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Could I have contracted hiv

A: Hi Thanks for the follow up. Well, from contact with semen I don"t think there is anything....oral sex can transmit herpes (from the other person"s mouth), though there usually needs to be visible sores (so you would see them on the mouth). My view is you shouldn"t be concerned. Does this help? Best wishes Ian...


Factors related to contracting hiv

A: The chances for being infected with hiv increase by increasing the number of partners, by practicing unprotected intercourse, and if the partners were more promiscuous, while having unprotected intercourse. All this data is hard to put in an equation, but it is good to know the conditions that determine the factors for getting infected with hiv when having unprotected intercourse. An estimated 77,400 people were living with hiv in the UK at the end of 2007, of whom more than a quarter (28%) were unaware of their infection. In 2008, there were at least 7,370 new diagnoses of hiv, contributing to a cumulative total of 102,333 reported by the end of 2008. There have been 25,171 diagnoses of...

can i contract hiv thourgh kissing with a cut in the mouth

A: Hi Thanks for the question. I don"t see a risk of hiv transmission here. For hiv to be passed on, fresh infected fluid would need to get from an infected person, through the protective skin layer and into your bloodstream. In the situation you describe this can"t happen (and hiv doesn"t spread through saliva). Hope this helps - feel free to send a follow up, and for more information on hiv, go here: www.avert.org Best wishes Ian...


Is there possiblity i contracted hiv

A: Bob: Oral sex is very low risk for hiv transmission, and cuts in the mouth usually heal well enough in a couple of hours to disallow hiv to pass.  Anal sex that"s unprotected is the most dangerous sex in terms of hiv, but he did not ejaculate, so that is very good news. I recommend always using condoms for sex with people who do not know each other"s hiv status. I also recommend regular testing for people who are sexually active.  I recommend a test for you now and again in 3 months. I hope this is helpful. David...


contracting hiv

A: Erica: hiv begins to deactivate on contact with the air.  After an hour, it would have dried, and 99 percent of the virus would be ineffective; the remainder is not enough to cause an infection.  Also, I assume you washed your hands and so, the soap and water would have destroyed and diluted the hiv enough to make it void.   hiv does not get through intact skin, so there is no concern there. I hope this is helpful. David...


depressed about contracting hiv

A: Dear Ashish: Peace.  All the detail you need is that when blood cells die they disintegrate and hiv within them falls apart as well.  For tips on dealing with friends who are hiv positive, see www.thebody.com or www.aegis.org. Best to you and yours, and know that your friend needs you as much as ever as he/she lives with this disease. Terry...


Details of contracting hiv

A: Having oral sex is one of the ways to transfer hiv infection. Having small wounds in the mouth or coming in contact with other fluid from your partner increases the possibility of getting infected. Four to six weeks after the exposure is the earliest time you can take the tests. The tests do not detect the virus. They detect the antibodies our body produces to fight the virus. It takes four to six weeks for this to happen. Definite confirmation of the first test results can be done when also testing three and six months after exposure....

Are You At Higher Risk Of contracting hiv When You Have Sex During Your Period?

A: Not necessarily.  Unsafe & careless sex makes you at higher risk of contracting hiv....

Can Hemophiliacs contract hiv/aids?

A: Anyone can contract hiv/AIDS....
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