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international death certificate

A: I"ve not heard of an international death certificate;  they are issued by the locality where the death occured;  if you obtained a certified copy (not just a regular copy) that should work;  I"m assuming your father was a resident of the USA when he passed on.  I hope this helps.  Lee Horner, Tucson, AZ...

death certificate - Cause of death Recorded Incorrectly

A: Can you explain a little more, Scott. What do you mean they wrote down the incorrect cause of death. Was it from an accident or natural causes? tick Scott, how did your dad die and what was put on the death certificate? It reads? cause of death - Medullary failure. Was told by a diff. doctor that is kidney failure. Yes, he had organ failure because he died in hospice and he was in a coma. My dad was 78, and had a list of medical problems, but he DID NOT have any cancer or kidney problems. On Dec 16, 2009 he had heartache, than a stroke which caused a huge hemorrhage to the brain. Long story short, he was hospitalized for three wks and than the last 4 days of his life he spent in a coma in...


death certificate

A: File a complaint with the state Dept. of Health, Vital Statistics division. The death certificate was supposed to be signed by the doctor within 24 hours. It was supposed to have been filed with the local health department within three days and before final disposition. Sounds like a lot of laws were broken. Good luck!...

How to Apply for a death certificate in California

A: The California Department of Public Health''s Office of Vital Records is the holder of death certificates from 1905 to the present. Applying to receive a death certificate must be done by mail. The Office does not accept online, telephone or faxed requests. A fee of $12 is required with the application and it must be sent by check or money order. Processing times to receive the certificate vary depending on the date of death....


I have a death certificate (dated 1890) where cause of death is ENPSIPLAS. What does this mean?

A: Is it really bad handwriting? The only things I can think of which may look similar are Emphysemia, Encephalitis, Endocarditis, Epistaxis or even Erysipelas. Erysipelas is a contagious skin disease which in old times could be fatal. It could be that...? Though it may also depend on the age the person died - if they were old it may be different causes as to when they are very young. What was their occupation also, as this could also give you a clue as to what they may have died of. Website with archaic medical terms - http://www.paul_smith.doctors.org.uk/ArchaicMedicalTerms.htm Hope this helps! it means mysterious death as it is still a mystery.and whose certificate is it anyway. I found a dictionary of archaic medical terms, and there was...


death certificates

A: My book is out of print while I work on the next edition. If it is an expected death, DO NOT call the coroner. Your physician will sign the death certificate. Depending on which state, the doctor my have a blank form or you may have to get one from the health department. E-mail me directly, and I can send you the state chapter. lisa@funeralethics.org...

Why would a Dr. refuse to sign a death certificate ?

A: sounds like they are afraid of being sued i would call a personal injury lawer...the first 30 minutes is always free you will have to ask the doctors for their reasons. there is no way to speculate. First off, my condolences. Secondly, depending on the state (like here in Utah), only an attending physician is required to sign. In some states, the primary Dr. IS required, but may exempt themselves for legal reasons (didn''t see the patient, disagree with diagnosis, etc). they either don''t agree or do not want to be held responsable Did your dad pass away at home or was he in the hospital at the time? I do understand that this is difficult for you. I worked as a EMT for 8 years. Sometime when someone passes away, even if they were carried to the hospital, the doctor will have the coroner to...


I need a death certificate for my true name - It need be shown to be removed from a list?

A: isn''t there another way to get your name removed from the list? you can either die, find someone elses and try to copy it or find another way to get your name off the list. This won''t work. The catalogs keep coming even after you are dead. You need be to be shown ENGLISH. Can''t get a death certificate without a dead body. WTF????? Call your local county for help cuz you got to understand......you ain''t dead huh? And I need to move to another planet. Can you help me? This sounds like an illegal wanting help on how to RIP OF OFF!! GO BACK HOME COME HERE LEGALLY!!! Did you know that fraud is a crime and you can end up in prison with very bad people who would kill you for a cigarette or two? I guess that''s one way to get removed from the...


I have just got a death certificate from 1876 and cant fully read cause of death. can anyone help?

A: get Sherlock Holmes on the case you should go to the police station and let them investigate or help you out. my mom got the same thing and we went. and they were able to make it all out. dont be scared Might be worth you scanning it an emailing it so people can see.I worked for many years at a pharmacy long before computers printed out prescriptions.Some doctors writing was dreadful, but I got used to reading it.I''m guessing your certificate has lots of scroll writing.See if you can email it to me, and I''ll try and help you out. Apoplexy - are you sure it''s ap? Is it an adult or infant? Do you know a doctor? Go to your GP''s and ask at reception if you could have five mins with one of the docs ''after'' surgery. Why do you need to know?...


Birth/death certificate Name Changes-Missouri

A: Dear Megan I don"t think his name on your birth certificate has any importance whatsoever except that you would be his presumptive heir. If you know who your real father is, and he is agreeable, I believe you would have to simply fill out a form correcting the certificate. Since you get a free name change when you marry, you could drop his name from your married name. Since I am not licensed to practice in your state, I would suggest you check with a local lawyer to see if there are any other requirements. Congratulations on your wedding, life goes on....

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