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What are the chances of getting aids if your both virgins?

A: You can get through injections used by a HIV affected person also You can still get aids from saliva....


What are the chances of getting aids from urine being splashed in the eye?

A: none o eeew little to none wait--does the person have aids? the one whose pee you got in your eye? if the answer is yes then there is a slim chance. you need some blood draws. Not going to happen. Urine is not a body fluid that has HIV in it IF the person who urine gets splashed in you eye is even HIV+. HIV is found in Blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk. No urine, saliva, tears..... none very small, but still possible The possibility is so small, that if you contracted HIV this way, you would be the first person to do so. According to the US Center for Disease Control, high concentrations of HIV virus have been found in blood, semen, vaginal fluids, breast milk, and bodily fluids that contain blood. HIV has been found in the...


I Have Kissed My Boyfriend A Number of Times On The Lips. I Found Out That His Mother Died Out of Hepatitis In 1999. Do I Have A Chance of getting aids Or Hepatitis?

A: No chance of getting aids. You can only get aids if you have sex with someone who is HIV positive. (Sorry Boater1... No open sore required) As for hepititis... You cant get it from his long dead mother. Unless HE has hepititis you wont get it....

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chance of getting aids almost zero?

A: Response from Dr. Young Dear Dutch guy, Thanks for your post and nice words. If you read my other replies on the Forum, you''ll know that I''m in agreement with your doctor. Assuming that a few things go right and that your willing to take medications when they''re needed, there''s no reason to think that you won''t live to be an old man. In this vein, I also recommend that my patients (especially those recently diagnosed) continue to plan and save for retirement. Best of long-term health to you. BY...


What are the chances of getting aids from fingering with a cut on hand?

A: Hard to say without seeing the cut and knowing how much "exposure" it had. Suffice to say that your health is important enough that you get tested. Plan for the worst and hope for the best....

What are my chances of getting aids if I sleep with 4 women in liberia, where 1

A: 1 month agoI forgot to mention that I forgot to use condoms when I slept with those 4 girls '' Not very likely. The odds of getting hiv from unprotected vaginal is 1 in 300. The odds are in your favor. Check out the link below for details. These other people are just trying to scare you. I wouldn't sweat it. To JR: I definately agree. If the chicks are super hot, the risk is worth it. You only live once, may as well live it up! '' http://www.thebody.com/forums/aids/fatig......

What are the chances of getting aids by kissing someone?

A: fairly remote but not impossible. it is the Internal body fluids ( not saliva) that will carry the infected cells so unless both parties had say split lips and some exchange of body Fluid took place then odds are very highly stacked against....


Has circumcision been proven to reduce the chances of contracting aids?

A: actually it reduces he chances of spreading cervical cancer to a woman personally i would never be with a man if he wasnt! when i have children if they are biological or adopted they getting the knife to fix that! Yes, circumcision does help. See article below. But it also helps prevent many other STDs. Yeast infections, etc. A guy has to be really really intent on keeping his business very clean in order to prevent the problems caused by not being circumcized. Yes, several studies in Africa in the northern regions (top of Africa) comparing what was different from the southern regions show that the tribes that practiced circumcisions on the men had a far less incidence


A cicumcised man has less chances of getting HIV why?

A: The extra long foreskin can harbor unhealthy organisms and this increases the chance that when exposed to the HIV virus it will have a chance to survive and multiply under the protection of this longer foreskin. A male that is very promiscuous should get circumcised or at least be sure to wash his privates after wards, and rinse with alcohol. This would be good for even the circumcised guys, who tend to have multiple sex mates. There is only a slight correlation between circumcision and rates of HIV so I would not make any sweeping conclusions based on this minor statistical variance. It just proves that circumcision has its benefits. A male is able to keep his penis much cleaner without the foreskin there. It is much healthier to be...


chances of getting HIV if the male didnt " precum" in you?

A: ZERO. ''aids'' is pure myth. A BRIEF HISTORY of aids In the early 80''s, doctors started seeing more and more people with suppressed immune systems coming into emergency rooms with several opportunistic infections. These were primarily gay men and intravenous drug users. There was panic within the gay community and in the general population as more and more people began dying of what was called aids: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. In 1984, Robert Gallo, a research scientist working for the National Institute of Health (NIH), announced in a press conference that he had discovered the probable cause of

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