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What chemicals/dyes should a pregnant hairdresser avoid, if any?

A: In issues relating to teratology the NLH Primary Care Q&A Service would strongly recommend GPs and health workers to contact the National Teratology Information Service (NTIS) for the very latest information on drug and chemical safety during pregnancy or breast feeding.  Their phone number is 0191 232 1525.  They are a dedicated service and have better and more up-to-date information resources at their disposal.   We did conduct a search and found a number of articles that might be of interest, although none specifically answered your question. Given the number we will simply report on the title and main findings and/or conclusions.  The link to the abstract is given in the reference section.   Title: Reproductive disorders among...

What is Natural Hair Dye?

A: Natural hair dye is hair dye extracted from plants and vegetables. It is usually used in a pure extract form and does not contain chemicals like Ammonia, Resorcinol and Phenylenediamine which are found in commercial hair dyes. Being non-toxic, natural hair dyes do not pose a health or environmental hazard. They do not harm the hair structure, can even help with conditioning and hair moisturizing, and so are generally good for long-term use. However, while such dyes are deemed safe, everybody has a different threshold of what they can tolerate. There is no guarantee that what works perfectly well on a number of people may not have an adverse effect on others. People can be allergic to a...


Hair dye-lightening

A: This is a common problem. When the hair is porous it tends to soak up too much. Shampooing the hair with a clarifying/deep cleansing shampoo will lift some of it out. With every wash your hair should get lighter. Remember to use a conditioner after though as it will dry out the hair. Also some members on here used head and shoulders to fade out colour and it worked for them, so you can perhaps try that too. Good luck. you can dye it again in 4-6 weeks or your can get a chemical dye remover at some drugstores. but the remover olny works on unbleached hair. thank youuu!...


How to Control chemicals on Linens

A: Processes used to manufacture textile--for use in clothing, linens and other similar items--involve chemicals that can be toxic to humans or cause allergic reactions. The extent of exposure and risk of these chemicals, however, is not fully understood. In 2007, Philadelphia University''s School of Engineering and Textiles established the Institute for Textile and Apparel Product Safety to examine the prevalence of potentially toxic chemicals in imported textiles. The executive director of the institute testified before Congress in April 2009 recommending further studies on the use of toxic chemicals, dyes, finishes and preservatives in textiles, as well as consumer...


Can you dye or color your hair when you''re pregnant?

A: Hi! There is limited concrete data on the effects of chemical hair treatments on pregnancy. Hair product manufacturers frequently change chemicals and formula in their products which makes testing very difficult. However, it is known that very little chemical product is actually absorbed by a woman’s skin, and according to American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, dying your hair is not believed to be a threat to the baby’s safety. Since it is difficult be 100% positive many health care providers do recommend that women do not dye their hair in the early stages of pregnancy. This is because many products contain the chemical ammonia, and although only trace amount of


Why does having a tattoo make you more likely to have an allergic reaction to hair dye?

A: maybe they are trying to stop people putting tattoos on as i am not one for disfiguring my body and the hair dye people might be the same or the tattoo chemicals could react to the chemicals in hair dye as you will have these chemicals on and in your body now you have used them so do not mix chemicals together thats how poisons and bombs are made it is dangerous if you do not know what you are puttiong together Never heard of that before. It''s 13 years since I got my first tattoo, had a few more since & I colour my hair every 3-4 weeks. Never had an allergic reaction to hair dye. Probably got to do with chemical reactions, I''m no medical specialist but I''m...


I got a horrible hair dye job. Can I redye it in a week or is that too soon?

A: •Before you actually decide to re-dye your hair, look at the overall condition of the hair. If the hair appears dry and brittle with a lot of split ends, you should consider conditioning it before applying any more chemicals. More chemicals now will only worsen the damage. Soak your hair in a quality hot oil treatment or a quality conditioner before you do anything. If your hair has been dyed by a professional salon and looks to be in good condition you can re-dye it after a couple of weeks. It would be best to return to the same salon, considering the fact that your first results were good. The quality of dyes, shampoos and conditioners used in salons are usually better than what we use at home. Products •If you...


Will dye damage my hair and turn it prematurely gray?

A: Dear The Leading Buyer of Hair chemicals, Changing hair color is one way people express themselves, or the various sides of themselves... whether it`s lighter, darker, highlighted, natural, or "day-glo." There`s little study-based evidence of anyone getting gray hair from dyeing his or her hair over and over again. However, some studies have suggested that heavy use of hair dye might cause cancer in some people (both in people who are dyeing their hair, and in colorists whose livelihood depends upon providing the coloring process). The connection to cancer needs more research, but it`s enough of a possibility that scientists think it`s a good idea to limit exposure to these products. The thinking is that more exposure over a lifetime will put one at a greater risk...


Does anyone knows why when I dye my hair fluid comes out of my scalp?

A: When you get a burn on your skin then oftentimes serum (blood and watery stuff) seeps out to cleanse the skin and help it heal. You probably have chemical burns all over your scalp. Eek, I don''t know but it doesn''t sound too good. I really don''t think it should be happening. You may have developed a sensitivity (or allergy) to the dye. I''m thinking you might want to do a skin patch test before you dye your hair again. It sounds like your skin is getting irritated to the point that lymphatic fluid (puss) is running. I can be caused by chemical burn or an allergic reaction. I''m queen of the scalp allergies and even certain shampoos and conditioners trigger this in me. You can put up with it, (and be sure to keep the sores clean so they...


Contact lenses the test they do . put dye in eye ?

A: I''ve worn contacts for years and have never heard of dye in the eyes before. I believe someone is pulling your leg. The doctor can check them for fit and function just fine by looking at them with instruments. Yeah they put a dye in your eye but it''s alright. It doesn''t sting or anything. Call the optometrist you''re thinking about using and ask. Just because you''re allergic to *some* chemicals, doesn''t mean you''re allergic to all. I''m allergic to some chemicals too, certain cleaning products, but not all of them. Rare for people to be allergic to the dye that may be instilled to the eye at contact lens consultation, but do let the optician know beforehand and they may either use an alternative or just reasure you and watch out for...

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