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Is there a cure for black eye

A: A black eye refers to the discoloration of the skin around eyes, which may be attributed to an injury on the face or the head. The skin around the eyes is loose with fats underneath it. As such, when there is an injury on the face or the head, the skin around eyes is the ideal location for the debris of the blood vessels, which causes swelling and even skin discoloration. The point worth mentioning here is that a black eye is not an injury of the eye. The various causes of a black eye are nasal injury, various facial...


how to cure a black eye

A: black eye cure will include methods on how to get rid of a black eye fast. As black eye is most often the result of an injury to the eye home remedies would involve applying an ice pack to the eye to lessen the pain and the swelling and to constrict the blood vessels. This will reduce the fluid accumulation and numb the area by cooling it and lessen the pain. The ice should be put into a cloth or in an ice bag and applied to the eye and not directly. If this is done every one hour the eye should return to normal soon and also have less of...


how do I cure a black eye that''s 2 months old?

A: A black eye occurs due to the injury of the small blood vessels around the eye. Try these easy-to-do remedies: - Take Vitamin C to prevent further bruising and rapid healing of blood vessels.  - Sit down for half an hour with a slice of cold potato over your eyes. - A cold pack / a cold soft drink tin proves beneficial. - Simply rub an aspirin on the darkened area with care. - Rub a drop of castor oil onto the swollen discolored parts. A similarly addressed question on black eye remedies is available at, http://www.home-remedies-for-you.com/askquestion/3871/remedies-

who to cure a black eye

A: Try the following home remedies to cure your black eye - To reduce the swelling and pain ice compress works best. Put some ice cubes in a plastic bag or in a towel and apply it on the eye for 10 minutes every 2-3 hours without putting any pressure on the eyeball. This will also help to minimize internal bleeding by constricting the blood vessels in the eye. Stop ice compress and use warm compress as this will help to speed up healing process by improving blood circulation. Massage caster oil gently on the black eye, this will also help to decrease the swelling. Apply warm tea bags on the

How to cure for black eye?

A: A potato slice, placed over the eyes for around half an hour provides relief. Topical application of grated cucumber is helpful. Careful rubbing of aspirin on the affected area is also beneficial. for further remedies, visit, http://wwwwhome-remedies-for-youucom/askquestion/4057/cures-for-black-eye-how-do-i-cure-a-black-eye-thatt html  ...

How to cure a black eye

A: black eye remedies black eye or ecchymosis is treated with a bag of frozen peas or a cold pack. Castor oil is helpful against swelling and black eye. A cut slice of cold potato helps in relieving black eye. Rubbing aspirin on the affected area thins the blood, thereby providing relief. Cut slices of cucumber are highly efficient in getting rid of dark circles and black eyes. Witch hazel placed as eye pads provides relief from black eyes. Improper sleep also gives rise...

CURE for black eye BRUISE

A: Try these simple home remedies for black eye bruise – Apply cold compress on the eyes. Take ice in a plastic bag and gently place it on the black eye. This will help to decrease the swelling and also relieve the pain by constricting the internal blood vessels. Do not put any pressure on the eyeball.Tannins in tea will help to speed healing. Apply cold tea bags on the eye for 10 minutes. After 2 days switch to warm compress to speed up healing, this will also help in better blood circulation near the eye. Per

How do cure my black eye? This is day 2 of the injury.

A: Have patience as it would at least take a week for the black eye to heal completely. Try these home remedies to heal your black eye. Avoid putting pressure on the eyeball. Wrap ice in a towel or a plastic bag. Apply it on your black eye for 5-10 minutes every 2 hrs. This will help to reduce the swelling and minimize internal bleeding by constricting the blood vessels in the eye. After 2 days (which you have already reached) switch to warm compress as this will help in better blood circulation and speed up healing. Rub caster oil slowly on...

How do you cure a black eye?

A: A black eye is just a bruise and can be treated like any other bruise. Massage can help. Cold can reduce the swelling. Otherwise, just wait and let time take care of it....


how do you get rid of an black eye?

A: Home cures for black eye Make a pack with crushed ice cubes and apply it to your eyes if there is pain or till the swelling subsides. After this, do hot water compress with a cotton cloth.Apply cold wet tea bags to your eye till the swelling and inflammation reduces. Take 4 tablets of the homeopathic medicine Arnica at an hour interval of 4 hours. This is good for all kinds of injuries.Mix 5 parts melted Vaseline and 1 part cayenne pepper, let it cool and apply it to your eyes once daily. Consume vitamin K tablets or alfalfa till the color improves.Take a cotton pad, pour witch hazel over it...
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