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PA law re time limit after death for burial, transport of body from MD to PA.

A: NO. A body must be embalmed OR refrigerated after 24 hours. Nothing about burial in the law that I could find. Ask him for the number of the law. Bet he can"t find it. The funeral directors in MD are WRONG. Your family may transport the body themselves. You will need to file the death certificate and get the burial transit permit. E-mail me directly and I"ll send you the MD and PA chapters from the "98 edition of my book. Not a lot has changed. (I recently checked PA again.) My e-mail is lisa@funeralethics.org...

Anorexia: Cause of death? Help me out here, peeps...?

A: Anorexia Nervosa may be fatal due to the damage caused to the heart either from the starvation process, or from medications taken repeatedly to induce vomiting or catharsis. In these instances the cause of death would likely be listed as cardiac failure; or cardiac failure related to anorexia nervosa....

death due to diabetes

A: No. Unfortunately, diabetes is always a handy thing to put on the death certificate. Sometimes I think that you could get hit by a bus driven by a drunk, and they would put diabetes as a contributing cause. But as far as I know and as far as I''ve experienced, diabetes is more a disease of blockages (heart disease, amputation, etc) than of bleeding. I''m very sorry for your loss. Cora The coroner talked w/ his physician and said he wasn''t surprised to hear of his death, that he didn''t take care of himself as he should have. But as he had no assets at all they didn''t investigate any further. We have many medical issues in our family tree and I try to keep abreast of things like this for future...


Ambien Cr and/or Rozerem with drinking cause a death?

A: First let me say that I am sorry for your loss, although I am a bit confused about your post. It looks as though you copied a post from another member named Purplesportygirl883? Was it Ambien or Rozerem? Or both? Neither of these should be taken with alcohol. Ambien is a CNS depressant, so is alcohol. Rozerem is a sedative, so is alcohol. Ambien can also be quite addictive. Could your father have taken more than the recommended dosage? Just playing devils advocate here, okay.... The doctor may not have known of the amount your father drank. If you father was an alcoholic in the true sense, then he did not answer the doctor''s questions honestly about his drinking. He may be telling the truth when he said that he didn''t know he drank a lot. While your father''s doctor probably asked about...


Sister near death has questions about transporting body across state lines

A: It will be least cumbersome to have her cremated in Ohio. Then take her cremated remains to KY. Any of the Funeral Consumer Alliance groups in OH can help find lower-cost cremations. Look for contact information at http://www.funerals.org If there is a reason to take her body to KY first, the family can file the death certificate and get the burial transit permit and transport the body themselves. It does NOT have to be embalmed but if it"s hot weather, you will want a lot of frozen gel packs ready for the trip. Dry ice can help, too. The FCA in Louisville can steer you to an affordable cremation. Hope this helps....

not notified of death

A: First all, If your husband had the healthcare power of attorney with the final disposition paragragh your requests do not matter legally.  The person in the paperwork has all the rights even those over a spouse.  Now if there was not a healthcare POA paper then once the funeral home found out about you they should have stopped and explained to the parents you had all the legal rights along with that comes the responsibilty of the funeral bill as well. You should have been given the opportunity at that time to take over the decisions and costs or sign a release giving up your rights as next of kin.  This is how we handle it at our firm. Go to www.ncbfs.org it has the form to file a complaint if you decide to proceed also there are links to NC law concerning the funeral...

mother's death

A: Yes, you can.  All you have to do is ask, as the next of kin, either the hospital or the ME"s office for their records and they will give them to you.  You may have to pay for copies, but if you want to see the records, that shouldn"t be too much of a hurdle.  You can also go meet with the ME and he/she should be able to answer all your questions....

How do you deal with emotional eating at times of a family illness/death?

A: Hi Lezlie. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. I don''t think it isselfish at all for you to consider the toll this will take on you. I thinkit is great that you are planning for it--it is part of the commitment youmade to take care of yourself!<p>I had a very stressful familysituation about 5 months after I had surgery. At that time I could NOT dealwith it through emotional eating, so I turned to house/yard work. It gaveme a physical outlet for the pain I was experiencing and gave me a"safe" place to veg out. I think the key is that you need a wayto kind of zone out to give yourself a breather from the stress. That''s whyeating, shopping, and exercise are all popular stress relievers. You think"in the moment" and you don''t have to deal with the stressfulstuff...


How Can I Get First Aid and CPR Certification?

A: Getting first aid and CPR certification can be important for a number of reasons. Many jobs, such as health-care jobs, require certification. Having one or both before you apply can give you an advantage over other applicants who have not yet completed their training. If you have small children or elderly parents at home, having CPR and first-aid training is a good idea. It can make the difference between life and death in an emergency.American Red Cross ClassesPerhaps the best way to receive your first aid and CPR certification is to take American Red Cross classes. The Red Cross is a respected emergency response organization. It offers classes in CPR, first aid and automated external defibrillator use. Red Cross classes can prepare you for virtually any...



A: If all of this happened in the UK, I don"t know why you are seeking advice from a lawyer in California. But, it sounds like the system is somewhat similar. The sordid tale you weave is certainly familiar from Agatha Christie novels and the highjacking of the elderly by criminal elements certainly does happen, everywhere. You need to speak with a barrister in the jurisdiction where this happened and get advice there. I am sure anyone, even a non-blood relative, has a right to bring an action in court to contest a Will.  My advice from here is of little value however. You need to speak with a UK lawyer....
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