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What Is Bladderwrack?

A: the form of seaweed known as bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) is an edible brown plant which grows primarily in the upper coastal regions of the United States and the Atlantic and Baltic regions of Europe. Many sources refer to bladderwrack as a type of kelp, but this is not entirely accurate. Bladderwrack often grows alongside other seaweeds, including kelp, but it is its own species. the plant derives its name from the sets of air-filled sacs or bladders which run along its center and help...


What birth control PILL is best?

A: I am on seasonique. I love it. and it works well I havent gotten my period except on the days when you are supposed to-- only once every three months. it doesnt cause weight gain or bloating like a lot do. an it had been totally contraceptive for me so far :) the hormonal pills are all 99.9% effective.Every woman can experience different side effects than the next woman, so you have to work with your doctor if there are unwelcome side effects.Low estrogen pills -


bad eczema

A: Adjust your diet. Cut out all dairy produce and replace with soya - milk, vegetable oil and so on. Cut out sugar, cut out tea and cofee, spices, citrus fruit, any pork products. Drink plenty of water. Use baby shampoo and Pears soap. Spray any perfume or cologne on your clothes, not your skin. Hopefully this will show an improvement. What cream were you advised to use? I always used 1% hydrocortisone cream, it''s not advisable to use it on your face but you could put it on your neck Also, try zinc tablets, they worked well for me when I was having bad outbreaks of eczema I''m male so...


What Is Red Light therapy?

A: Red light therapy is a healing strategy that makes use of red tinted light in order to stimulate the bodyís natural defense systems and bring relief from various ailments. the basis for this type of treatment has to do with the fact that red light helps to activate ATP or adenosine triphospate in the muscle tissues, releasing more energy for the body to use. It is possible to employ LED red light therapy at home or undergo treatments conducted by a practitioner. Employing the


Does anyone believe in "old wives tales" or "homemade remedies/aids"?

A: Most of these things are garbage. the only one I know of that works 100% of the time is the hiccup cure that my grandmother used to have me do. Swallow a dry teaspoon of sugar. Never failed me or anyone I have had try it.. Some of them work and some are meaningless. It depends. Here are some odd ones that really do work. Here are some more.. Iím an atheist skeptic that openly claims astrology is bunk, I dont believe in conspiracy


Has anyone post-op experienced their facial complexion clearing up or getting better?

A: Yes! I noticed the same thing about my complexion. Not only has my skincleared, but I’m also lighter than what I used to be. My derm.told me that my once discolored skin pigmentation was caused by my obesity. I have noticed much the same thing. My skin use to be blotchy and bumpy.Now its almost completly cleared up beside the occassionly stress pimple. Ithought maybe it was because Im eating healthier foods and not eating somany unhealthly and fat foods. Not real sure why. Jen I am not yet 2 weeks post-op even, but have noticed a difference in myskin. I have never really had problems...


what are ways to make yourself pretty without makeup?

A: Wait. You will use it too much when you grow up. Just wait. You don''t need to look older then you are. there are also tinted moisturizers, for instance MISSHA www.misshaus.com makes a great tinted type of moisturizer called, B.B. Cream. there are all different types such as: Perfect Cover B.B. Cream, Watery B.B. Cream, Shiny B.B. Cream and Vita B.B. Cream. All are wonderful and also have SPF protection. the B.B. stands for Blemish Balm which will also act as skincare curing and covering any type of blemishes. My young friend , you do not need makeup to make you...


Why is it so hard to find doctors that treat lyme disease?

A: Probably becasue is a new disease Ya just get some pills and rest up ull be fine = ) good question!! I was actually misdiagnosed when I got lyme disease!! you will probably need to find a specialist.... Medical boards have been trying to take away some doctors licences for treating lyme patients. Thus, doctors are scared to treat it. In addition to this Insurance companys don''t want to cover treatment once it becomes chronic lyme. It is all political. It cost too much to treat, because when it is late stage lyme it takes longer to cure. IV antibiotics are needed and they cost more. Infectious...


How can i get rid of a wart?

A: the question is it a Genital wart.? Those cannot be cured. Depending on where it is, there are a couple of things you can do. You can get a topical product from your local pharmacy. Just ask the pharmacist for a recommendation. You can also put tape around it (if it''s like on your finger) for example. Just keep it covered for several days and the skin around it will turn white and you can kind of wear it off this way. You can go to a drugstore like CVS and by Doctor Schulls (I spelt it wrong...


My throat has been hurting fer about 2 weeks what should I do?

A: Hi there Here are some natural remedies. Might be all of them. Cause Sore throat is by no means pleasant. the causes are varied. the tonsils may be swollen from a clogged lymphatic system, or the throat can be sore and irritated from coughing. What we need here is instant relief from pain and something to soothe and heal the throat. Herbal Aids 1.General Instructions: for the serious sufferer who wants very quick relief, cayenne pepper taken in juice or water will bring great results. the...

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