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If a baby is still born is a death certificate filed?

A: yes I think different places have different procedures. It could be just a birth certificate noting that the baby was stillborn. In the US it depends on the maturity of the fetus. Certainly in the case of near-term births one is filed. In early miscarriages one is not....


My Dad?s death certificate reads?.

A: I think the word you mean is Medullary, which pertains to the bone marrow, but can also pertain to thyroid cancer. If it is pertaining to the bone marrow then it most likely means bone cancer of some sort. Did you father have cancer do you know? Medullary pertains to the marrow or to any medulla, resembling marrow. My dad was 78, and had a list of medical problems, but he DID NOT have any cancer or kidney problems. On Dec 16, 2009 he had heartache, than a stroke which caused a huge hemorrhage to the brain. Long story short, he was hospitalized for three wks and than the last 4 days of his life he spent in a coma in a hospice facility. This is the only thing connecting heart attack/cardiac arrest with medullary failure. Maybe it is possible your father had this syndrome? Wallenberg''s...


My grandmother''s death certificate listed Alzheimer''s as her cause of death. I have two questions: 1. Is Alzheimer''s something you can die of? I always thought it was complications of Alzheimer''s. 2. I thought you needed to have an autopsy of the brain to diagnose it. They didn''t do that to her so how can they know?

A: Hi - someone asked a similar question here on RH awhile ago, and I found the answer so fascinating that I''m copying it here. (Note, I don'' know the background of ''camre'', the member who posted the answer or whether they are a medical professional). Here''s what they said, ''Unfortunately, Alzheimer''s is a terminal disease. You can think of your brain like a house. As the disease attacks the sections of the brain, it''s kind of like turning off the light in a room of the house. Sometimes the light will flicker and the person will be able to have the ability back for a short period, but once the light goes off then that ability is lost. Typically short-term memory is affected first, then large motor skills (this can affect balance), then speech, etc. Eventually the person with...


As the cause of death on my mother"s death certificate, it reads: Late effects of right basal ganglia cerebral infarction due to arteriosclerotic cerebrovascular disease. She also had a mass in her left breast. Can you please explain this?

A: A cerebral infarction (also known as a stroke) refers to damage to tissues in the brain due to a loss of oxygen to the area. The mention of "arteriosclerotic cerebrovascular disease" refers to arteriosclerosis, or "hardening of the arteries" that supply oxygen-containing blood to the brain. The statement above means that there was a stroke that resulted from the damaged arteries in the brain. The reference to the basal ganglia refers to the location within the brain where the stroke occurred. The basal ganglia (on both sides, referred to as right and left basal ganglia) are involved in the regulation of numerous processes, including movement. If an autopsy was performed, the autopsy report should contain additional information about the mass in the breast, including whether...


PA laws re: filing death certificate

A: No, PA is not a restrictive state. They are CT, IN, LA, MI, NY, NE, UT. And, of course, folks run into unknowledgeable others who insist a funeral director is required and who refuse to cooperate in any state or area where a home funeral has not been a recent event. Lisa...

It shows on my great grandmothers 1924 death certificate that she died of autoxemia what is autoxemia?

A: Poisoning from toxic substances formed within the body, such as during the digestion process....


Cause of death after 20 years?

A: yes. go to the police station and request another autopsy. best of luck, sorry about your mother. i lost mine and my father at the age of 7. i think that it was most likely cancer...breast cancer kills most women and its not uncommon...im sorry to hear about your mother:( getting the medical records for her is a good idea Go ask her doctor. You could obtain a death certificate and it should tell you what your mom died of. Unfortunately you have no rights in this matter, so I doubt you''d get any answers. Since your mother was suffering from cancer and was almost certainly receiving treatment, it is unlikely that an autopsy was carried out. In her circumstances the attending doctor''s diagnosis is considered...


registering a death

A: Sorry for the delay, I did not get an email notification of this question until today. While states have their various rules & regs for registering a death certificate, it is generally accepted that the certificate must be certified by either a doctor or coroner. Funeral Directors generally (at least in smaller areas) complete the certificate and then get it signed by the certifier.  It is also signed by the director as the licensed professional in charge.  It is then sent to the Registrar.  A few states do not require board certified or licensed funeral directors, so a family might be able to do the paperwork, but it would still have to be certifed by the doctor or...

Cause of death

A: I am very, very sorry for your loss. I hope you are taking care of yourself and have lots of family and friends around you to support you through this. Here is the way I look at it. My mother in law was robustly healthy compared to many of her peers - she had no diabetes or cancer or heart disease. She had no chronic lung problems. Her kidneys were fine. Her digestive tract and liver were in perfect working order. The only thing really the matter with her, other than the annoyance of arthritis, was the dementia that surfaced in her early 70"s. If she had not been so healthy physically  I doubt she would have lived seven years into the black tunnel of Alzheimer"s. She even survived two full years after she lost the ability to walk and talk.   At the end, she was so thin and...

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