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What are the chances of recurence of gonorrhea after having antibiotics?

A: Good if you are still messing around without protection. If you took the medication as perscribed it should be gone. If you didn''t or skipped days you may be in trouble. I would go back in since that can really hurt you long term. Yes there is a chance as it is possible you had contracted a resistant strain of gonorrhea. And did you finish the course. Have you had risky sex during the course or shortly after.? You could have reinfected yourself. Getting gonorrhea once does not confer immunity to the organism. Depends,are you still shaggin dirty slappers? You may need another course of anti-biotics as the infection may not be sensitive to the first course. Also you may have contracted the disease again Return to the GUM clinic if you are...


Is it still possible to contract hiv?

A: good question not with hiv and Aids but with pregnancy yes. i don''t really think so but i would be extra safe and just not do someone with aids if i know they have it but i always use protection because you never know. i would think that just from his penis being inside of you the risk would be high because you never know what bodily fluids are coming out of his hole during sex. there is also a thing called precum so that could contract it also. There is always pre-*** to worry about, which would carry the virus. Well they do have pre ejaculation so there for there is a risk of an exchange of bodily fluids. Also if they have to have any sort


Me and my partner just had a blood test done v both are hiv negative. are there any chances of v getin AIDS?

A: no unless either or both of you sex with others! no We can''t say the chance equals to zero. We still need to be careful. I meet many friends on a site called positivesingles.com. Some of them say thye get the disease because theie carelessness. If you''re both negative now, then you need to stay monogamous. That''s the only way. Too many diseases out there and if you decide not to stay monogamous, I''d use extra protection. From each other? . . . You can only catch a disease from somebody who has or is carrying that disease. So unless one of you is an asymptomatic carrier who tested with a false negative, no, you won''t be contracting hiv within your relationship. I...


I may have contracted hiv...Can People With hiv Live A Long Healthy Normal Life?

A: Yes people can live long heathly lives with hiv. Its just a virus, there are people who live long and heathly lives with cancer, so hiv is no different. Also you shouldn''t get tested while you''re sick. You might get a false positive. Take the test when you''re feeling better. Yes, you can still have a long and healthy life with hiv. Whent he virus was first discovered in the early 80s, scientists knew nothing about it so people died very quickly from it. However, treatment for hiv has had many breakthroughs and advances. There are some great anti-viral drugs out that that can seriously prolong the advancement of AIDS. I highly recommend you see a doctor as soon as...


How Many People Usually Contract hiv While Using Protection?

A: By using protective measures, there is hardly any chance of contracting hiv. There are some exceptions though like while using a sub-standard condom the receiving partner can contact hiv if the condom breaks accidently. Similarly if there is a lapse in blood screening or needles separtion then also you can contract hiv. It can be assumed that around 5-10% of people contract hiv while using protection. The data is varied and there is no single reliable source....


do I have a risk of getting hiv?

A: Your risk of contracting hiv this way if fairly low but not zero. I think it is very unlikely that you would have contracted hiv for the following reasons: 1) it takes a significant amount of virus to cause infection. The small amount of semen is unlikely to carry enough virus. 2) the risk is higher when there is trauma to the vaginal mucosa allowing some bleeding to occur. This is slightly less likely to have happened without intercourse (depending on how aggressive his fingers were). If you are concerned it is very reasonable to be tested just to be sure. A negative result will ease you mind. If, by chance, it is positive it is important...


What are the chances of getting aids from urine being splashed in the eye?

A: none o eeew little to none wait--does the person have AIDS? the one whose pee you got in your eye? if the answer is yes then there is a slim chance. you need some blood draws. Not going to happen. Urine is not a body fluid that has hiv in it IF the person who urine gets splashed in you eye is even hiv+. hiv is found in Blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk. No urine, saliva, tears..... none very small, but still possible The possibility is so small, that if you contracted hiv this way, you would be the first person to do so. According to the US Center for Disease Control, high concentrations of hiv virus have been found in blood, semen,...


can i contract hiv thourgh kissing with a cut in the mouth

A: Hi Thanks for the question. I don"t see a risk of hiv transmission here. For hiv to be passed on, fresh infected fluid would need to get from an infected person, through the protective skin layer and into your bloodstream. In the situation you describe this can"t happen (and hiv doesn"t spread through saliva). Hope this helps - feel free to send a follow up, and for more information on hiv, go here: www.avert.org Best wishes Ian...


If Your A Male Is There Less Chance That You Can Contract hiv From A Woman....than A The chances If You Are A Women contracting It From A Man?

A: There are equal chances of getting hiv either you are male or female. Because, hiv is transmitted through following major routes. Through exchange of sexual fluids Blood transfusionReuse of infected syringesFrom infected mother to babySo, whatever may be your sex, exposure to hiv by above mentioned routes can also make you hiv positive....


Can you contract hiv though saliva?

A: I think it would take a gallon if not more. NO. Only once in the 25 year history or so of the disease has it been transmitted this way, that doctors and statisticians know of at least. Only one case has ever been proven, so the odds are in your favor that you cannot catch it. However, why take chances? nope not unless there mouth has open sores that are bleeding.chances our low .I know it sad to think we cant even give someone a kiss ,just know your partner and you and him get tested then you can kiss away. Very very extremely low chance.Unless u his/her gum is bleeding.Then its a yes I WOULD BE AFRAID THAT YOU CAN Slight chance.... you can pass hiv through any...

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