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If an hpv test came up negative then a few months later came up positive why?

A: HPV is difficult to detect unless you have an active infection. Most likly you had it the whole time and it was dorminate during the first test and active during the second. Your body is always changing. You can test negative for hiv and in six months test positive as well. I am not sure why that is in medical terms but the only thing I can think of is that some bacteria may lie dormant. not only HPV but any cancer takes a long time to be screened thats probly why it didnt show up in the first screening but dont worry hpv isnt going to kill you or keep u from having kids... there is lot of treatments and lots of way of it.. Have you been with any new partners during...



A: Do NOT chance it take them 2 er what is the worst you have er bill or dead kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can die from RSV. Take them to the hospital. Did they not have the vaccine for RSV? Lots of people get RSV and just thinks its a cold. Children under 2 and the elderly are the ones who usually have a hard time fighting it off, so your 3 yr old might have it but isn''t going to have as severe a case as your sis''s kids just because of age. If you are worried though, go see your Pediatrician. Here''s a link with more info: http://children.webmd.com/tc/Respiratory-Syncytial-Virus-RSV-Infection-Topic-Overview A very prudent question. You should be fine. RSV is dangerous to newborns and immunocompromised individuals such...


Can you get aids even if you know your partner or yourself does not have aids?

A: you can get aids if you do not have aids no glove no love sweety ,,,, You can''t "know" someone doesn''t have aids till you are tested. Best to just take the precautions You can never be really sure if your sexual partner is or is not seeing and having intercourse with someone else. There are very few married on non-married couples that are truly faithful to one another these days. It is sad but true. It is good that you both have a blood test and each other the result before unprotected sex. After that you have to truly be sure your partner is monogamist....only having sex with you. If any small doubt. Always use a condom. STDs are not worth it. Especially AIDS. Do you really want the risk your health and life. Take precautions. I''m a nurse and I''ve heard it and seen it all....


I have herpes.. will I ever be able to have a normal relationship again...?

A: You got the mark. Stopping sexual relations at this point would be best for society as a whole so if you feel altruistic then go for it. If you feel like you deserve happiness more than the risk of marking someone else, then go ahead, but let them know about your condition early on...probably not the first date, but definitely before date four. Always remember that your mark is not some higher power''s way of punishing you for having sex....it''s just about making your life miserable. God is a sadist and I''m sure you are testament to this fact. Its up to you to forgive yourself. How could you at 17 have done anything different? 17 is an age where we are so innocent and naive. You learned a hard lesson,but let that lesson educate other...


I want to experiment beside my boyfriend. Can you convey me some past the worst things to do?

A: The ONLY polite answer is to get TESTED first ...BOTH of YOU! If neither of you own ANY STD''s then dance for whatever you want to.however hiv can live surrounded by the system LONG before you know you own it! Condoms DO NOT PREVENT you from getting STD''s! They lessen the chances. Kissing as one said is SAFE..WRONG..you can contract Herpes from kissing if your partner have it already and DOESN''T know it. There''s really ONLY ONE way of knowing..BOTH acquire TESTED first and go from nearby! Don''t be naive and assume someone is honest...or doesn''t hold anything until you have hear the DR. say so! KNOWLEDGE is your KEY to any and adjectives STD''s and how they can...


How did aids start?

A: There is a lot of misinformation and speculation about where it came from. Science overwhelmingly supports the idea that the virus jumped species from apes to humans - probably through a bite or cut. For a more intelligent and well researched answer to your question check this out from Snopes - the Urban Legends site: http://www.snopes.com/medical/disease/aids.asp Thw World Health Organization immunized people in east Africa, New York and San Francisco in the 1970s. Strangely, that''s where the disease hit hardest. No Aids epidemic in India or China, although they have almost 1/4 of the world''s population in those two countries. Is it because they don''t "screw monkeys" or have "homosexuals"? Or is it because they...


How do you get an STD when you and your partner are both clean?

A: Depends on the std. You can get warts from exercise equip. at the gym, tanning beds, used towels. Someone can have herpes and not know it for years until their body gets too stressed to keep it in check. Hep C can even be transferred from sharing a dollar bill to sniff drugs. Some STDs'' are caused by dirt.So if your partner does not wash his hands especially clean his nails and he puts it in you the gems in his nails are going to cause some form of STD.Likewise if your hands are not clean and you wash yourself i know it''ll cause that,I''ve experienced it.Because i know none of us cheats,he''s really faithful. if both have been tested clean in the past and now has an std after being in the relationship someone was sleeping with someone...


Which are the most common or most popular STDs?

A: My money is on Herpes being the most widespread. According to the CDC about 1 in 6 people 15-49 have it. To elucidate and clarify some of the false information in the first post, I have included chapters and research that you can look at for yourself from the medical community. When discussing STD or sexually transmitted diseases back up information is always helpful. Some of the items listed in the previous post are misleading and not all are STDS. And those have been singled out and explained below. The current list is available form the CDC and WHO see sources for link. MRSA is NOT a sexually transmitted disease. It is a virulent and deadly staph infection that is flesh eating and hard to control.


Dose anybody know about the new skin disease?

A: Yeah, it''s the excuse he''s using so that when you contract the STD that your boyfriend''s co-worker gave him, you won''t ask questions. ya my raccoon gave me that skin disease on my wee wee new skin disease... thats a good one. give ur bf a high 5 for me. Staph infections have been all over the news - is that it? skin disease? super bug! Well from what I have heard this "staph infection" may kill more people than hiv, it''s pretty scary...flesh eating bacteria, that is antibiotic resistant..here is a link to a few updates.. http://news.google.com/news?q=staph&hl=en&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&oi=news_result&resnum=1&ct=title It''s MRSA, pronounced "mur''-sa," and means methicillin-resistant staphylcoccus aureus. It''s nasty...

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