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adoption termination

A: What the TN attorney indicated would not be lawful in Florida. I can only advise you about  Florida adoption. Each state has their own adoption procedures and requirements, if this was a TN adoption then you will need to confirm that TN laws were followed....


Where can pregnant women get adoption information?

A: Dear Reader, As you`ve found through your research about adoption options, it`s often suggested to speak with a health care professional. Pregnant women can talk with an OB/GYN, nurse practitioner, or other health care provider. Other women — such as your friend who doesn`t have an established relationship with a health care provider — can contact the following resources, including Planned Parenthood, which does have adoption-related information: Planned Parenthood or other Family Planning Clinics Aside from offering birth control information and pregnancy testing, Planned Parenthood and other clinics typically discuss pregnancy options and offer information concerning places that can work with a pregnant woman if she decides to place her...


How strong is your impulse to have a biological child?

A: I do have a desire to have a biological child. It’s not that strong, but it would be nice. However, since I am gay, that is going to be a lot less likely to happen. If only two men could have a child together… But I would be perfectly willing to adopt. I have no problem with that and if that ends up being what I do, I won’t be surprised. I do know that I want to have kids eventually. Male, 17 Pretty strong. I have raised “others children”. One is “my” son. But to be totally honest, something about a biological child that will put you into a greater level of tolerance and “loyality”. I don''t want biological children, because I...


Why choose an abortion over an adoption?

A: I think the reasons are deeply personal to each mother, and that no single answer will yield a proper or satisfactory explanation. Having said that, here are my list of possible reasons... Why would an abortion be chosen over permitting the full term and delivery, then adopting the child out. Possible reasons: 1. The child was conceived against the mother''s wishes (e.g., result of rape, sexual abuse) 2. The mother fears the ''stigma'' of an unwanted pregnancy, which can''t be hidden if the child is brought to full term (e.g., young, unmarried girl who is afraid of her family''s reaction, or societal reaction) 3. The mother believes she will not be able to care for the unborn child properly...


adoption: Step Father wishes to adopt

A: Monica: DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A LAWYER or ATTORNEY. I am someone who has experience with family law issues, and am sharing my OPINION only. For the exact law as it pertains to your specific case contact a Professional Attorney in your area/county/country. If you are seeking to adopt a child of your partner you are likely to have different concerns than many other people who choose to adopt in quite different circumstances. Unfortunately there is little help available to step families and those considering taking this step, although this is improving. The first issue that many adults tend to forget is that adoption is about, and for children. What adults want is relevant but the court will not consider this to...


adaption (aka adoption)

A: Anthony, DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A LAWYER or ATTORNEY. I am someone who has experience in family law issues, and am sharing my OPINION only. For the exact law as it pertains to your specific case contact a Professional Attorney in your specific area/county. First check with a local Professional Attorney, but I do believe that after one year of no contact by Mom you can file a Petition to ask the court to TERMINATE MOM Parental rights.However, it basically takes away any parenting rights of Mom since she has not any contact with said child in over a year. Second it is very important that your try to achieve first point/answer. Because this will ALLOW you to file a petition or adoption papers for said child...


How should I respond to rude questions about our adopted child?

A: W.P.- I am an adopted child, with two of my own now. My parents abandoned me when I was two, and left me with my godparents, or as I like to call them, MOM AND DAD. I understand the dillema you are facing, but you must understand that no matter how difficult it is for you to answer these questions, A) they will not stop until your child is a teenagerB) it is more difficult for your child to be asked these questions then for you.W.P., growing up my parents saw nothing wrong in everyone knowing that I was adopted, which was fine, but kids can be creul, and will usually ask the questions some adults are too polite to ask. I always got asked, ''who''s your REAL mommy?'' or '' why did''nt your mommy want you anymore?''...


Gay Second Parent adoption

A: Hi Megan, unfortunately the same statue that prohibits single and gay adoptions prohibits the gay partners of biological parents from adopting their partners children. However, the issue of whether a single gay person or a gay couple may adopt a foster child in their care, gay couples and singles can be foster parents in Florida, is currently on appeal to the Florida Supreme Court after a Florida District Court found the prohibition of adoption under that circumstance to be unconstitutional. The Family Law section of the Florida Bar, of which I am a member, was just permitted to file a Amicus Curiae Brief or Friend of the Court Brief in which the section will be arguing and persuading the...


Adopting my boyfriend"s son

A: Vanessa,  I"m not 100% sure on the rules of adopting children. I do have a little bit of knowledge I will share with you. Normally you would have to try to get the parent"s consent to adopt. Being that her rights are terminated, you MAY or MAY NOT have to get her permission first. This in itself can be a long process if your not sure where she is, but there"s things you do (post ads in the newspaper, etc), and if all else fails, the courts deem her to have abandoned the child. With her rights being terminated you may be able to skip that whole part of the process.  On to the next part. I"m not even quite sure where to go with the next part. Your local child protective services would probably be able...


adoption Process of InActive Parent-

A: Jamie: DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A LAWYER or ATTORNEY. I am someone who has experience with family law issues, and am sharing my OPINION only. For the exact law as it pertains to your specific case contact a Professional Attorney in your area/county/country. Normally Jamie if DAD has not contact for over one year and you can prove this to the courts: Your Attorney can then file for Parents rights Termination of DAD: HOWEVER, there is a very strict process that must be followed, ie for example POSTING in local newspapers to try to contact Dad: Before the court will grant the termination. Once termination is complete then said child can be adopted by Step-Father: Otherwise you must get permission of DAD to adopt. I would recommend that you keep a log book:...

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