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About the treatment of unwanted pregnancy?

A: 7 Mar 2012 You should get to a doctor or a Planned Parenthood clinic and have them perform a pregnancy test so you can be positive that you are pregnant. Than speak to them about your options. It''s important to do this as soon as possible, especially since it''s an unwanted pregnancy. Votes:+3CommentVote upReport pledge 7 Mar 2012I agree. Thumbs up. Well said,pledge Add your Comment DzooBaby7 Mar 2012 So sorry to hear this! It is very frightening to face an unwanted pregnancy. You need to consult an OB Dr to discuss your options. You options are pretty much 1) you continue the pregnancy and you keep the baby 2) you continue the pregnancy and you give the baby up for...


Mommas: What helped you ease nausea during pregnancy?

A: Carbs…eat small meals frequently. Drink plenty of water. This may pass for you in the next month. @SpatzieLover that is what I am trying to do….any suggestions on kinds of carbs? I am making a list to go to the store. I have tried baked potato, pasta, crackers, cereal, preggo pops, and milkshakes. I am also wearing the sea bands for acupressure. Cheerios, wet & dry worked for me. Preggo pops worked in the AMs for me, but not as much for the later in the day waves of nausea. The only child I was nauseated and vomiting with was my daughter. All I could do is run through a list of foods in my head and what ever didn''t make me nauseated was what I ate. It worked most of the time. Sorry you are going through this. You may want to talk to your doctor if you continue to throw...


While I''m pregnant with my first baby, I am continuing to exercise by running, hiking and even kayaking. My friends think I''m nuts. Am I?

A: No! You are making history. Simply by running, kayaking, spinning or hiking, you are participating in a pregnant revolution. One of the startling revelations of the late 20th century was that being active during pregnancy is actually good for you. Centuries of a profound weariness of pregnancy led to one thing: confinement. But that''s all ending – and you''re making it happen.Athletic, fit and enthusiastic women who are in touch with their bodies have continued to exercise during pregnancy and they feel great. The good news is that hundreds of recent studies on the effects of exercise on pregnancy have proven these active women right: Exercise during pregnancy...


Should women continue to exercise during their pregnancy?

A: Exercise is important, even during pregnancy. Bring the intensity down a bit and don''t overheat. Drink plenty of fluids. No supinated exercises after the first trimester. (Laying on your back) Don''t do exercises that require a lot of balance and you can exercise up until you give birth. Oh yeah, the most important nutrient for child-bearing women is folic acid. Get it in orange juice. www.mattspersonaltraining.biz without a doubt ! It is important to you and your baby but also once your baby is born and you stay in shape that means the less fat you will have to lose and the better shape you will be in for your baby! www.thenutritiongenius.com Links: www.thenutritiongenius.com As a general rule, YES. You should continue exercising during


Can I continue teaching an intermediate step class?

A: With your doctor''s approval, you can feel free to continue your exercise classes throughout your pregnancy for as long as you are comfortable with it. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology have put forth some guidelines for exercise during pregnancy, which are posted on the pregnancy Today Web site. Within those guidelines, you can continue as long as you don''t have any unusual discomforts. Be aware that your joints are more lax during pregnancy and therefore previously comfortable moves may become precarious, so listen to your body and rest and modify when necessary. In reality, it would be easier to teach a cardio step class in the latter part of your


pregnancy and AA grade 3

A: You have asked my personal opinion and a straight question deserves a straight and honest answer. I will right now beg your pardon for my perhaps even brutal bluntness and frankness but I"m an old military physician and police surgeon and medical examiner where bluntness was a tool of the trade. It is my FIRM personal opinion that you should abstain from any pauses in your treatment especially in order to get pregnant and having a baby. The reason is simple. You have a malignant brain tumor. Regardless of if that normally strikes middle aged to older men or not it has struck YOU! That is a reality. It is there in your brain growing all the time unless stopped to do so by treatment. That is the way malignant tumors normally behave regardless of the age and sex of the patients. And a grade 3...

What Is a Tubal pregnancy?

A: Tubal pregnancy, also known as ectopic pregnancy, occurs when a fetus begins to grow outside the uterus. In most ectopic pregnancies, the fetus grows in one of the Fallopian tubes, which is why these are commonly called tubal pregnancies. A tubal pregnancy cannot be carried to term, and if not treated, can be fatal for the pregnant woman. A normal pregnancy begins when a fertilized egg implants itself in the lining of the uterus. In approximately 1% of all pregnancies, the egg implants in a location other than the uterus. More than 95% of these ectopic or tubal pregnancies occur in the Fallopian tubes, but a fertilized egg may also attempt to implant and develop in other locations such as...

I''m an experienced cyclist. Can I continue during pregnancy?

A: But whether you''re a veteran cyclist or are just pulling your cobweb-covered 10-speed out of the garage, biking will present a few special challenges during pregnancy.Is biking really safe during pregnancy? Non-bikers and urban bikers may rightly be concerned that a two-wheeled excursion that requires balance and a helmet doesn''t seem all that safe. True. If you are not completely comfortable riding a bike, pregnancy is not the time to learn. Try learning in a few years when you can borrow your preschooler''s training wheels. And urban biking is not ideal – pregnant or not – unless you have access to bike paths and are very alert to traffic.Common sense is your best protection when biking and you will...


pregnancy after abortion pill, medical abortion

A: Dear Resh, It is possible, but unlikely that you got pregnant right after the abortion.  The only way to know will be to check a pregnancy test in a few weeks.  If you check one now, it will probably be positive from your original pregnancy.  In a few weeks the test should be more accurate.  In the unlikely event that you are pregnant a second time, there are no medical issues with either ending the pregnancy again, or in continuing the pregnancy.  The medications from the abortion pill are completely out of your system within days, and would not affect a pregnancy conceived a month later.   I hope this is...

Is it safe to continue weight training and nutritional supplements during pregnancy?

A: It truly is best to talk to your health care provider. Many supplements on the market today have never been fully tested on pregnant women, and thus are not worth the risk. Because of this, many companies will say on the label not to take during pregnancy because they don''t know the effects of these supplements on a growing fetus. Try also talking to a registered dietician. The supplements you''re currently taking may be for a specific goal. During pregnancy, your workout priorities may shift. Thus the need for such supplements may also shift. When weight lifting during pregnancy, listen to your body. If you''ve been lifting for years, then it''s likely that you''re in touch with what feels right and what...

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