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Can i contract hiv through giving and reception oral sex?

A: NO. Is There Evidence AIDS is Sexually Transmitted? According to Dr. David Rasnick, the facts don''t support the hypothesis. Check out his letter from the British Medical Journal online: Sex Has Nothing to Do With AIDS David Rasnick, Visiting Scientist, UC Berkeley [email protected] January 20, 2003 I urge [doctors] to come up with the name, even one will do, of the persons documented to hold shown that AIDS or hiv is sexually transmitted. I know of no such study. In fact, the experimental, medical literature is full of evidence that neither AIDS nor hiv is sexually transmitted. It is only assumed that they are. The results of the world''s best quantifiable study that attempted to measure the helpfulness of heterosexual...


How feasible is it that I may own contracted hiv?

A: The simple answer is that it is possible and you are at high risk. Blood to mucus membrane and blood to blood contact are the easiest methods to transmit hiv. I yearning that I could sugar coat the answer but these days, you never know who your partner have be with and the risk is deeply real. As soon as you can, contact your local public vigour department. Most of them have private, free hiv screening. It''s better to know presently and start therapy and protect your loved ones, than to live contained by denial and possibly spread this infection to others. Hope that''s a helpful, save pleasant answer. Mike a dentist passed it onto a patient when it first come out!! get tested.I would read out it is unlikely. Presuming the blood didn''t...


Have I contracted hiv?

A: See a doctor and get tested if you're really very concerned. Do NOT have unprotected sex again, especially if you don't know the woman!...


  I am 34 years old and I love sex so much I will have it with anyone, as a result I have contracted hiv and you know whatthat makes me feel? Nothing! I am not angry or even afraid of dying and I have refused to take medication for it. Ifeel nothing for

A: Hello my dear friend, there is nothing I feel was wrong in whatever you just shared with me. There aredifferent personality types human beings possess and you are one being who is overtly into sex. There arepeople with such personality and there is need of behaviour therapy to change your behaviour. It is quitenormal and consulting a clinical psychologist will help. You are right in not feeling guilty which would justadd to your mental woes. But it is advisable to have protected sex. Thank you....


What is the percentage of contracting hiv thru unprotected sex?

A: On any single encounter with an infected partner, the risk is high, but not 100%. Multiple encounters increase the risk of transmission substantially. Contrary to popular belief, hiv is actually quite difficult to catch. It is about 5000 times more difficult to contract than Hepatitis C for example (another sexually transmitted disease). You should always use a condom if you want to avoid risk; you cannot rely on a person knowing their status. You don't know your status right now do you? And it takes several years for AIDs to develop, so often people feel and appear completely healthy while being infectious. The chance of transmission varies with the time that the person has been infected. In the early stages they can be very infectious...

Can you contract hiv from someone coughing on you?

A: Thank goodness you wont get hiv/Aids from someone coughing on you.You see hiv is not transmitted through the air,if it was just about Everyone would catch it. hiv is only transmitted through high risk fluids for example:Blood,seamen,vaginal secretions,breast milk and the virus would also need a port of entry like an open wound.So you wont get hiv from the person coughing on or near you & lets just hope he/she did not have a cold or somthing that can be passed on through the air. p.s. Don't worry about "smart comments" because at least now you know the answer and you won't worry yourself for no reason.Stay well,Stay Informed... '' I'm...


Can one contract hiv from touching vaginal secretions on the body with an oneday old finger cut that isnt bleeding?

A: Probably not. But how does one find themselves in such a predicament? ;-)...

I Foreplayed To An Extent Of Penetration For A While Without Ejaculation Though Finally Put On A Condom With My Partner Who Is Positive. Is It Not Possible That I contracted hiv/AIDS?

A: There is still the possibility that during foreplay, a little of the semen might have leaked out. You should check yourself out with a doctor....


Can You contract hiv Or AIDS Orally?

A: If there is body fluids and blood involved yes, because there is a chance that one of you could of have a scratch in the mouth or some sort of the open area. And if swallowing was somewhat involved as well even it was just a pin drop...

Can U contract hiv From Saliva?

A: Not unless you kissed someone and there mouth was bleeding as well such as if they had gum disease or something. But not form saliva alone...
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