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What is the best place for colon cancer treatment?

A: 10 Dec 2011 MD Anderson cancer Center in Houston, TX by far is the best place out there for any type of cancer. My husband has gone there and everyone is so friendly and they are the best at what they do. I would highly recommend this place. Votes:+1CommentVote upReport majidz 10 Dec 2011Thanks nenag It seems that this place is really good. I am reading about it now .. Cheers, LiverLips 19 Dec 2011Great information to have! Thanks so much nenag! All the best to you & your husband, nenag! from Wendy :) Add your CommentSearch for questionsStill looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Search:Similar questionsI had a colonoscopy scheduled but the doctor...


What Is Average Annual Cost of colon cancer treatments?

A: The average annual cost of colon cancer treatment is between $35,000 and $80,000 per year. This number will depend on the severity of the cancer, the number of treatments required and the state in which the treatments are being performed. Source:


rising CEAs - patient receiving colon cancer treatment

A: With a rising CEA and an hypermetabolic node, to me this is recurrent cancer, and obviously not responding to the present chemotherapy regimen.  I would not continue Folfox.  It isn"t working, and there is definitely a possibility of significant toxicity.  Necrological toxicity is sometimes fairly serious and can become a problem several months after the treatment has stopped. I think you have two options: a# switch to a different chemotherapy, or, if you are not recieving Bevacizumab, you might want to try a couple of cycles of folfox with bevacizumab #Avastin#  I"ve seen patients who have not responded to Folfox respond when bevacizumab was added.  #that is an antibody directed against the factor that makes...


?? colon cancer treatments

A: Yep, in many ways the drugs are scarier. The side effects list is so long that it really is overwhelming. Just know that your husband will not endure all of them, or even most. He will likely have some nausea, maybe diarreha/constipation, and the cold sensitivity and neuropathy. All should be easily managed with help from his oncologist. If they are not being managed well, talk to the doctor! The cold sensitity was the worst for me. I had to wear gloves all the time, even to cut up something cold or to get milk from the fridge. Fatigue can also be a problem. I worked during that regimen (folfox) but found I was often tired and took naps sometimes. Good luck and hang in there. Remember to care for yourself and be gentle with yourself. I know you will be busy caring for your husband, but...


Secondary colon cancer & treatment

A: Hi Fannyann Sorry to hear about your dad being in for surgery. I bet he is looking forward to going home. There are quite a few survivors on this board. If you can find an hour or too to go through some of their posts it might answer quite a few questions for you. But please feel free to post as many questions as you like....... we all like to ramble on in response. My husband is now about 21 months since first being diagnosed with bowel cancer. He was told after his bowel resection that they could not operate on his liver and his only hope was chemo to shrink the liver. At that point it looked really very gloomy for him. BUT..... he responded v.v.well to the chemo .... so much so that they resected his liver too. All in all he had about 13 months of various


colon cancer treatment

A: Surgery removes what they can see. Chemo is to try and kill the cancerous cells that may still be in the body. cancers do not always grow in a tight mass, it sends out tendrils that may be only a few cells wide and a surgeon would never be able to see them. If the only surgery he has had is colonoscopy then the cancer was very small in the first place....


colon cancer treatment With Erbatox (spelling)? Is This Drug New Or Being Researched?

A: No, its not new. Its what they give you after trying other drugs...its like the second step. They gave it to my dad. He had cholangio carcinoma. When he was diagnosed, they gave him 6 months to 2 years and he made it 10 months. He died on 9/11 of this year, 2008. Is it you that this is being administered to?...

How Effective Is Chemotherapy For colon cancer?

A: The effectiveness of chemotherapy for colon cancer is dependent on a number of factors including the stage of the cancer, the type of chemotherapy, whether additional therapies are used, and the patient''s general level of health. Generally, chemotherapy extends survival for patients with colon cancer and in some cases can be curative in nature. Because approaches to cancer treatment are constantly changing, it is very important to discuss all options with an oncologist before committing to a specific form of colon cancer treatment.


5 years after colon cancer

A: I"m a medical oncologist & radiation therapist with experience of colon cancer treatment NOT a gastroenterologist! So I have no simple (or not so simple) solution to this, especially as your own drs. have failed to solve it for 5 years. I"m not even sure there is a solution. However this is a problem that only your own drs. can try to help you with. From afar - even for a gastroenterologist - and I"m in Stockholm, Sweden, Europe and not a gastroenterologist it is unfortunately impossible. You will probably have to discuss this with several local gastroenterologists. Good luck! I"m happy that your treatment otherwise went well! I"m sorry to bother you with an appeal for help. I know...

Can colon cancer cause erectile dysfunction?

A: From what I have read about colon cancer and erectile dysfunction is that it`s not colon cancer that can cause erectile dysfunction, but one of the side effects of colon cancer treatment can be difficult with erections and other sexual problems. Definitely something to discuss with your doctor, I`d say!. ...

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