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abortion pill?

A: Hi, neena, I did a little research for you. There is a parental notification statute in North Carolina. Before you could have an abortion, you either have to have your parents" consent, or go through a court proceeding. I"ll give you the wording of the statute, and the URL, at the end of this message. The abortion pill causes the introduction of powerful hormones into your body. The procedure takes place over several days, and most of that time, you will be home (or wherever you live). If you have a complication, your mom will probably find out anyway. You should also be aware that the second medication they give is given

Early abortion pill

A: Hello, sandeep, First, I have a question. "Sandeep" is a man"s name, correct? I assume that"s not your name, because as far as I know, men can"t get pregnant. :) How far along are you? This is important. You shouldn"t have to have an abortion because you are there on a work permit. Here is how to find someone who can help you with this problem. Click on this link or paste this into your browser: http://www.heartbeatinternational.org/worldwide_directory.asp Choose "New Zealand" from the country list. There are 28 organizations in New Zealand willing to help you, on two pages. If you click on "details", you can get their phone numbers. Call the one closest to you. If you have trouble with this, let me know, and I will get the information to you here. Many

consequences of abortion

A: Hello, sohini, If you haven"t taken those pills yet, PLEASE don"t take them! They will probably not work anyway. It is too late in your pregnancy for them to tend to work. I am getting a lot of information from India that women are bleeding to death after taking those pills. Your future isn"t going to matter to you if you are dead. It is unreal to me how careless people are with women"s lives in India. It makes me feel a sense of outrage! Oral sex is also very dangerous. You can get a nasty disease from it. Why are you even letting this man use you for his own pleasure? If you want a future, get away from men like that! If you HAVE taken these pills, IMMEDIATELY get yourself some cayenne red hot pepper and some cranesbill if...

How much are abortion pills?

A: Mifepristone, also known as the abortion pill, can be used to terminate an early pregnancy within 63 days of a woman''s last period. It costs between $350 to $650, and is available at medical facilities such as Planned Parenthood.Source:Planned Parenthood: The abortion Pill...


What Is the cost of Various Birth Control Methods?

A: The cost of birth control varies depending on the method. A male condom, for example, costs an average of $1.50 to $3.50 per use. Birth control pills cost an average of $20 to $35 a month, and IUSs cost $395 and last for up to five years. Source: http://www.arhp.org/crc/compare-methods.html Abstinence is free, just use some self-control Birth Control costs When choosing a birth control method, think about how much each type costs. Various costs are associated with each type of birth control method. Birth control


Is there an abortion pill?

A: Yes when you pay for an abortion if you like under 8 weeks I think it is.. They give you a pill to make you miscarry. Yes there is. I had a abortion back in april you have to be under 8 weeks tho. It costs abot 450$. Its basically like you miscarry. Look up RU486 or mifepristone for information. I heard there is a pill call the ''day after pill'' I dont know how true it is never mind---my response might get me booted off of here....

What is the cost of the abortion pill cost?

A: The cost varies from: $350 to $575....

How frequent can I take the pills? is it ok within 2 months that I can re take the pills?

A: 21 Sep 2011 I have not heard of a reason you cant use them again. These pills are not intended as a form of birth control however. Did they not counsel you about birth control after the last terminated pregnancy? If you dont want to be pregnant then you either need to quit having sex or you MUST use some form of birth control!! Condoms are cheap and easily available and birth control pills can be had in most county clinics for either free or a very low cost. There is little reason for accidental pregnancy in this day and age other than laziness or stupidity. It is one thing if you become pregnant because of failure of birth control but at...


average cost?

A: Hi Travis, It"s great that she took Plan B so quickly.  That is over 90% effective when taken within a day.  You can explore costs of abortion - but they vary widely depending on where you live.  The best sites are earlyabortion.com and gynpages.com.  Generally prices range in the $350-600 range depending on how private you want your experience to be.  No need to explore yet.  The chances are that you and she will be fine.  It might be more helpful for you to research better birth control methods.   I hope this is helpful, Doctor Joan...

Questions about what abortion is right for me

A: Hi Jenn, What is the best method to end early pregnancy?  That is a very good and important question. It is good that you are taking time to research your options.   You are early in your pregnancy, so you have more options.  My recommendation for early abortion is: 1)(the best option) the nonsurgical aspiration abortion; 2) the abortion pill; 3) surgical abortion.  The aspiration method (or Manual Vacuum Aspiration, MVA) is the most safe, natural and gentle way to end an early pregnancy.  It is a wonderful method, and only takes a few minutes to complete.  There is no scraping necessary, so there is no scarring and no possibility of...
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