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contracting hiv during Oral Sex?

A: Hi Thanks for the question. Well, oral sex does carry a low risk of hiv, though this is when the vaginal fluid gets through cuts in the mouth (as you know). Once in the stomach the virus would be inactivated by the gastric acids. For more information, take a look at this website: http://www.avert.org/orlsx.htm Best wishes Ian...


How likely is it that I have contract hiv or an STD given the following. I recently performed oral sex on a man, he didnot ejaculate and I dont recall there being an preejaculate. It was only for about a minute or 2, I decided to stop asit wasnt somet

A: Hi, hiv and STDs spread though sexual contact of any form including oral. Any secretion exchange of evenminute form have potential to infect the other person. But, it is not necessary that the person you contactedhave some sort of problem. I would advice you to go for the test with free mind as it is just for your good torule out any pathology. Take care....

how soon after contracting hiv are you able to transmit it?

A: Hello, As soon as hiv virus enters the human body, it can be transmitted to another individual. There isno lag period between its entry in the body and its transmissibility....

Can a person contract hiv by giving a hickee?

A: No, but don''t bite and draw blood no, there is no bodyfluid transfer specifically blood Even if you did draw blood, the chance of spreading hiv would be miniscule, unless you have an open wound in your mouth. haha. no. unless u like, give them a hickie on a scab. or u accidently bite them and draw blood. other than that, ur safe. Why would you even dare to give a hickie if you''ve got aids? All it takes is bodily fluids mixing...what if you punctured the other person''s skin while giving "a harmless hickie"? How gross to even be asking this. You should be concerned about being a productive citizen in society instead of giving hickies in the first place and at that having aids?? Common sense alone should tell you that if you have aids, avoid all risks of...


How Many People Usually contract hiv While Using Protection?

A: By using protective measures, there is hardly any chance of contracting hiv. There are some exceptions though like while using a sub-standard condom the receiving partner can contact hiv if the condom breaks accidently. Similarly if there is a lapse in blood screening or needles separtion then also you can contract hiv. It can be assumed that around 5-10% of people contract hiv while using protection. The data is varied and there is no single reliable source....


Is it possible to contract hiv trough oral sex and kissing i am still not sure about this i keep hearing diffe

A: through oral yes.... the only way you can get it though through oral and kissing is if you have a cut in your mouth and through kissing if the have a cut in there mouth also Kissing: NO. Not unless you both have open sores or wounds in your mouth. Oral sex: Possible but not as high risk as other sex. It&''s possible to get hiv trough oral,anal sex, also it&''s possible to get it from blood, that&''s why paramedics always wear gloves. While it IS still possible to contract hiv, thru KISSING, the risk is EXTREMELY rare, as long as NIETHER of you have any open cuts or sores in or around the mouth area. As for performing ORAL SEX, however, this poses probabally the MOST dangerous risk of

Can you contract hiv from nail shops?

A: You could contract hiv at a nail shop only if equipment has come in contact with infected blood and is not sterilized properly. ''Most nail shops have switched to using hospital grade disinfectants,'' says Denver cosmetologist Megan Temple, ''but if something is not sterilized properly, it is possible to contract hiv.''Source:Megan Temple, Cosmetologist; Denver, Colorado...


How Can You contract hiv?

A: You can contract hiv by having sexual intercourse with someone who has it already (condoms reduce the likelihood of catching hiv from someone through sex to nearly zero, but it''s still possible), by being born to hiv-positive parents, or by having blood-to-blood contact with someone who has it already (I had to get tested last year because I got someone''s blood in my mouth by accident)....


What Are The Chances Of contracting hiv From Unsafe Sex?

A: There chances of contracting hiv from unsafe sex is very high. The semen and vagina liquid have the tendency to carry the hiv germs. So if your partner has hiv then there is strong possibility that you will be affected by it....


Could I have contracted hiv

A: Hi Thanks for the follow up. Well, from contact with semen I don"t think there is anything....oral sex can transmit herpes (from the other person"s mouth), though there usually needs to be visible sores (so you would see them on the mouth). My view is you shouldn"t be concerned. Does this help? Best wishes Ian...

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