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Does deep french kissing for longer time increases chances of hiv?

A: yups! if its bleeding inside mouth due to tooth cavity or injury. it gets transferred through saliva The longer your contact, the more likely to contract, I''d imagine. Yes; hiv is spread by " transfer of bodily fluids" and that includes urine, semen, and saliva. hiv viruses have even been found in tear (crying)! hiv enters the system primarily through the mucous membranes. These are the "wet" tissues found in the anus, vagina, mouth, and around the eyes. The more intense the contact with bodily fluids, the more likely it is that enough hiv virusus are passed. So prolonged french kissing (literally "swapping spit") is MORE likely to...


chances of hiv?

A: Hi Thanks for the question. Well, there is no chance of hiv being passed on in the situation you describe. For the virus to be passed on fresh infected fluid needs to gain access to your body through a deep cut or sore. This didn"t happen with you. You don"t need to worry. Hope this helps. Best wishes Ian...


chance of hiv infection?

A: Hi Thanks for the question, and I can see why you are concerned. Well, certainly if the condom was intact there is nothing to fear. If you are concerned, you are wise seeing people at a GUM clinic. Constantly urinating is not a sign of early hiv infection - if it is painful to urinate, then it COULD be something else (which can be treated). The chances of contracting hiv from a single encounter is around 1% (one) percent. Still a risk of course, but low. In countries where hiv is increasing, people have multiple contacts with infected people, so the risk is higher. Hope this helps. Best wishes Ian...


chances of hiv infection verified by testing

A: Based on the data you provided, the chances for getting infected are small. The hiv virus, like all the other viruses needs cells as a host and can not live for longer periods out of the human body. However, you can not be absolutely sure without having an hiv test done and three months after the exposure....

Urine Test Result Is Micro Organism-nil, Even Then ,is There Any Chance of hiv?

A: No, it does not mean that you are free from hiv. hiv is human immunodeficiency virus which can cause AIDS. Screening of hiv is done in blood test not in urine test. hiv become positive in blood within three months after transmission. After transmission of hiv, body produce antibodies against hiv. hiv test detect the hiv antibodies in the blood not Virus. Presence of hiv antibodies in the blood means hiv positive....

6 Years Ago I Have Unprotected Sex With A Male . I Have Get Tested 3 Times And The Result Is Negitive . Is There Any Chance of hiv?

A: hiv tests these days are about 98 percent accurate or more, so your chances of having hiv are slim to none at this point, since three tests have showed a negative result.  After six years, hiv virions would probably be present in a large enough concentration to be picked up by a test, so I think it''s safe to say that you''re in the clear....


chance of hiv and STD"s orally

A: Hi Mike Well, your chances of getting hiv by receiving oral sex are very low. hiv is NOT spread through saliva, but only blood, seminal fluid ("cum"), vaginal fluid and breast milk. For other STDs, well some (e.g. herpes) could spread through oral sex, but the risk here is still low unless she has open sores around her mouth... Hope this info helps...feel free to send a follow up. Best wishes Ian  ...


chance of hiv infeciton

A: Welcome again! Here is the answer: You are true. Most people infected with hiv will develop enough antibodies to be detected by our current hiv antibody tests 4 weeks after the exposure. However, some experts recommend testing at baseline, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months post-exposure. Sincere regards, Gorkey...


I Have All Symptoms of hiv But Test Result Is Negitive. Is There Any Chance of hiv?

A: hiv has no signs or symptoms but AIDS has signs and symptoms therefore it is not possible to see any signs for hiv, it is only through an hiv test you can tell if you have contracted the virus. If the result is negative, it means that you either don''t have hiv or you are in your window period (the time it takes for the hiv antibodies to become detectable by a blood test). However, one cannot show symptoms for AIDS without testing positive to hiv because it is hiv that causes AIDS....

What Are chances of hiv From Condom Sex?

A: Almost nil...but its not 100%...
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