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cure for hiccups?!!?

A: ATTENTION YAHOO! USER: IF YOU ARE READING THIS MESSAGE, YOUR COMPUTER HAS JUST RECEIVED A COMPUTER VIRUS THAT IS DESTROYING ALL OF YOUR FILES!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. Did it scare you enough to stop your hiccups?? Try some home-remedies from here: http://myblogonbeauty.blogspot.com/2007/02/home-remedies-for-hiccups.html boo!!!! WARNING: SOME OF THE INforMATION CONTAINED HEREIN IS DRUG ADVICE CONCERNING "OFF LABEL" USES. ONLY A LICENSED PRESCRIBER IS QUALIFIED TO GIVE ADVICE TO PATIENTS ON "OFF LABEL" DRUG USES. If your hiccups are really bothersome you could see your doctor and see if he/she will write you a prescription


What Are the Best cures for hiccups?

A: While hiccups are not a dangerous or painful condition, most individuals suffering from them would do anything to be cured. Though it is one of the simplest cures for hiccups, holding one''s breath appears to be highly effective. Other common cures for hiccups includes drinking large amounts of water, eating small portions of food, and engaging in exercise. Finding the best remedy for hiccups is quite individualized, and often those suffering from the condition must try a number of different remedies before finding a


What's your best cure for hiccups?

A: i know that this is really grose but burping helps me alot Block your ears with your finger while drinking a lquid through a straw....it really works This really works honest - a drink of vinegar/beetroot juice/pickled Onion juice etc or eat a banana...... The barman in our local used to fill a glass of vinegar for those unfortunate customers (how many of you can raise your hands to having been in that situation - honestly now!) and it always worked... holding your breath The one that always works for me is as follows: Slowly take in tiny breaths in succession, but don''t breath out. Do as many as possible until you can''t take another in. Then hold it for as long as you can then slowly let...


What is the proven cure for hiccups?

A: Just pour a tall glass of water, hold your breath and pinch your nose closed. Slowly, take 10- 20 swallows of the water, while holding your breath with your nose pinched closed. When you canít stand anymore, youíll know by that overwhelming drowning sensation Ė after a gasp, take a deep breath and relax. This cure is 99 percent guaranteed. Itís a proven medical remedy. I have an odd solution that most people think is a prank - but it works! First, place a cup of water in front of you on the floor. Then stand in front of it with your legs apart, and plug your ears with your thumbs. Now take a deep breath and hold it. With ears plugged and breath held, bend down at the waste, pick up the cup of water (with thumbs still in ears), stand up...


What are some cures for hiccups?

A: This works sometimes to cure OTHERS of the hiccups: ask them to hiccup again. When they think about it too much, they go away... Hasn''t worked every time for me, but sometimes. What usually works for me is plugging my ears and nose, and swallowing water. I have to hold my ears with my thumbs, hold my nose with my index fingers, then hold the cup with the rest of my fingers. It''s awkward, but it works for me. Take a drink of water in your mouth, put your head between your knees and then swallow it. Might need to do this a few times but it seems to work. form a solid seal with your hands over your mouth & nose, now blow into them as hard...


Whats the best cure for hiccups?

A: This sounds crazy, but it works every time for me. Get a glass of water. Put your mouth on the far side of the glass and lean forward and take slow gulps like this. You will be at like a 90 degree angle drinking from the opposite side of the glass than normal. If anyone sees you they will laugh, but you won''t hiccup any more. COLD WATER take a sip of water, talk for a bit, take another sip, talk some more, another sip, talk. keep doing that untill they are gone. a teaspoon of sugar with a lil water Plug your ears while you are drinking. This is easiest if you have a straw and put your drink on the counter. It works every time for me! letting a teaspoon of sugar dissolve in your mouth. Two...


cure for hiccups?

A: Drink water upside down.It sounds more complicated than it is. You just drink the water from the opposite side of the glass and as your doing so start bending down while sipping on the water slowly. Try it it works like a charm.(((caution, sometimes the water will get in your nose so drink slowly)))) i hate hiccups i get them all the time. drink like a glass of water (like w/ out stopping) and u will get rid of them.. or do it again pull on your earlobes!! Boooo! hold ur breath for 7 or more seconds and keep doing it. they will try to come out again but keep breathing in and holding it. just do it for how ever long, they should go away. the longest time a person had hiccups


Is there a cure for hiccups?

A: Here are a few tricks to try. Good Luck 1. Get a glass of water and drink it upside down. Basically your going to take a cup hold it in front of you place your mouth on the side of the glass away from you and then bend forward till you create a suction on the glass and drink it. 2. Take a deep breath hold it as long as possible and then slowly exhale 3. swallow a teaspoon of sugar Try these 3 ideas you may need to try it more then once. If your hiccups last for longer than 24 hours (or 3 hours in the case of small children), they could be the symptom of a more serious medical condition and you should see a doctor. There are some prescription drugs, such as Thorazine or Procardia, that work to get rid of

Your cure for hiccups, please. Mine is vinegar and sugar, but I''ve never found anyone else who knew it ..

A: i know a different one that usually works. Kar* said: 1 Hmm, never heard of it. My mom always told us to eat a pretzel!! Maybe she was hoping we''d choke on it! Sign in to report abuse or send a compliment 17 months ago gandg22 said: 2 Infallible cure for hiccups: Take a little water - (a couple of mouthfuls). Take one mouthful - Hold it in your mouth -...


Is there a cure, a real cure, for hiccups?

A: There are all sorts of suggestions on how to cure hiccups, and none of the normal ones have worked for me. I have, however, found one solution on my own. A hiccup is a spasm of the thoracic diaphragm, the muscle that causes your lungs to inflate and deflate, causing you to breath. This muscle is involuntarily flexing, thus causing a hiccup. I have learned to quiet my body through meditation which I learned in a yoga class. By going through this quieting process, I can stop a fit of hiccups in a matter of minutes. Meditation is not hard to learn, and they say that it`s quite good for you. I for one am glad to have learned it. .

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