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Is ''Loneliness'' listed as an official cause of death?

A: I think loneliness would be a causal factor and not a direct cause of death. May relate to depression also a causal factor. Loneliness/depression won''t actually ''kill'' you. It has been proven that persons who have an active social life generally live longer than ''loners'' (whether they are so by choice or chance); however, ''loneliness'' is not a valid cause of death that can be put on a death certificate. I suppose if it prompts a person to jump off a bridge, and even then if the person lay barely alive and out of loneliness, loses all will to survive and dies, it would have been the loneliness causing such lack of the will to live, and be therefore ultimately the motivation....


What Is ACLS Certification?

A: Restaurants, office buildings or other public areas, all have the potential of becoming the site of a medical emergency, and knowing what to do on the spot is crucial. During a cardiac arrest, every minute that goes by without some type of emergency treatment lessens the chance of that patient surviving the attack without any permanent damage. In extreme circumstances, a lack of attention in those first few minutes could mean the difference between life and death. The main focus of Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) training is to make licensed medical professionals more aware of the timeline of a cardiac arrest and how to work to restore blood flow to the heart and brain as soon as possible. Gaining a certification can be an important addition to a...


death Midwife training

A: At the moment, there are no standards for "certification" as a death midwife. You would find a class with Beth Knox <http://www.crossings.net> or Jerrigrace Lyons <http://www.finalpassages.org/> helpful. If you e-mail me directly I can send you the WY chapter from the "98 edition of my book, now out of print. lisa@funeralethics.org...

How can property be deeded after a death? Do you need probate?

A: The answer depends on local procedures. Start by asking the probate clerk in the county in which your husband died for the correct procedure to follow. When divorce proceedings intersect with probate issues, certain issues stay in the family court system, while others are decided in the probate court. The probate clerk should be able to direct you to the right one here. You will likely have three possibilities, none of which would involve a full-blown probate proceeding. You petition the family court where your divorce papers were filed in 1994 to issue an order naming you as the owner of the life estate, with your children as remainder beneficiaries.You petition the probate court for the same thing.You file an affidavit in the county recorder''s office, stating that subject to the terms...


What Is The Fastest And Least Expensive Way I Can Obtain A CA Birth certificate?

A: You will need to send in a check or pay via a money order to the California Office of Vital Records. Call or visit their website to check for current fees and/or to apply for a marriage, birth or a death certificate. It generally takes about 4 weeks for them to get back to you. Visit their website for more details. The average price is likely to be around 15$. However, it is subject to change. With your request you need to give information about other things like :- 1) Full name of the person. 2) Date of birth. 3) Place of birth. 4) Father''s name. 5) Mother''s maiden name. 6) Your relationship with the person who''s information you are requesting. 7) Reason, address and signature. Please visit this website for more details :- Application...

burial same day as death

A: You are right about the autopsy or medical examiner. 406.11  Examinations, investigations, and autopsies.-- (1)  In any of the following circumstances involving the death of a human being, the medical examiner of the district in which the death occurred or the body was found shall determine the cause of death and shall, for that purpose, make or have performed such examinations, investigations, and autopsies as he or she shall deem necessary or as shall be requested by the state attorney: (a)  When any person dies in the state: 1.  Of criminal violence. 2.  By accident. 3.  By suicide. 4.  Suddenly, when in apparent good health. 5.  Unattended by a...

Mrs. Doctor death

A: Who is Dr. death? What did the butcher of Queensland do? It does sound creepy, though Mrs. Doctor death most likely has her issues with it, too. "Dr. death" is a really terrible surgeon who killed off a lot of his patients with his errors and his callousness. Bad, bad, horrible things. I was "eh" until "same name." Hmm. If someone is innocent and just had the misfortune to be married to a criminal it''s not fair for that person''s livelihood to be ruined. But eek. I think you''re probably allowed to ask, the question is what then. She says, yes, that''s me, and looks at you levelly in an "and..." sort of way, and you say...? dagmar - here''s a bit from one article: Quote:The...


When recording death place on a family tree is it the town of residence or hospital where death occurs?

A: You should record the location where the death occurred, if known. death certificates, which can contain useful genealogical information, are filed where the person died, so customarily the place on the tree is where he or she died, not where he lived or where he is buried. However, recording the residence in addition to the place of death is a good idea. Until fairly recently it was common for people to die at home. This is now rare. Some family trees record the previous place of residence in brackets after the actual place of death....


If death is caused by the accident and not by the heart attack will an accidental death insurance policy pay?

A: The answer is YES, if in fact the accident was the cause of death. You would need a death certificate signifying the actual cause of death when you file your claim....

How do I remove Dad`s name from properties after his death?

A: If your parents owned the various properties jointly—usually in joint tenancy or tenancy by the entirety—then the full ownership of the property most likely passed to your mother at your dad’s death. But ownership issues aside, you might still want to remove your dad’s name from the title document to help make future transfers of the property easy. And many people are moved to do so simply because it can seem rather painful to see the deceased’s name on the title document. Fortunately, it is easy to make this amendment to property deeds. It generally requires only presenting proof of death such as a certified death certificate, filling out a brief form with a local court or land records...

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