about great online schools which...


While it is permitted by law in some states within the United States for a pharmacist to refuse to fill a prescription for emergency contraception drug or any contraceptive for reasons of conscience, is this really ethical?

A: Maurice, This is one of those questions for which the exceptions will probably define the rule. Most thinking people would probably agree that morality is, in most cases, a relative concept. This is certainly true among various cultures and therefore, in a country like the US where we pride ourselves on our multi-cultural heritage (well, most of us do, anyway), we need to make allowances for these difference. Let''s begin with a simple premise; no one should be forced to do anything they find morally or ethically objectionable. The converse, however, is that no matter how morally objectionable you find something, you have no right to force your view on someone who doesn''t share them; whether though legislation or coercion. I do not believe the issue is whether the rules that apply to...


HELP! It's an emergency!!?

A: Who sits down to their computer after being stabbed in the side with a knife. Knee jerk reaction is to call 911 or head to the ER. Even Mexicans know that the ER will treat them regardless of insurance or if they are legal. However, if you do have a knife in your side. Go to the ER. Maybe apply ice to stop the bleeding and the pain as you perhaps drive yourself to the ER (not recommended). Why are you on here and not at the hospital. So what about the bill. they can bill and you pay 5 dollars a month and they cant say a word. Don''t try to pull it out. Go to a doctors, NOW. Wrap something around it to steady it, but call 911 now. You''re probably gonna die if you don''t go to the ER. That being said, why are you on the internet asking for help in a life or death...

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