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Cure to acne??

A: You shouldn''t be in the sun too much when you have acne..especially in the summer..after about 9 minutes you usually start to sweat (doesn''t help with acne). Look up "Pro-active" & "Murad". They are both very effective. Try to stay away from greasy & fat foods (no..chocolate is ok contrary to what most think). Drink lots of water. Stress can also trigger acne. Try to stay healthy. Good luck. too much sun is not good for pimples, or for the skin. Tanning temporarily improves the appearance of skin with acne. sun/heat is really bad for your skin because it irritates it and make more pimples...


Is there any permanent solution for acne

A: try ? ? ? Proactive ? ? ? G00d lUCk ? ? ? omg proactiv is so the solution! i have been using it for such a long time and it does the trick. i honestly do not have acne any more :D there is no known permanant cure for acne sorry First of all It doesn''t have to do with what you eat. Second, it sounds like you may need to go to the dermatologist and talk to him about Accutane. I have been battling acne for as long as I can remember, at least 8 years. I am supposed to go on Accutane in about two months or so (I have to get on birth control first). It is a last resort option for people with severe, usually cystic


In the 1800''s was there a home remedy used for acne?

A: Sulphur was used as a part of the acne treatment in 1800. Baths were avoided. Essential oils, such as, chamomile, rosemary, rose and horsetail were used in the 1800's to clean and purify the skin for acne and other blemishes. for more information, visit a similarly answered question on acne at, http://wwwwhome-remedies-for-youucom/askquestion/2172/natural-cures-for-acne-scars-how-do-you-get-rid-off html...

Will there ever be a cure for AIDS?

A: I think there already is but the gov''t is keeping population controlled and keeping revenues up..another wonderful conspiracy theory. see miss shinedown morden science and tecnology is advancing so rapidly that who knows that one day doctors may come up with something to cure AIDS. Besides Death? Not so far. is there a real cure for anything?we just treat symptoms not exactly the illnesses hum-are you the first to ask? It''s very tough to optimistic. But someday when Christ returns there will be no diseases. So, my answer would be yes! I would say no, they haven''t even found a cure for acne or cancer, so hopes of finding a cure for aids is slim to none. There are many diseases they have no...


I have alot of acne on my forehead.Can someone tell me the main cause of it and a permanent cure for this.?

A: Yes, Lack of inner and outer nutrition. You have choices: A. Be vegan and don''t touch your face, except to wash it. B. Cut back on fatty foods and don''t touch your face. C. Buy Murad. :-) you are a nerd and you need to get laid! I have that. It might be from bangs in your hair. Proactiv, Natures Cure, and Neutrogena products are good. But see a dermatologist if it gets bad! Go to a skin doctor --- a Dermatologist. Retin A is very effective, but it will take about 7 weeks to see some results. One day, I knew aloe is good to treating acne, and one of my Korean friends told me of a product called Aloe Enne from Namyang Aloe. I tried it several weeks, and I am so pleased about the result. After cleaning up my face, I put it on my face, and it feels like my skin gets...


How can I cure my acne quick and easily?

A: acne Natural cures Clogged skin pores result in acne, which is a common problem encountered by every teenager. Accumulation of pus and dead cells with dirt is seen. It disrupts the beauty of the face and thereby affects the personality of the individual. Improper skin care, poor dietary regimen and lack of personal hygiene are some of the contributing factor for acne. Excessive secretion of sebum from oil glands is relieved by a cider vinegar wash, which acts as an astringent. Consumption of carrot juice is seen to inhibit acne. Aloe vera is a gentle cleanser and promotes healing. Dab a cotton ball with dried basil paste. Garlic and lemon...

How to cure severe acne in a natural way without having to take medications?

A: It''s not going to happen. You can wash your face like crazy, not wear any make-up, eat non-greasy foods... everything anyone else says you have to do. Those are all good things but THEY WILL NOT CURE YOUR acne. In fact, acne is incurable. But it can be managed with medication. If you''re a kid, tell your parents they must take you to a dermatologist or your face will be scarred. Insist that they help you. This is your face! If you''re an adult wondering if you can take care of your kid''s acne without having to take them to a dermatologist, don''t put it off. You can''t fix this problem without medication. My parents tried to get out of taking me to a dermatologist and I resent them to this day. If you''re an...


Is there a pill out there that can cure your acne?

A: Accutane? The pills aren''t really huge, though. there are some acne creams that apply directly to your skin that work... im not sure about that pill but i know that birth control works wonders! It was probably tetracycline. I took it too. There are now a couple of things on the market...doxycicline (sp) and solodyne(sp) are two of them. The best thing to do would go to your doctor or a dermatologist and get a prescription. They can also talk to you about what is causing your acne and come up with the best treatment for you. Best of luck! Tetracycline? I think it costs around 10 USD for 100 pills. My ex girlfriend has these pills that got rid of her acne and also...


Is regular soap good for acne/skin in general?

A: im in the same situation... and i am going to try normal soap as of now! as in right now lol give it a go read tips on treating acne, skincare and home remedies on this site Also check your Food too i heard too much greasy foods don''t help either i go to bath and body works and use their products works wonders for me just give them a try wouldn''t hurt right? wash your face everyday. Soap strips you skin of natural oils causing the brain to tell your body to produce more. be sure you are using an oil Free moisturize so the skin gets hydration not oil. well I think if you are going to use rehualr soap, you should get some without any scent. The other soaps with scents carry ingredients that irritate some types of skin. I think anyone is...


Water always best for acne?

A: water should be beneficial. however, you might find actually washing your face regularly, or exfoliating, more helpful. good luck. don''t try strong medication unless really desperate because of their risky side effects. My sister had real bad acne, to the point were no clear skin was visible in her face. What she did was drink a glass a water with fresh squeeze lemon. The next think she did was put oatmeal on a cloth that was very light and thin ( u could even use a very thin layer baby sock). Tied it up and soaked it in milk for about a good 1 and a half or 2hours. Next step was to squeeze the little pouch and apply what would be the oatmeal that would come out through the fabric. Leave it on for a bit until it...

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