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What is a cure for heartburn other than medicine

A: A natural amino acid Glutamine for heartburn may be the answer. More specifically, L-glutamine for heartburn. L-glutamine can be purchased for about 5 cents per capsule. Also drink plenty of water it will dilute the acid. Have a great night, !...

natural cure for heartburn

A: heartburn is mainly caused by acid reflux, which means that the acidic digestive juices present in the stomach comes up to the esophagus (which is not protected against these acids) leading to a burning sensation. Keep the following natural treatment for heartburn  in mind - Avoid overindulging or putting too much food in your belly. Eat only according to your hunger even though it is your favorite food. Relax and learn to eat slowly. Chew each bite at least 32 times before gulping it down. Avoid lying down immediately after a meal. Eat meals at least 2-3 hrs before sleeping hours and relax and sit after eating a meal.Avoid eating excessively spicy foods with...

What are some cures for heartburn?

A: French`s Mustard aids digestion. It can help prevent an imbalance of acids which is the origin of indigestion and heartburn.ChaCha...


Is there a homopathic cure for heartburn? I heard vinegar before meals?

A: heartburn Treatment Probably the most effective way to cure heart burn is to drink of relaxing cup of peppermint Hot or iced tea immediately following every meal. If you're heartburn is especially bad, you can include 1/2tsp. Of ground Ginger into every cup of tea. Both of these herbs the suit the stomach and reduce stomach acid, which is the cause of heartburn. for acute heartburn, one of the most effective treatments is MSM. You can take high doses of MSM with no side effect , not only would this neutralize your stomach acid, it will also help repair the stomach lining. With severe cases of heartburn the...

Is There A Natural cure for heartburn?

A: Water is the best natural cure for heartburn. Drinking large glasses of water during the day dilutes the high pH levels in the stomach, since pure water contains a neutral pH of 7. This allows the pain to subside for a while. In order to dilute considerable amount of acid in the stomach, it is necessary to drink at least 10 times the water that is equivalent to the volume of acid. The other best solution is to have extreme control over your diet. Since 95% of this syndrome is caused eating certain food that may prove more painful to the patient. Spicy food, tomatoes and tomato sauces, which also include pizza and pasta sauce, citrus fruits and juices, alcohol, caffeinated drinks like...

Natural cure for heartburn?

A: Yes there is milk would be good i just asked my mom and she said it is the best thing to use. Plus she is a nurse. Mustard works for me! Just eat a little! it tastes awful, but try baking soda. Follow the directions on the box. It works almost immediately. If it&''s frequent/recurring, don&''t take Tums. Eat grapefruit/drink Grapefruit Juice every day. It makes your stomach stop producing so much bile. Apple Cider Vinegar. You can drink it straight or mix with water. A couple tbs. a day if you have heartburn all the time. You can even sweeten it a little with honey. Vinegar cures and cleans all kinds of things. Check out this site. http://www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/acvinegar.html...

What's the best cure for heartburn?

A: grandma&''s recipe from India Take 2 tea spoon curd pour a glass of chilled water (or couple of cube of ice) put pinch of salt - and sugar if you like it Mix and drink - one glass everyday after lunch during summer days can be very very effective zantac heartburn is caused due to acidic fluid secreted in your stomach. Take Dabur Isabgol, works very well and cures its further recurrence. Tonic water with a few drops of Black Currant....

Good cure for heartburn?

A: Don't fool around. You should have it checked out or you could have a life long sentence. You could try the Zantac 75, or the prilosec OTC. Both should help, and if they do it confirms that you should see a doc....

Does anyone have a natural or herbal cure for heartburn?

A: There are many heartburn natural remedies that you can add to your pantry for use when symptoms of heartburn flare up. One of the popular home remedies for heartburn is fennel. You may have fennel seeds in your spice rack. You can make a tea by seeping one or two teaspoons of seeds in boiling water. There are also heartburn natural remedies available from companies that sell other herbs and natural products. Many of these include fennel oil. Another one of the home remedies for heartburn is peppermint. Other mints may be useful as well. Peppermint oil is an ingredient in several over the...

What's your favorite cure for heartburn?

A: 1 tsp of baking soda in a glass of water. You'll burp like hell but no more heartburn....

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