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Wrongful death/Malpractice

A: Wow, very sorry to hear about this. I assume she had no history of liver disease.  The question is, would she have succumbed even if she was admitted to the hospital. Seems to me they should have been able to keep a 32 year old going.  She wasn"t a heavy alcoholic or drug addict was she? No offense intended. Had to ask. Sounds to me like she might have been because it would be extremely rare for a 32 year old to die this way. So, you need to find out what her cause of death was.  Whoever the next of kin is-your mother or father or yourself should be able to obtain a copy of the death certificate and hospital records. Those records should answer lots of questions.  This may be a huge case against...

How can I get my sister''s medical records years after her death?

A: Hello, We found a link we think you may find helpful. How do I get someone''s medical records after their death?...


Question about After death

A: my dad passed away 1 year ago and even though he was brain dead they pronounced his time of death when there was no heartbeat not when he stopped showing brain activity...


What is the cause of death in liver cancer?

A: The cause of death in liver cancer may be either primary liver cancer or secondary liver cancer (on the death certificate). What actually happens is based on the fact that the liver is such an important organ. It digests fatty foods, stores energy, clots blood, manufactures proteins, and cleanses toxins from the body (like bacteria and alcohol). When it`s not functioning properly, all kinds of things can go wrong. The cause of death in a liver cancer patient may actually be of something like respiratory failure or an infection due to the cancer, for example.. ...


death after Ankle fusion Surgery?

A: You need to talk to someone who can help you over this business. Apparently the coroner did not find anything out of order. Of course he probably checked with her doctor who would not have too much infomration, except I am sure that is where the diabetis came up. There is not too much you can do now. Talk to someone who might be ablw tio help you. If you have a lawyer, talk to him, or anyone you trust. Get a copy of the death certificate if you don"t have one. If you know for a fact his name was not on your sister"s bank account, maybe a talk to a lawyer is essential. Nothing more I can do. Good luck....

death from Chronic Ethanolism

A: I am sorry to hear of your loss. Working to help others through your brother"s death tells me much about your character. He was fortunate to have you in his life. As for how to best utilize your experience, you could contact the national support group for loved ones of those with alcohol problems, Al-anon. This organization is likely the most knowledgeable regarding family issues related to those who drink excessively. It is a 12-Step based program, so if your beliefs and values match their approach, they would be a good resource even though your brother has passed. The national office is at Tel: (757) 563-1600 or online at wso@al-anon.org You might ask them if they can assist you with your desire to help others. I am not affiliated with the group, so I...


Birth certificate, guardianship

A: Mindy: DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A LAWYER or ATTORNEY. I am someone who has experience in family law issues. I am sharing my OPINION only. For the exact law as it pertains to your specific case contact a Professional Attorney in your county/area/country. In answer to your question and according to what I have read if the Birth certificate carries your ex"s name there are situations where he would be notified or be responsible since the Birth certificate shows him as the father. Of course, the legal guardianship of the child have primary responsibilities of said child. However, from what I have read does not "terminate rights". The ones whom have guardianship of said child are responsible for all aspects of said child: AND do have the right...


Why don''t stillborn babies get a death cerf or why don''t they get a birth cerf WHY?

A: Answer In Canada the mother of a stillborn child has the right to a death certificate. It hardly makes sense if anti abortionists feel a baby is living from the time of conception and then just because it is stillborn it no longer exists as a human being. YOU have every right to ask for a death certificate and demand one! There would be no Birth certificate as the child was stillborn. I am very sorry if this has happened to you. Fight for that death certificate!...


How does an executor get hep paying for bills after death?

A: A short certificate is usually the local probate court''s certification that an estate proceeding is on record, and most courts will issue them only after the probate is complete, so the paperwork you were issued here is a little confusing. First, the easier news: As executor, you should not be legally responsible for paying your father''s debts unless, for example, you co-signed on a loan or took some other specific action that would make you legally liable. What usually happens to a person''s debt at death is that all creditors are notified -- and the outstanding debts are ranked in a hierarchy set out in state law and paid off from remaining estate property. If there isn''t enough property to satisfy the creditors at the tail end of the...


Father on Birth certificate.

A: I think all you have to do is go to the Births deaths and Marriages Registry and request the certificate be updated.  It can take some time to have done (takes upto 3 months for the original certificate sometimes), but they will do it.  Contact the NSW Registry of Births, deaths and Marriages to ask if it can be changed.  Their web site makes direct reference to amending father''s details on certificates so it sounds like it''s possible.  See  http://www.bdm.nsw.gov.au/amend/addRemoveDetailsOnCert.htm Cheers I found out the same thing. http://www.bdm.nsw.gov.au/amend/addFathersDetails.htm  It costs $100 plus $6 postage. Ironic that you...

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