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If a person's heart is functioning at only 33% of its capacity, does that mean he/she is close to death?

A: yes Almost I''m assuming that you are talking about ejection fraction - yes this is a sign of serious heart failure, as a normal heart pumps out 55% - 70%. It means simply that if he/she doens''t recieve a heart transplant or artifical heart, that the condition of her heart will deteriorate rapidly until death. to myself that would depend on the person''s will of survival. If they push themselves to hard it is possible. The usual cardiac output is about 80% you can never get to 100% just due to the mechanics of the left ventricle. A decrease in the cardiac output like to 33% may cause the person to start in


Have you ever been close to death. I only have about 4 or 5 lives left my self

A: Sleep epilepsy count? Over dosing on dogs Drugs* [ Reply ] 2 times. both times ICU and dopamine brought me back. It was pleasent.For a short time I was at peace, no pain and felt love.Im changed ,not in a big way but Im much less afraid of death and dont get worried over stupid stuff. Just Love people and yourself I swear this to be a true story, I was under no stress, just enjoying my holiday with my wife and daughter in Cornwall UK. One day, having lunch on the lawn outside of the chalet, my wife fell into a kind of trance. I noticed a slight change in her features and her voice carried an authority that stunned me. Turning to me in an unsmiling way, she...


Have you ever come close to death and if so why and how did it happen?

A: I nearly slipped down a pretty steep gorge once. I barely grabbed onto a tree root that slowed me enough to not get myself killed. Now I''m seeing black lines and shit on everything. I was flipped in a car once. That was scary. About 5 weeks ago I was driving and a lady pulled out in front of me. I had to swerve into the other lane of a 4 lane highway to avoid her and luckly there was no traffic for just long enough that I could move back into place. Yes, I slipped off of a rock once when I was young and stupid. I was climbing with some buddies and fell but I grabbed the edge just in time. I''ve almost been in several car crashes that would...


Have you ever come close to death?

A: Yes, I almost slipped over a 1,000 foot cliff coming down from Big Bear Lake, CA to Lake Arrowhead, CA during snowy and icy weather. I was shaking in my boots literally.. ...


Hi doc, i took an overdose about 3 months back & i was close to death. I took pressure tablets,TNT,

A: Hi. I hope you are well now. If you are not having any problems with penile erection, you should not be havingany problems with fertility issues. If you are still in doubts, get your semen tested and visit a doc fordetailed evaluation....

Are you scare to death?

A: no depends on if the killer rabbits are chasing but at the moment im hid in the cuboard so i dont think they can see me wooo!!! Only when I first wake up. No if you mean scared OF death then yes. i don''t want to die yet, i''ve committed too many sins and don''t want to be sent to hell yet! if you mean scared to death, then not really. i''m scared of the dark but that''s about it.. no, more scared of living without a purpose. It is impossible that anything so natural, so necessary, and so universal as death, should ever have been designed by Providence as an evil to...


Whats the difference between those stoning girls to death or FGM them & those pushing age consent laws in teen?

A: Whats the difference between those stoning girls to death or FGM them & those pushing age consent laws in teen Same sexaully repressive mentality... The same ones saying their duaghter cant were sexy boots age 15 when 22 will say shes too old for them, the same kind saying somone is too young to date will say they are whores when dating in 20s The same kind saying wait for first dates till over 18 when over 18 will criticise them for dating someone younger on the same level. They want their kids to stay at home forever and have nobody loving them as those parents worship gods and a sexaully repressive pervert...


What was your (or someone close to you) biggest health scare?

A: Glaucoma. I was diagnosed very young at a routine optometry visit. The guy basically said you have to go and see this specialist right now! Freaked me out and I thought I was going to go blind. Luckily, I havenít and I was put in touch with two of the best specialists in the world and I have actually got very, very good sight now following eye surgery. It was quite a frightening time to think I could have gone blind and not have seen my children grow up. If I had lived in a country without such a good health system, who knows.. Even if glaucoma doesnít run in your family, have a pressure test when you get your eyes tested. Even young people can be diagnosed with...


I'm a very apathetic person. I could care less if people close to me died? What's wrong with me?

A: noting is wrong wtih you, thats jus t how you are Have you actually lost anyone close - you can never know how you are going to react until it happens emotionally cut off...like me No she isn''t. Nothing is wrong with you. I don''t get sad when my relatives die. A few died last year. Everyone dies someday. Some people just don''t think its that sad. Its better than being extremelly emotional. Some of these types get miserable forever. Id say you should be happy you don''t get depressed over stuff like that. maybe you dont like to attach yourself with people, you know at the end they will end up leaving you in someway or another.....as in dying, and you shield yourself from it by not getting sentimentally


Why does noone understand self harm not even those close to u?

A: Most do not understand it because it''s not considered a normal, healthy means of expression. Surely, you knew this already or could''ve guessed. Most people regard self harm as something stupid or weird because they can not understand why anybody should want to injure themself. It most often occurs in young adult women with personality disorders, many of whom are also drug or alcohol abusers. It is done as a way of getting attention or else of avoiding specific situations or demands. I''m sure they understand and can sympathize, but that does not justify the action. I''m sure they will support you if you decide to get help... but what were u expecting them to say? "Oh, ur a cutter... that''s cool?!?!"...

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