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Continuous bleeding since pregnancy began?

A: About 1/3 of healthy pregnancies have some bleeding-- sometimes significant--in the first trimester. It''s better if the blood is darker. Two of my friends who have had healthy pregnancies had this issue-- one has a perfectly lovely 3 or 4 year old now and had period-like bleeding for much of the first trimester, the other is in her 4 1/2 month and the bleeding stopped ages ago but I think it lasted several weeks. She even went to ER for the bleeding at one point and was told "threatened miscarriage"-- but her doc just told her it was normal and not to worry and so far everything seems absolutely fine....


pregnancy and morphine?

A: Hi, Welcome to ehealthforum. It is not advised to use or continue the usage of Morphine or its derivatives during pregnancy unless the benefits outweigh the risks. Consider visiting your treating doctor to discuss your pregnancy plans. If you suspect to be pregnant or planning for pregnancy consider for requesting change in prescription with alternate drugs. Take care....


Can I continue my pregnancy in case of emergency contraception (i-pill)failure?My last period date was 1st Nov and Itook i-pill thrice on 14, 15 and 23 nov.Pl. sugesst will there be any complications?

A: Hi there. Welcome to the forum! Emergency contraceptive pills have not shown any bad effect on baby. You cancontinue the pregnancy and consult to your doctor. Please keep us posted for any further queries. Hope thishelps you. Take care and regards!...


ramadan fasting during early pregnancy

A: Assalaam alaikum sister, Alhamdlillah! I would advise a talk with your doctor, before continuing the fast, just in case. If he says there are no complications and that you can fast then go ahead and continue fasting. May you have a blessed Ramadaan! Wa alaikum salaam alsalamo alaykm Dear aany from an islamic point of view its ok for you to not continue fasting if you fear harm either for you or your baby but of course you''ll have to make up for the days you missed after ramadan (kada''a). the thing is, if you only fear harm for your baby (you not included) you''ll have to make up for the days PLUS feed 1 underprivileged per every day you missed, BUT if you only fear harm for your self (baby bot included) then you ONLY have to perform kada''a. i hope this...

Do you have any information on how weight training could affect our baby? Am Iable to continue weight training at a lower weight/higher reps?

A: As long as you have your doctors'' approval, there is nothing wrong with continuing your weight training routine throughout your pregnancy. It''s actually encouraged. However, your workout goals change. Now your goal is to maintain fitness rather than improve fitness. Which means you continue your regular program, but it''s safer not to work at routinely increasing the weight that you lift. Your body is already working very hard to support the growth ofanother human being within your womb. Allow your body to do that,yet ''maintain'' your current strength levels so that you have aneasier labor, and a faster recovery. Also, some of the latest studies have shown that babies of mothers who workout regularly withstand the trauma of labor better....


How long can I continue step aerobics?

A: Step aerobics is a fun form of exercise. If you feel up to the challenge, you may continue as long as you pay attention to how you feel and modify your workout intensity accordingly. Some women develop knee discomfort as ligaments loosen. In the last trimester you may want to lower the step or choose another class. Water aerobics is a challenging workout, yet much more appropriate for the pregnant body....


pregnancy - Is it safe to take tramadol while pregnant?

A: 12 Dec 2011 Hi, I would suggest you speak to your doc about stopping the tramadol,you will have to taper off it as going cold turkey would not be a good idea and could lead to seizures seen as you are on them for so long,your doc/gp can advise you on a taper plan that will be safe for both you and baby! Congrats on your pregnancy and i wish you and your baby all the best! Take care!! Votes:+1CommentVote upReport mccardleb...22 Dec 2011 HI, I agree with puckiemull. I know that taking tramadol while pregnant an be dangerous, I work in the medical field and I take tramadol for osteoarthritis. I would highly advise you to speak to a doctor right away. Now I don''t want you to be extremely concerned as all of the research only says that there is no research to support...


astrocytoma and pregnancy

A: Dear Deanna, I have been a senior chief medical officer of the Royal Guards Regiment (the World"s oldest still existing - continuously existing - regiment, founded in 1521 the year Cortez conquered Mexico) and the Royal Household Brigade of the Royal Swedish Army for 15 years. The soldiers were all conscripts doing their National Military Service. They were all 18 to 21 or so of age AND there were also female voluntary soldiers. Most of them (almost all) were not married. But young boys/men being young boys/men and young girls/women being young girls/women all were regularly and routinely handed out condoms (also the girls) so that unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections could be avoided as much as possible. To try to make healthy young people to live a life where they are...

Early pregnancy +infertility

A: Dear Amy, Thank you for your question.  Where are you writing from? In the early preganncy, less than 6 weeks gestational age, estrogen is derived almost completely from the ovary.  Placental estrogen production has not started.  Based on your first BHCG, I estimated that you are less than 6 weeks gestational age (assuming your BHCG was drawn at 8-10 weeks post transfer).  If that is the case, and you are not taking exogenous estrogen (from another source), then the drop is concerning because it is an essential hormone of pregnancy.  Your doctor might want to consider adding estrogen in some form. Estrogen alone is not sufficient to diagnose an impending miscarriage.  If all three hormones are dropping, then that would be...

pregnancy, car accident, and disk herniation

A: Dear Alyssa, I believe this is definitely due to the crash.  You had no problems before and these problems only came on after the collision.  Forces generated in a high kinetic energy crash such as yours can easily kill a person, so herniating a disk is more than likely.  I have spent years studying forces, impact, occupant kinematics, and injury from car crashes, especially rear-impact vectored collisions, and I have seen herniated disks after crashes frequently. To complicate matters, the fact that you were pregnant at the time makes you more susceptible to injury.  this is because of a hormone called "Relaxin".  Relaxin stimulates the laxity of ligaments and specifically in the low back and pelvis during pregnancy to allow for the...

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