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Can a person still contract hiv if they

A: 2 months agoI'm not a drug addict and neither have I gotten any blood transfusions''2 months agoNo i was not in a relationship with anyone who was positive. I'm just paranoid. I think i got like OCD or somethin... '' It isn't likely unless you are in a job with a high risk of exposure like a health care worker. hiv is not only transmitted by sex. It is also transmitted by blood and body fluids, but it has to have a portal of entry, like a cut or open sore, or a needle stick....


Is it possible i've contracted hiv?

A: It's possible, but unlikely. If you used condoms, then the chance of infection is low. It's far morel likely that you caught mild flu then passed it on to the girl you subsequently had sex with. However, if you're worried, get tested. Better to know....


risk of contracting sti

A: Hi Again, Katrina, It is absolutely NOT RECOMMENDED that you take any antibiotics unless you know that you are treating something that you truly have. It is highly likely that you or your partner would have some signs or symptoms of having something. In the absence of such signs or symptoms, it is a remote possibility that you have something subclincally, since you had been engaged in very low risk for STIs in the past. Therefore whenever you have a chance to get general testing for syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hiv, HPV (though Pap smears), do so. The mild urinary urgency may have been a mild urinary tract infection, totally unrelated to STIs. The painful labial bump you noticed may have been an abscess or...


Have I contracted hiv?

A: See a doctor and get tested if you're really very concerned. Do NOT have unprotected sex again, especially if you don't know the woman!...


one unprotected sex encounter...chances of hiv?

A: Yep. Just like pregnancy. My mom told me when I was a teenager that it only takes once! Best Wishes, Sue...

what is the biggest threat to marines when it comes to contracting hiv?

A: actually the biggest threat to anyone in the armed forces are diseases spread via mass innoculation! (this would include aids) but the number one disease shared by about 75% of veterans is Hepatitis C-the deadliest of all! HCV surpasses hiv by 4 to 1. HOWEVER, HCV is not a true STD as it is not spread sexually, although the theory is about a .03 percent chance of getting hcv this way. GET TESTED! (whether you feel fine or not!) '' hcv advocate, mass innoculation victim of the 70's...


What is the probability of a man contracting hiv from 20 seconds of unprotected

A: 2 months agoOK, i did my own research in the meantime and found that the transmission rate is much lower than you people seem to suggestion. There seems to less than a 1% chance. Source is the New England Journal of Medicine. ESTIMATED PROBABILITIES of hiv TRANSMISSION PER ACT WITH A POSITIVE PARTNER Unprotected receptive anal intercourse0.008 to 0.032 Unprotected receptive vaginal intercourse0.0005 to 0.0015 Unprotected insertive vaginal intercourse0.0003 to 0.0009 Use of hiv-infected drug injecting equipment0.0067 Puncture by an hiv-infected needle0.0032 http://hivinsite.ucsf.edu/insite?page=as... '' I don't...


Is it possible to contract hiv from a prostitute even when one uses Durex condom

A: You most certainly can, Latex condoms are naturally porous, they have tiny holes, condoms work well on keeping sperm in and bacteria out, however, in comparison viruses are 1000x or more smaller than a bacteria, they can easily pass right through, condoms do help due to the fact that they ad to lubrication, less of a chance that the skin will break leading to blood/blood, blood/semen, blood/vaginal secretions contact....


Even with using a condom 100% correctly, what are the chances of getting a STD (

A: Though hiv is an extremely serious and deadly disease, there are many other STD's you can get even if you are wearing a condom, so be weary of your partner(s). Genital herpes (HSV2) is one that can be contracted with just skin on skin contact and most of the time you don't even know if someone has the disease. This is a maintainable virus, but it can not be cured. There are many other STD's that are like the one I have mentioned, just make sure you do research and if you are sexually active then protect yourself as best you can....

hiv Transmission

A: Hi Thanks for the question. Well, in the situation you describe there is very little chance of catching hiv, so you don"t need to be concerned. There is no real opportunity that infected body fluids can get deep enough into your body. Even if the SW was hiv positive, you had protected sex (with condom); the HJ would not spread hiv. Hope this helps. Feel free to send a follow up. Best wishes Ian...

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