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How can muscle mass affect cholesterol levels?

A: Actually it''s the other way: strenuous workouts induce reduction of blood cholesterol level that lasts up to several days. Studies showed that higher-cholesterol diet is better for muscle building, so bodybuilders may be overdoing it. Dr. Riechman from Texas A&M University published several papers on this subject: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=%22Riechman%20SE%22[Author]...


How does psyllium lower serum cholesterol levels?

A: ... a daily intake of 10.2 grams of psyllium seed husk, combined with a diet low in saturated fats, consistently lowered blood cholesterol levels....


Does trazodone affect your cholesterol levels?

A: It is always important to be aware of the side effects of a medication so you can recognize the symptoms if they occur. According to the literature available, trazodone has not been shown to affect cholesterol levels. For more information regarding trazodone: http://www.everydayhealth.com/drugs/trazodone...


My cholesterol level is abnormal. Please advise a remedy and follow up.

A: cholesterol is a fatty substance and an integral part of cell membrane in our body. cholesterol is also found flowing in our blood. cholesterol circulation in blood comes from two sources - dietary intake and liver production. cholesterol through dietary intake mainly comes from poultry, meat, fish, and dairy products; vegetables and fruits do not contain any cholesterol. The liver is a place that can control the cholesterol level in blood, either by removing cholesterol from blood or by manufacturing cholesterol and releasing it in the blood. Although certain amount of

I'm 22 and my cholesterol level is 242. Any other young people out there with the same problem?

A: dont worry about colesterol. it''s a myth. read up on mattias rath''s research and take lots of vitamin c!!! You are not alone and likely one of your parents are in similar position. You should start with increasing your activity level and improve your diet. You don''t need to go on a "diet", just have a balance diet and eat what you like in moderation. If after a few months, with real lifestyle changes, you still have high levels, you may want to talk to your doctor about taking medications to lower your cholesterol. i have a friend who had high cholesterol at 21, he just made some life style changes and it went down within a couple months without meds cholesterol seems to be...


How can I lower my cholesterol level?

A: Have thyroid checked first. An underactive thyroid can cause high cholesterol. Eat oatmeal, drink a little grape juice or red wine. That''s a start. Eat cereals such as Cheerios and oatmeal Eat lots of fruits and veggies Cut way down on meats Cut out fried foods Cut out mayonnaise Cut out junk food and fast food Cut out chocolate Don''t use butter/margarine/oil Don''t drink whole milk (use skim or 1%) Skip desserts If you''re old enough (and not an alcoholic) drink a glass of red wine at night. If you are not on prescription cholesterol medicine, start taking Niacin (500 mg. 3 times a day). Be sure to take Motrin/Advil about 45 minutes before the Niacin--as when you start taking Niacin, it really burns you (called flushes--it feels like...


How do I reduce my cholesterol levels?

A: Omega fats (there are at least two types). Omega 3 is the best. Eat fish known to be high in Omega 3, such as salmon. My mother visited me for two months once, and I cooked salmon fairly often. When she returned home, her cholesterol had dropped & the doctor was very happy.. Following good diet (mainly fat free food), include flax seeds in your regular food, and regular walk can help you a lot in bringing down your cholesterol level.. There are proven ways to reduce cholesterol and tons of articles and books on the subject. Basically: exercise regularly, eat a diet low in fats and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. If this does not work and your cholesterol problems are genetic, then...


Does eating cholesterol rich foods cause your cholesterol levels to go up or not?

A: The daily recommended allowance for cholesterol is about 300 mg. Eating cholesterol rich foods does not always the cause of your body cholesterol to go up. But the bad thing about eating too much cholesterol is that your body may get "lazy" to produce it. cholesterol is vital to our health and it is not the "killing monster". Best way to lower your cholesterol is not pills, but reducing stress and increasing fiber in your diet. If you "have to" eat cholesterol food (party, dinner) make sure you eat a lot of fiber with it (e.i. salad, fiber pill or solution). Then up to 94% of your


Do you believe that eating food containing cholesterol can lead to high cholesterol levels in your body?

A: High bad cholesterol buildup has been linked to high consumption of bad fats, saturated fats and trans fat, not to high bad cholesterol consumption. I suggest that you cut down on bad fats intake when you love high bad cholesterol food and that you exercise a few times everyday. I personally love high cholesterol food, I need cholesterol, good and bad alike, for vitamin D and testosterone production. To feel safe, I just avoid trans fat totally and cut down on saturated fat, and I exercise a few times everyday. source(s): ...


How i control my cholesterol level without Medical help.?

A: Try taking flax Seed Oil. Oatmeal will lower your cholesterol and so will Garlic. One of the things about cholesterol is that there is no daily requirement for it - the body can produce as much as it needs. In fact we don''t even absorb the cholesterol we eat, it actually stimulates us to produce to much all on our own. The easiest way to lower cholesterol is to stop eating it. Vegetarians and vegans generally don''t suffer from high cholesterol or many heart conditions for the matter. If thats not an option I would cut right down on meat, especially red meat and eat nuts, seeds, legumes and vegetables instead, especially dark green leafy varieties. Quit EATING Do...

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