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Treatments for acne...?

A: read tips on treating acne, skincare and home remedies to help you better on this site Pro-active works great, and there is a money back guarantee , you cant loose, i seen amazing results in days.Try it!!! try putting toothpaste on them overnight. but not the gel kind. it helps to dry them out. What i recommend you is to see a dermatologist, because they can give you the prescription for the product i recommend you, The name is Roaccutane, that product will permanently remove all your pimple of your face for life. The treatment takes from 6 to 9 months aprox, depending on your skin condition, if it is severe or not. The dermatologist use that product if you keep having acne problems, because...


What`s the best treatment have you ever used for acne?

A: antibionics and i started taking progesterone I went to my dermatologist and he gave me a perscription medicine that works very well. Its called Erythromycin Benzoyl Peroxide Topical Gel. Its easy to use too, you just have to wash your face with a gentel soap like Dove & warm water, pat your face dry and apply the medicine. Its been working pretty well. :] sorry but have never had pimples or acne because as a teen i did a daily routine ....there used to be an orange liquid called ten o six [i think] and one cotton ball dabbed in it rubbed allover your face in the morning meant it cleaned out your pores and skin and kept the dreaded spots away ......helpfully i can add my twin bro had serious acne problems and when he got desperate he...


Why is there no cure for cancer despite billions of dollars raised to find a cure?

A: HELLO! IF YOU JUST READ WHAT I HAVE TO SAY. IIM GETTING NEGATIVE REVIEWS AND I MIGHT ACTUALY BE TELLING YOU ABOUT SOMETHING VERY BENIFITIAL TO ANYONE WITH CANCER HOW DUMB CAN YOU GETi may be able to help go to http://www.bioenergysystems.com/indexx2.htm Enviro-CultureŽ A New Technology Lactobacillus plantarum is a bacterium found in the digestive tract of humans and animals and is officially defined by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a "naturally occurring microorganism."Using proprietary technology, Bio-Energy Systems has taken and modified this strain to create a new and novel strain called Lactobacillus plantarum-OM. The L. plantarum strain retained all of its beneficial qualities while gaining proteolytic capabilities, a characteristic that sets it apart...


Why don't they have a cure for cancer?

A: I don''t think there''s anyone who isn''t scared of having cancer. There''s ways you can decrease your risk, like diet and stuff but there''s no real way of preventing it. It all goes back to the almighty dollar......thats probably why they dont cure a common cold..... no one would spend money buying cough Syrup. Well the important thing to do is to take care of your body and eat and drink wisely. I think that people who take their vitamins, are healthy and go for reguar checkups have a better chance of preventing cancer or taking care of early signs of cancer. However, there is nothing to completly prevent cancer. If you are religious you can pray that God can keep you healthy and give you a long life. Good luck and stay healthy. One day they will discover cure...


What Are the Different Natural cures for Rosacea?

A: Rosacea is a skin condition that causes facial redness, often resembling a sunburn. Small acne-like bumps may occur on various area of the face as well. Several potential natural cures for rosacea are available, including the use of apple cider vinegar or increasing vitamin B intake. Not each patient will respond the same way to treatment, so a period of trial and error may be necessary in order to find a particular treatment that will provide positive results to the individual patient. Apple cider vinegar is among the most popular natural cures for rosacea. The skin naturally contains a certain amount of acid. This acid balance is often interrupted when a rosacea...


Is there any cure for muscular distrophy?

A: Never heard of one. Do a search on Google. Assuming you are referring to Duchenne''s muscular dystrophy, there are lots of studies and research, but as yet no cure. It is a genetic disorder that generally affects males. There are other illnesses that are lumped in with this and prognosis depends on the illness. There are numerous support groups and studies. Scientists are learning more all the time, and the future looks better than ever. Do not be discouraged. The fight must continue until the answer is found. no Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is the most common muscular dystrophy affecting 1 in 3500 boys born worldwide. DMD is much more than a disease of skeletal muscles. Dystrophin is also found in the heart, brain, and smooth muscle. Cardiac fibrosis can lead to output failure and...


What kind of vitamins should I take for acne and dandruff?

A: Dandruff is medically referred to as seborrheic dermatitis. It may occur along with acne especially in adolescents. The reason why these two conditions occur together is not yet known. Like acne, dandruff too may occur due to factors such as heredity, stress and hormonal fluctuations. Dandruff occurs when the scalp pores become clogged with dead skin cells. The skin of the scalp renews itself regularly. In this process the dead skin cells are pushed to the skin surface from where they are eventually shed. In their place, new cells develop. In some individuals this process takes place much faster than normal. This leads to an excessive shedding of dead skin from the scalp in the form of dandruff. Poor hygiene of the...


Im 18 nothing cures my acne, water, eating right, excercise. what do i do?

A: The only thing that worked for me was ProActiv. No joke, it works and I recommend it to everyone. talk to your Dr. at the very least..he/she can give a recommendation of a good dermatologist. i would honestly suggest proactiv soulution because it really helps!!! the results are amazing. my cousin had horrible acne and one day i was astouded to see that she had cleared her acne it is a daily process so if ur not the type of person who can remeber things so easily i wouldnt suggest it...but if u are i really suggest proactiv TRY acne SOLUTIONS BY CLINIQUE!!! WORKS QUICK! You know what, I would try using acne Free. It''s exactly like ProActiv, but it works way better...


Can anybody tellme home recipes for curing acne.n also the dos n dont for acne.?

A: just keep your face clean Dont every use anything "peroxcide"(sp?) And keep your face clean with a mild soap. And dont eat greasy foods. crush an Aspirin and mix it with water or i prefer rubbing alcohol because it cleans the pimples better also give your self daily jasmine or Green Tea facial cleanings because this calms the skin just dont burn yourself Use toothpaste. It will take away the grease from the acne, but you have to put the toothpaste on the pimple/blackhead. I am not sure that the beer and wine thing works or not. though. A friend''s mother said applying honey will reduce scarring and should stop new acne from forming. Seems to be working for her. Just be sure to wash...


Help! i need a cure for my acne and no one's answering my question!?

A: My husband and I use Noxema,or the off brands of it(they work just as good).It keeps your skin from drying out but also clears up the blemishes too.Good luck:) I just wash my face with hot water during random times of the day. In the morning, after school, whenever I''m in the bathroom, at night, etc.... It works for me. Proactive does work well, and it lasts a long time for the money you spend on it. Another product, Neutrogena acne wash, can be found in drug stores and works great too. But the key is to wash your face twice a day, every day. Once in the morning and again before bed. I can''t tell if you''re male or female, but if you wear makeup, never sleep in it. Wash once to get the...

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