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FL rules for death

A: A death certificate is required in all deaths. If it is an unexpected death, then the medical examiner will need to be involved. If not, get a blank death certificate from the county health department and take it to the doctor to fill out for the medical cause of death. You"re in a pickle if there"s no family doctor, even if a person died of old age and the death was no surprise to anyone. You"ll need the medical examiner in that case. Once the medical portion is filled out, fill out the family portion--soc. sec. number, mother"s maiden name, etc. Do NOT make any errors, as white-out and...

death record/cause of death

A: I am so sorry for the death of your fiance. And how cruel for the family to leave you out of the memorial arrangements. I suspect you may never get at the cause of death. But the death certificate is likely to indicate a cemetery if his body was buried or a crematory if cremation took place. You may be able to find out where the cremated remains went from that, even if they simply went home with the family. If he was cremated, perhaps they would even share a small portion of the cremated remains with you for some closure on your part. Then again, they don"t sound very friendly. You could at least ask....

My sister has just died and the coroner has said there was no explaination for her death only sats sim somthin

A: it is like infant cot death.there is no real cause but the body just gives up[natural causes.]the coroner is satisfied there were no external reason for the death.i hope that puts your worry at ease.my sympathies. Really Sorry To Hear About Your Loss. If It Is Due To What The Coroner Said It Was Then It Isn''t An Illness That I''ve Heard Of, But As It Happened To her Though It Is Unlikely In Females Then Maybe She Was Unlucky. Sorry Once Again And I Hope You Feel Better Soon. I''m so sorry for your loss. It''s really hard for you and your family right now and getting an answer as to why usually helps, but in this case there probably is no answer. There is an adult version of Sudden Infant death Syndrome known as...


Has Hospice Care Morphed Into death Care?

A: Hospice philosophy and care have created a comfortable and supportive means of family involvement in the lives and care of their seriously ill loved one. Contrary to the misunderstandings of some, hospice does not hasten death, but allows for death to be natural, comfortable, and grounded in love and care. Most of us have are aware of the “Green” movement that encourages taking care of the earth by changing habits that contaminate the earth, water, and air with toxic chemicals, non-biodegradable objects such as plastic bags, and other materials. This “Green” movement has made its way to the way we care for the body of the deceased to the burial of our loved one. This essay will focus specifically on that aspect of...


Reason for someones death

A: Usually newspaper obits don''t include the cause of death. That will appear on the death certificate which you would have to order and pay money for from the county in which the person died. Or, like FrChuck said, ask one of the family members if you know any well enough. I agree with Fr. Chuck and Wondergirl. Sometimes there will also be an article in the newspaper about the death, if the death was unusual. For example, a young woman died here recently, after attending a party, and because of the age and her lack of any apparent illness, an autopsy was done and found there was PCP in her blood, and that caused her death. She was not known...


Do I still have financial power of attorney after the death of my mother?

A: Your power in the power of attorney ended when your mother died. And banks have slightly different policies about who they will allow to get access to a deceased person''s account. If the bank has no separate authority to give you access -- for example, your name with on the account as a joint owned or you are listed as an authorized signator -- then many of them will allow only an executor of a will to access the accounts. To accomplish this, the executor must present bank officials with a formal legal document usually called Letters Testamentary that the probate court issues. Other banks will allow access if you are able to present a notarized Affidavit of Assumption of Duties, which is a simple statement giving date of death, accompanied by a


Figuring out a cause of death 30 years post-mortem.

A: you might be able to get a hold of his death certificate and see if you can contact whichever doctor signed off on it. you might also contact the hospital where he expired and see if they will let you see his chart (although they might have to go digging in archives, and HIPAA might prevent that). i would probably start with the death certificate though....


Medical malpractice - wrongful death - negligence

A: Terry, I am very sorry to hear about your sister"s death.  I am going to try and address all of your questions by giving you the fundamentals of a medical malpractice/wrongful death lawsuit.  I apologize if you already have an understanding but it is helpful in light of your sister"s case. In most locations, there is no difference for a medical malpractice case which ends in a death and a wrongful death action.  A number of different actions can end in a death such as a motor vehicle accident, product liability and medical malpractice.  Generally, medical malpractice cases have specific rules prescribed by the legislature and by the court....

Why did breast cancer death rate decline after 1986 but prostate cancer death rate declined after 1994?

A: The reason that the death rate initially rose for prostate cancer, after 1986, was that that was when PSA testing was introduced and became widely available (1986-1988). That led to a higher incidence of the disease (it was found more). So there were more death certificates with prostate cancer as the cause, because the doctors easily knew the deceased had it. In some cases, the man didn''t even die from prostate cancer, but since he had been screened and diagnosed, that went down as cause of death. Or, as the National Cancer Institute puts it: "Cause-of-death misclassification has also been studied as a possible explanation for changes in prostate cancer...


Is either smoking or second hand smoke a recognized cause of death for entry on the death cerrificate?

A: Smoking or passive smoking causes things like lung cancer and the like. It would be the actual disease that would be recorded on the death certificate, not the fact that the geezer was too sodding lazy to throw away the fags (or in the case of passive smoking, that the person in question forgot to use Oust everywhere they went)... not at this time as far as i know. but a couple of years ago 2nd hand smoke was classified as a carcinagin. it may be in the future instead of broncitis or some other lung disease caused by smoke or 2nd hand smoke.---here is a interesting fact for you and that baby you are trying to protect. in wisconsin here and all cold states, every time you go to wal-mart and breath the air in the parking lot, it is the same...

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