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I may have contracted hiv...Can People With hiv Live A Long Healthy Normal Life?

A: Yes people can live long heathly lives with hiv. Its just a virus, there are people who live long and heathly lives with cancer, so hiv is no different. Also you shouldn''t get tested while you''re sick. You might get a false positive. Take the test when you''re feeling better. Yes, you can still have a long and healthy life with hiv. Whent he virus was first discovered in the early 80s, scientists knew nothing about it so people died very quickly from it. However, treatment for hiv has had many breakthroughs and advances. There are some great anti-viral drugs out that that can seriously prolong the advancement of AIDS. I highly recommend you see a doctor as soon as possible and get tested....


Can you get contract hiv by sharing a cigarette...?

A: no.... are u retarded.... everyone in the world would have aids hiv and smoking cigarettes are both deadly, so what difference does it make? You have a double standard. You are the skillet and you are trying to call the kettle black. Unless if they had a mouth full of blood at the time, then absolutely not. Not unless there''s blood on it from an open sore. hiv isn''t transmitted in saliva. But don''t smoke anyway1 the chances are very low. You can''t get hiv from kissing someone who is positive with it...so I don''t think you can get it from sharing a cigarette unless they have a cut in their mouth and bleed on it... Only if both of you had some wound on your lips or mouth... no way! no i am pretty sure you cannot...


WHAT METHOD of protection could you use to prevent yourself from contracting hiv?

A: two condoms with a cock ring. If you are female put some foam that is available from the health dept inside first. do not take any chances. or no sex, were you asleep during that part of class? 100% safe abstinence 9x% safe condoms Rubber sheild The #1 method is no sex. The #2 method is condoms at ALL times. Even oral. No contact without them. condoms, condoms, condoms, and condoms... nothing else (besides abstinence) is going to protect you. Condom with spermicide. Nothing the holes in condoms that let his ya know breath is bigger then the hiv/AIDS cell (hiv/AIDS 1micron and the holes in a condom is 5 microns) first dont go having sex with hardcore druggies always wear a condom and that''s about all you can do unless you make your...


Can an infant contract hiv/AIDS from breast feeding?

A: yes you can catch aids or hiv through breastfeeding. breast milk is very similar to blood, and is produced in the woman''s body. in lamens terms what you eat turns into food for the baby. definitely YES yes it can be. There is a really good article on it at www.virusmyth.net Breast milk is white blood cells, just like blood, but white.....answer is YES YES - VERY MUCH SO. no it cant . you must injest like 5 gallons of milk at 1 time for that to happen. go to the MD yes YES hiv can be contracted through breast feeding...


Ways to contract hiv/AIDS

A: The chances of getting hiv through a blood transfusion in teh US are very minimal.  All donations are tested, and all donors are screened.  While this isn"t perfect, it is extremely effective. The situations that might slip through the net are those where an infected person (who most likely doesn"t think they are infected) donates blood in the "window period", which is the time between getting infected with hiv and producing antibodies to hiv.  Most of the screening tests used for hiv look for antibodies, so it is possible (and it has happened) that some blood with hiv might get into the supply without being detected. There are some new tests...


Hi,My husband and I are both hiv negative. We recently had unprotected intercourse and I started to bleed slightly. Whatare the risks of us contracting hiv?Thanks

A: Hi. I really understand your concern. Let me tell you that hiv is transmitted sexually only when either of thepartners is hiv +ve. If both of you are hiv ?ve, then there is no chance of either of you contracting hiv as aresult of this intercourse. Best wishes. Here?s a link for you to read on :-http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/resources/factsheets/transmission.htm...


Can I contract hiv from a girl spilling her period juices on my leg?

A: No hiv but maybe the blood will penetrate your skin and you will have to cut it off your leg....dumb *** Yes you can but peroxide will not kill hiv. Bleach will though. Have the girl get tested for hiv then you will not worry. here hun get the facts at this web site hugggs Robecca hiv is extremely sensitive to air, meaning that hiv dies as soon as it comes in contact with it. Did you have an open wound where she bled? If you didn''t there''s no way you could have gotten the virus. Even if you had a wound chances are slim. not unless you have a cut there. it doesn''t seep through your skin ya know.... only if u had a cut that it can go into your blood or bodily...


contracting hiv???

A: yes you can. especilall y hep B is transmised with very little blood. I would say it is very little posibilyty to get infected in that way, but it is possible. David, HBV positive two years ago I think it is very unlikely but what a disgusting thing to do. If you carry one indulging in such nasty habits you are probably going to catch something quite nasty anyway Very unlikely, First of all hiv cannot be passed through spit, and you would only catch it if they had a cut in their mouths (which was still bleeding which in itself is highly unlikely!) and you also had a cut in your moutn so chill no hiv for you! ooooh did you share a toilet seat with him too.... grow up not likely to catch hiv this way... may catch some...


Can you contract hiv though saliva?

A: I think it would take a gallon if not more. NO. Only once in the 25 year history or so of the disease has it been transmitted this way, that doctors and statisticians know of at least. Only one case has ever been proven, so the odds are in your favor that you cannot catch it. However, why take chances? nope not unless there mouth has open sores that are bleeding.chances our low .I know it sad to think we cant even give someone a kiss ,just know your partner and you and him get tested then you can kiss away. Very very extremely low chance.Unless u his/her gum is bleeding.Then its a yes I WOULD BE AFRAID THAT YOU CAN Slight chance.... you can pass hiv through any body fluids.be careful no . Any body fluid. Period....


contracting hiv/AIDS

A: Dear Jule: Peace.  If you are dealing with OCD, you know that there is a difficult balance between healthy and irrational levels of fear and anxiety, especially about pathogens.  You are best to be in counseling for this, while at the same time learning as much as you can about what constitutes significant risk. Direct contact with blood, semen, or vaginal secretions - and in some cases, breast milk, from an infected person places you at varying degrees of risk of hiv transmission.  What you describe does not constitute any significant risk, and rather than go into great detail on all the other things that don"t place you at risk, I recommend you to www.thebody.com or www.avert.org to learn about hiv risk.  Another...

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