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Can chemotherapy patients have contact with children?

A: Why not? It isn''t "catching". its perfectly alright as long as the children are well, if they have and type of infectious diseases. Because a cancer patient has a low immune system a few days after the chemo. Usually 1 week or 2 weeks after treatment it is OK. But chemo patients have to be careful. yes, in most cases they can. Cancer is not contagious, the only worry would be if the patient has a weakened immune system and the children are sick. Hope this helps. the chemo pt should be very careful about toxic body fluids.. no one should come in contact with the pt''s sweat, saliva, urine etc. The issue is not the child getting cancer but if the patient could be susceptible to a contagious illness of the child. So, check with the patient about how he/she...


Are chemotherapy patients a risk to me?

A: We think you are confusing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. These days most chemotherapy is made up under strict controlled conditions in hospital pharmacies so there is very little risk of any one who handles the chemotherapy on the ward actually getting any inside their bodies. Even pharmacy staff who make up the infusions are at hardly any risk as long as they follow the safety procedures set out by their hospital. Nurses who handle infusion sets and such like should always wear gloves and dispose properly of used equipment. If you do not handle the drugs or used equipment you are at no risk at all. You cannot receive any dose at all from being close to or touching the person having the

Do all chemotherapy patients lose their hair?

A: I''m not losing my hair Not necessarily. It depends on the drugs being used. Chemo targets all rapidly reproducing cell and kills them. Hair falls out [because it''s not growing]; nails don''t grow; women don''t ovulate; and the tumor or malignant cells don''t grow. Hopefully, after treatment is over, the good stuff grows back, and the bad doesn''t. Best wishes i''ll agree w/most others; no, not all chemo patients will lose their hair. the doctor will be able to tell once they decide what drugs to use. i had Adremycin & Cytoxin and then Taxol, i lost mine w/3 weeks of starting treatments. No. My mother didn''t. The nurse that was administering her chemo told her that not all people lose their hair and a lot of it has to do with race. No not all will lose their...


Is 24 hour care needed for a chemotherapy patient with small cell lung cancer, who is 70 years old?

A: If your 70-year-old family member`s in reasonably good health before the chemotherapy (and besides the cancer diagnosis), then NO. However, if the 70-year-old has multiple health problems, such as heart disease, other lung disease, or diabetes, those problems may be exacerbated, and extra care is usually necessary. The chemotherapy for small cell lung cancer is usually given on an out-patient basis, and the patients are able to walk (with assistance) out of the chemo facility. While there are many side effects that can come with chemotherapy, it`s more the physiologic age, not the chronologic age that makes the difference in how the patient tolerates it. Put more simply, what kind of...


chemotherapy patients - when you lose your hair - what do you wear?

A: I had different periods that I wore different items. First I wore a bandanna around the house, but it kind of made me feel worse, so I bought a lot of baseball hats in different colors and I liked that better. I also bought a wig. I know it is hard, but you are definitely not alone. it takes about 3-6 weeks to lose once hair a wig would be most natural but you can wear anything that fits you; if hair loss is really important talk to your cancer specialist; since there are chemotherapeutic agents that makes you to keep your hair good luck As a guy, I didn''t mind the bald look. saved on shampoo and conditioner, and once a week with a buff of turtle wax made it sparkle. (Not reccomended if you have silk sheets!! head slides right off pillow..lol) One time I did stop by Spencers in the mall...


Can pregnant women be around chemotherapy patients?

A: On One Hand: chemotherapy Is Not Transmitted Person to PersonCasual contact does not spread chemotherapy medications, so there is no danger to a pregnant woman or her fetus if the pregnant woman is in close proximity to someone undergoing chemotherapy. In addition, physicians use some types of chemotherapy to treat women who are pregnant, so even incidental exposure should not cause alarm. i am 32 weeks pregnant and my sister in law she is undertreatment of chemotherapy can i meet her i mean can i go front of her or its dangeres for my baby Someone undertaking adjuvant chemotherapy is not likely to have any physical consequences to those...


Should we maintain hygienic environment after the chemotherapy patient?

A: The cause for the infection in her is due to the exposure to open environment or by eating the contaminated foods. The person for whom the chemotherapy treatment has been done should remain hygiene environment to avoid the further infection until the wound gets treated....


Is it unsafe to be around chemotherapy patients?

A: Certainly not! You do not want to be around any patients while you are sick, their immune systems are weak from Chemo and they could get sick a lot easier....

The Best Meals for chemotherapy patients

A: Staying Healthy While Undergoing chemotherapy Treatment It is important to give your body the proper nutrition it needs and to keep your weight at healthy levels while you undergo chemotherapy treatment in order to help your body and immune system stay strong. The Colorado State University Extension says "cancer patients who retain weight and maintain a good nutritional state have fewer complications from treatment." chemotherapy can cause appetite changes, changes in taste, oral discomfort, nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal and digestive upset. Your doctor or dietician may recommend a specific diet plan for you to follow while undergoing chemotherapy. The...


Treats for chemotherapy patients?

A: Fruit tingles are a good lolly for chemo patients if you have them where you are. Icy poles are excellent as they also help with the fluids....

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