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Can A Person contract hiv Through A Needle Or Sharp Object Stick?

A: Yes hiv is blood borne if the object is infected and then stuck in you you can get hiv...


Can one contract hiv by mouth to mouth kissing?

A: hiv transmission through deep or prolonged "French" kissing may be possible, ......


Good Evening, I have a question that has been pondering in my mind for sometime. If a mans tip of his penisenters into a womans vagina (for just one second) is that enough vaginal fluid to contract hiv (that is, if the womanactually has the viru

A: Hi,hiv can be transmitted by sexual contact whether it is even for a second however the probability will depend the viral load of the infected person, presence of genital ulcers ; age of the partners also has an effectaccording to certain researches. The probability in this case is quite low (less than 0.1%)but if it hashappened ,one should get a checkup done. For more information visit-http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/resources/factsheets/transmission.htm...


What Are All The Different Ways To contract hiv/aids?

A: Anytime the carriers blood or bodily fluids (excluding saliva) come into contact with another persons internal systems it can be contracted. So any kind of sexual actions you can imagine, and sharing of hypodermic needles....

I had 02 minor skin abrasions, I was punching the gym bag and torn off some skin on both hands doing so. It did NOT bleed or anything, I wreatled with dudes for an hour and I am afriad that I may have contracted hiv this way. Is it possible?

A: very much so my friend. you need to remember that you can catch hiv from any body fluid. You need to go to the doctor PRONTO! Ill pray for you my friend...

Can U contract hiv By Using Condom?

A: I am hoping that you mean, If a condom is used can the spread of hiv be prevented. Yes it can.  I am not sure the way that you worded your question what you meant exactly so I hope I helped you....

If I''m Penetrating Someone In Anal Sex & I Do It For Less Than 5minutes Then Put On A Condom What Are My Chances Of contracting hiv Or AIDS?

A: If all you have is anal sex you can get hiv just as easy as if you waited the 5 minutes. If your into that be careful put your condom on before you begin and hope you have fun....

Do you think i contracted hiv?

A: you are at risk you just have to get tested to be absolutely sure because when a condom breaks you are at risk for everything she has. Just like the female is at risk for everything the male has....


A few questions about contracting hiv/AIDS

A: Antime that infected blood, semen, vaginal fluid and/or breast milk enter another person"s body, transmission is possible. You cannot get it from sitting on a toilet seat, sitting on a chair, or eating after anyone. The others just depend on if any blood was transferred or not....

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