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it safe to combine all 3?concerta pills r ER Tablets can i disolve them in something?

A: Hello gotdick25, You can give all the three and make sure tylenol is given after food and concerta beforefood. concerta contains methylphenidate. Give concerta at least 30 minutes before a meal. This medicine can betaken with or without food. Do not crush, make him chew, or break an extended release tablet. Make him swallowthe pill whole. It is specially made to release medicine slowly in the body. Breaking the pill would cause toomuch of the drug to be released at one time. Take care!...

What Are the Possible concerta® Side Effects?

A: While there are many positive results from using concerta®, there are also several possible side effects that should be taken into consideration before beginning treatment. The most common concerta® side effects in adults are a decreased appetite, dry mouth, and nausea. Lesser reported but more serious concerta® side effects are tachycardia and heart palpitations, and should be reported to a doctor immediately if experienced. Methylphenidate is produced by Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals under the brand name concerta®. Available only by a doctor''s prescription, it is used to treat attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in...


Should I be worried about using an ADD drug (specifically concerta)?

A: concerta is actually time-release Ritalin. Ritalin clears the body very quickly (within a matter of four hours; within 8 hours in the time release forms) and so does not build up to toxic levels as long as you are taking your prescribed dose. The side-effects of concerta/Ritalin are more involved with difficulties in eating (no appetite, stomach pains, etc.) and sleeping, and sometimes headaches or irritability when it wears off. However, 18 mg. is quite a low dose so the unwanted side effects should be minimal. For more detail see http://www.ncpamd.com/Stimulant_Side_Effects.htm If you have certain problems concerta/Ritalin needs to be monitored closely. These include having a history of tics, diabetes, or high...


adhd/ concerta xl and caffiene

A: concerta` is a stimulant that only works well if the dose is optimal. The range is from 18mg to 108mg. As I do not know your optimal dose it is difficult to comment,  but one thing is for certain if your dose is correct you do not need any other medication. Certainly not 10 cups of coffee which could give you palpitations. There is no need to take Pro plus either as it will probably make the racing pulse even worse. The optimal dose of concerta is evaluated using rating scales. I suggest you consult with your treating doctor to have your dose adjusted....

Specifically, how early in the morning should I consume my concerta medication?

A: If you swallow the concerta whole, it is supposed to last 12 hours. I take 2 18mg pills as soon as I wake up because for me they don't seem to take effect for at least 1 1/2 hours. They do seem to last ~ 12 hours, and when they wear off I suddenly get very sleepy. If I take them in the afternoon (having slept in), I get insomnia too. Maybe you should lower you dose? Could you ask your MD to give you the lowest dose per pill (I think that's the 18mg pills I take), and then you can try taking 2 of them, or 1 maybe. I think the more you take, the more anxious you are. I take mine for incurable depression (over 25 years, tried everything even ECT - really the only thing that helped was this - and...


whats happen to childs brain on concerta

A: Unfortunately nothing you have told me makes any scientific medical sense. Psychologists cannot really diagnose a medical condition like ADD, only a doctor trained in this discipline. concerta is Methylphenidate, which is an antidepressant and cannot cause depression. The dose of Methylphenidate is usually evaluated by titrating the short acting Methylphenidate to optimal dose and then only switching to the long acting  appropriate dose of concerta. If the dose was established by guessing instead of monitoring ,it might not have been the optimal dose and could not work.Were rating scales ever used to establish to correct dose?r Your description is absolutely typical e of ADD. As a non trained medical person it would be very...

Throat clearing - Is it a side affect from concerta?

A: Hi there   In researching your question it does seem that throat clearing can be a side effect to the medication.   On this site they say this:  ''In about 2% of children, nervous tics may develop, eye twitches, facial grimacing, neck movement, or frequent throat clearing. This may require stopping the treatment or decreasing the dose.''   Here is another medication site where some people talk about this particular side effect to concerta.   And here is more information about concerta from Health Central.   I would definitely talk to your child''s doctor about what can be done.  Maybe this is not a side effect but just some sort of allergy and...only a doctor can tell you what is going...


I took a 54 mg concerta and am very jittery

A: Sandy   I hope that you are feeling better this morning. Certainly, concerta could make you feel jittery as it is a stimulant medication.   Medications affect each person differently, so what may help one of your children may not help the other child. Many times, finding the right medication and the right dosage is a matter of trial and error. You will need to work closely with your doctor and keep track of how your children are feeling. With this information, you can work with the doctor to find the medication that will work the best.   For more information:   Side Effects of Commonly Prescribed Medications for ADHD    Tips for Managing Side Effects   Eileen...


I want to increasing my sons dose to 27mg of concerta not 36mg

A: Crissy   Thank you for your question and welcome to ADHDCentral.com.   This is a question that you will need to ask directly to your doctor. Have you made your doctor aware of the side effects of the higher dose for your son?   I would contact the doctor and discuss this issue. He or she would be best able to answer your question.   Eileen...


desperate reply

A: Strattera is not very effetive on it"s own. concerta 18mg is a very small dose and will not work! If both are increased to an optimal dose there is a very good chance for success provided they get taken regularly. To obtain an optimal dose the doctor should use rating scales.Using the combination will give a full days cover....
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