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Is There a cure for hepatitis b?

A: There is no cure for hepatitis b, though there are people who get the disease, recover from it, and then go on to live healthy lives. The flipside is the disease can predispose people toward developing problems with the liver, including liver cancer. Doctors might quibble with the statement that hepatitis b, which is usually considered a sexually transmitted disease since it is most commonly transmitted in this manner, has no cure. First, many people fight the virus off effectively with a healthy immune system, and second, there are drugs that...


Is there a cure for hepatitis b?

A: According to the hepatitis b Foundation, there is currently no cure for chronic hepatitis b. However, there are treatment options that slow down the progression of the disease by slowing down the growth of the virus. With less virus growth, there is less damage to the liver. In rare cases, some of these treatments may get rid of the virus, although this is not common. Some of the treatment options for chronic hepatitis b include Intron A (interferon alpha), Pegasys (pegylated interferon), lamivudine, Hepsera (adefovir),


What is the conclusive cure for hepatitis b infection?

A: There is none if you get it you get it for life. however long that will be I don''t think there is a cure. I am afraid there isn''t one but there are drugs that can supress it. hepatitis b is a chronic disease which in this disease,prevention with vaccine exist,but if one person do not take vaccine and infected with this virus,he or she should take antibody against this virus by injection ( using passive immunity). please ignore the other answers, they are inaccurate. Conclusive cure for H


what is the treatment or cure for hepatitis b?

A: ''Acute hepatitis b infection does not usually require treatment because most adults clear the infection spontaneously. Early antiviral treatment may only be required in fewer than 1% of patients, whose infection takes a very aggressive course (fulminant hepatitis) or who are immunocompromised. On the other hand, treatment of chronic infection may be necessary to reduce the risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer. Chronically infected individuals with persistently elevated serum alanine aminotransferase, a marker of liver damage, and HbV DNA levels are candidates for therapy. Although none of the...


Hepatic Encephalopathy - how is this drug related to cure for hepatitis b?

A: Could you please add the name of the medicine you were inquiring about as a "comment"....

what is the home remedies for hepatitis b?

A: Natural cures for hepatitis b Since hepatitis b is an infection that affects the liver, you need to follow remedies that will help heal the health of your liver. The very first thing to remember is that there must be no strenuous activity or heavy work done by you. You need to rest more than normal people in order to recuperate. Alcohol is a strict no-no. The white radish is considered the king of all home remedies for any problems with the liver and kidneys by Ayurveda. So you may eat the...

What is tke cure for hepetitis b?

A: There are no cures for this. there are 5 different types of hepatitis, A b C D E they all affect the liver, which is the power house organ that filters everything out of our body when you get hep. the liver get inflamed. Hep A is Spred through infectious Fecal . Hep b is spread through sex, you must have slept with someone that was infected. Hep C is spread through blood products. Talk to your doctor about this because when the Hep b is gone there is a vaccine to prevent HbV. Also if you need more info go to this we


best over the counter medications for hepatitis b symptoms?

A: hepatitis b is a serious condition and you should ask your doctor for advice and remedies to alleviate the symptoms. To assist his efforts you can make a herbal tea from wild strawberry leaves as recommended by Father Kneipp. source(s): Own experience Hi, @santam! I am not a medical doctor so I cannot advise you about hepatitis b medications esp. OTC’s. Currently, there are only seven licensed antiviral drugs in the US and these...


Is there a cure for hepatitis A?

A: When it comes to hepatitis A a doctor usually won’t prescribe any type of treatment except maybe bed rest. Why, because hepatitis A is least Chronic form of hepatitis, and will usually clear up on its own within a months time. Also unlike some other forms of hepatitis such as hepatitis C and the chronic form of hepatitis b there are no long-term effect from hepatitis A. In fact some people who are infected with


My brother has been diagnosed for hepatitis b.

A: He should not drink alcohol. It could lead to bigger health related problems. He should drink lots of water. He should not be dehydrated at all. Take care that he doesn’t takes other medicines that are not prescribed. Try to relive his stress and keep him happy....

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