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Is it safe to continue to breastfeed while pregnant?

A: Yeah, it''s safe. I''ve nursed through two of my three pregnancies. If you have issues with preterm labor, you might want to stop, but it probably won''t cause any problems at all. There''s a theory that it can cause premature birth, but the evidence on this isn''t good. Your milk supply WILL go down, though. At his age, it probably won''t lead to early weaning--my daughters didn''t wean when I was pregnant, and so I tandem nursed when the new one was born. (And had NO problems with engorgement! It was great!) Yes. I have read that BF''ing while pregnant is actually a natural weaning process for your first baby. Towards the end of your pregnancy, your breastmilk will turn back into colostrum to get ready for the new baby and your first baby will not like this. Yes...


I got my last periods on 14 Aug. I had sex with my fiance for 2-3 days continuously just before my next period date ie14 Sep. I still didnt have my periods this month, should i get a pregnancy test done. Is it safe to have sex before theperiods?

A: Hi, If your cycles are 28-30 days regular cycles, then it was quite a safe period, because ovulation occurs inmidcycle (14th day in a 28 day cycle) and sperms are able to survive for 4-5 days in the female genital tract.The probable reason for not having periods till now could be anxiety. Do take up a pregnancy test, but do it aweek after the due date for accurate results. Always use condoms/ contraceptive measures in future. Hope thishelps. Take care....


What Is Hysterical pregnancy?

A: Hysterical pregnancy, sometimes known as a false pregnancy or pseudocyesis, is a condition in which a person, usually a woman, believes that she or he is pregnant and experiences or demonstrates symptoms that are consistent with pregnancy. These symptoms might include the cessation of menstruation in a woman, abdominal swelling and nausea. Although these physical symptoms are real, many experts believe that hysterical pregnancy typically is psychosomatic, although some medical conditions might also mimic symptoms of pregnancy. A hysterical pregnancy is not the same as a faked pregnancy, in which a woman deliberately...


Travel with pregnancy?

A: 10 Sep 2011 Why is your wife not mentally fit to remain in the country while pregnant? Is she mentally ill? Suffering depression, severe anxiety, etc.? Or would she just prefer to be at her hometown to deliver? Delivering twins is risky, especially through IVF, which is expensive, and you and your wife DON''T want to risk a miscarriage, I assume. If your wife is just upset that she can''t go home, I''d follow the doctor''s advice and avoid travel. Travel causes stress and stress is bad for the mother and babies. If your wife needs medication for mental illness that is ONLY available in her hometown, then I suppose you should risk the travel, but only if she is very severely ill and threatening to harm herself. Expand this post... An alternative idea is asking her family to come stay with...


Invasive molar pregnancy

A: There is information on this page about What an invasive molar pregnancy isFollow up after molar pregnancyTreatment for invasive disease What an invasive molar pregnancy isAn invasive molar pregnancy is a type of gestational trophoblastic tumour (GTT). A molar pregnancy occurs when the fertilisation of the egg by the sperm goes wrong and leads to the growth of abnormal cells or clusters of water filled sacs inside the womb. Most molar pregnancies are benign (not cancerous). They can spread beyond the womb in some women, but are still curable. In the UK, about 1 in 700 women who become pregnant will develop a molar pregnancy. (RCOG...

What is pregnancy Massage?

A: A pregnancy massage is a massage which is designed specifically for the needs of a pregnant woman. This school of massage therapy makes physical accommodations for pregnancy so that expecting mothers can enjoy relaxing massages as part of their pre-natal care regimen. Generally, most massage therapists recommend that women wait until their second trimester for any type of massage, and pregnancy massages can continue until the day a woman gives birth. Additionally, in the weeks and months following the birth, post-natal massage can be used to help the body recover from the stress of pregnancy and delivery. Massage therapists have several concerns when working with pregnant women, and a...


What Should I Do after an Inconclusive pregnancy Test?

A: An inconclusive pregnancy test can occur for several reasons, including a faulty test, bad timing, use of fertility medication, or human error. Both home pregnancy tests and blood tests ordered by your doctor can be inconclusive. If you have an inconclusive pregnancy test, your options are to take another test right away, wait a few days before testing again, or talk to your doctor about other methods of determining whether you are pregnant.. Both urine and blood pregnancy tests measure the levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your body. This hormone is measured in milli-international units per milliliter, or mIU/ml, and the levels should double about every two to three days...


What Happens to Cervical Mucus in Early pregnancy?

A: The cervical mucus in early pregnancy may look similar to what is secreted just before ovulation. It is typically white, creamy, and odorless, and it is often present in large amounts. In fact, pregnant women can expect their cervical mucus levels to rise gradually during the first trimester, resulting in a constant feeling of wetness in their underwear throughout the pregnancy. Of course, this symptom is not usually present until after a test has already detected the pregnancy, so women are not advised to look for increased cervical mucus as a sign. Instead, they may see a bit of pink or brown blood very early in the pregnancy, which will eventually be replaced by white cervical mucus,...


Is there a risk of pregnancy if I took 1 pill advance and I skip the next day?

A: 13 Feb 2012 If you miss a pill in the second week (although you took 2 on the day before) then there is a risk of you becoming pregnant, if you had unprotected sex within the next 7 days. Which pill are you on? Votes:+0CommentVote upReport mary chavez 14 Feb 2012diane35 but if i had protected sex in the next 7 days, no risk of it? Add your CommentSearch for questionsStill looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Search:Similar questionsCan I skip my period by starting a new pack instead of taking the placebos?Can I start a new pack of the Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo birth control pill the week that I should be taking the placebos to effectively skip my period for ... 1 answer • 26 Sep 2009 • Whats a good birth control w/...



A: If you were taking metformin for your pcos then the experts say you should continue taking it for the first trimester to stop the risk of it causing a miscarriage. A friend of mine had lost her baby at 31.5 weeks ans when she fell again she had all sorts of problems. She gushed fluid once and they rushed her to the hospital but it wasnt amniotic fluid or urine and they couldnt figure out where it came from. She ended up having a beautiful baby boy who is perfectly healthy and turned 1 late last year. Dont stress as this isnt good for the baby or you, the pain could be that bubbies head is resting on your pubic bone and you need to alleviate that pressure and the bleeding can get worse if you dont take it easy. Talk to another doc if you are not satisfied or speak to the midwife, they know...

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