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is child obesity parents fault?

A: I think that parents contribute about 90% towards their child being obese. Too many parents allow there kids to eat whatever they want at a young age to shut them up or to just make them happy, but i think when you start them that why, it makes them think eating unhealthy is okay. I also think that in this economy it makes it harder for families to afford healthier foods each week. For instance, today, we bought just enough produce to last us a week and then our normal grocery list and it put us about $100 over what we usually spend! That is crazy. Healthy foods should definitely be more available for anyone to purchase at a lower price, but that subject lours me to a totally separate question... I think that child

what would be the top 5 problems with child obesity?

A: One of the main problems with childhood obesity, besides the obvious dependence we as a culture have on sugar, is the fact that even foods which are supposed to be healthy for children to eat - such as their main meals that supposedly do not contain sugar, are highly processed and often altered chemically, full of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, or other toxic substances which detract from the nutritional content. When these foods are consumed, they have dire effects on health and a person''s ability to maintain proper weight.  To be healthy and to be able to learn and grow, children need real, whole, traditional foods - just like adults. children are...

What is child obesity?

A: children who weigh more than 20 percent more than they should for their height and age may be considered overweight, and those who weigh more than 30 percent more may be considered obese....


So apparently, we are sitting on a powder keg of child obesity! It wouldn't have anything to do with.........?

A: No, it would have to do with kids sitting in front of computers,playing games instead of going outside and playing. It would have to do with not eating enough fruit and veggies and too much pizza and McDonalds. I have not noticed a trend in sports grounds being sold for development. Yep. Spot on. the obesity issue starts at home, kids playing video games for hours on end, watching TV and just not getting out and playing or exercising. Stop feeling as though the government must solve all your problems. It was labour they called them brown fill sites, any peice of land that is within the confines of another property that is not classed as agricultural. No. It has to do with lazy, fat parents who don''t care if their kids are fat and just as lazy as they are. They,...


child obesity - Teenager obesity - Fat Teenagers

A: When a child has a weight problem, it is also the parent''s problem. Achild cannot be expected to take responsibility for something ascomplicated as food and diet. The food you eat contains too much fat andisn''t even wholesome for slim adults. The whole family needs to improvetheir eating habits. Furthermore, as children shouldn''t be asked to eatdifferent food from their parents, my suggestions are: replace the milkchocolate drink by a good herb tea; eliminate the butter, cheese, sausagesand white bread and replace them by cottage cheese, vegetables, lean meatand wholemeal bread. As John eats during the night you should ensure that there is no fatteningfood whatever in the home, but only wholesome food such as a...


Do you think that excessive food commercials are responsible for child obesity?

A: No. I think parents who don't limit what their children eat are responsible for child obesity....


Texas Lawmaker Unveils child obesity Bill

A: I think they should take those resources and spend them on extended recess, after school playgroups and better city planning. Really, what do they hope to accomplish? Are there any obese kids who don''t know they are fat? This is just a symptom of a much larger public health problem and an inappropriate distraction for schools. oh god... "Hey, in case you were blind, your kids FAT!" Nice. I agree. Did youknow that the funding for Physical Education in texas schools has dropped 30%? knocking out PE class wich is usually the only physical thing kids do in school anymore , to once a week only ...in some schools.. in others it is non existant. I have heard that PE has been dropped or suffered a HUGE decrease in funding in many other places too. They money that is being spent on...


What Is The Current child obesity Rate In Cortland, New York?

A: The childhood obesity is the medical condition affecting children. Over last 10 years, there is increase of 20% in the obese levels. Overall 32% of American children are suffering from obesity. For more details, visit childhood obesity....

Why is child obesity more common in low income families than high income families?

A: because richer families have the money to spend on healthy good quality food, and families with low income have to settle for unheathy food cos thats all they can afford. ditto to the answers above...lower income people buy the food that is most cost effective, and sadly that means food like McDonalds or the highly refined and processed stuff people buy in bulk at the supermarket. But... education and health care also play a part. Lower income families live in lower income areas, so generally speaking the public schools they go to are not well fundied and lack nutrition education. Lower income families have less access to decent health care, if they even have health care, so if a child is obese they often do not get adequate resources to...

child obesity affected by ads

A: I agree. children see things that are familiar to them on food boxes and want it. In the grocery stores, the sugary cereals and unhealthy foods are at KIDS eye-level so that is what THEY see and what THEY want. Parents are fooled into thinking that ads like " Frosted flakes are great," that say a bowl of cereal , orange juice and toast are a good breakfast. That one bowl of cereal contains 20+ grams of sugar wich equates to 3 tablespoons. The amount of fat is 8 or 9 grams per serving, the milk that is in the cereal breaks down in the body much like sugar. The white toast that is usually served has bleached processed wheat which holds little no none of the natural minerals wheat has and is "fortified" wich means CHEMICALLY enhanced with so called...

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