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Me and my partner is hiv negative if we indulges in oral sex are there any chances of contracting aids?

A: hiv can be transmitted from one infected person to another. If you are both hiv negative, then you cannot transmit it to each other if you are in a monogamous relationship....


What are the chances of getting hiv through heterosexual and protected anal sex?

A: Actually analsex (heterosexually or homosexually) tends to be riskier than vaginal sex because the tissue in the anus is very thin and in result easier to tear. The tissue in the vagina is a lot more resilient. Now about the condom. It is very unlikely that you will contract hiv from a person if you are using a condom during anal sex, specially if you only do it once. There is always a chance though. Like if the condom is broken, not working etc. and they have a very high viral load. If you are developing a relationship with someone that is hiv you should go with your partner to talk to his/her hiv doctor though and they can help with all of these kinds of...


Is there a chance of contracting something?

A: It IS possible, but if it makes you feel any better, oral sex on a woman is the LEAST likely "sexual" way to contract the disease, in regard to vaginal penetraion, anal ses, fellatio, etc....


What are chances of contracting herpes if you are not sexually active, and also

A: The chances probably aren't high at all, if you really mean not sexually active at all. And, yes, herpes and cold sores are pretty much the same. They are different varieties of virus but can occur on either end of the body. Don't put anything into your mouth that was in the mouth of someone who has cold sores. I wouldn't touch the area around cold sores and wash your hands afterwards if you do (opening the faucet with a paper towel not to leave virus on the knobs). For more information on not getting or giving cold sores to others; and on the different types of virus, read the below article from the National Institutes of...

chance of hiv infection?

A: Hi Thanks for the question, and I can see why you are concerned. Well, certainly if the condom was intact there is nothing to fear. If you are concerned, you are wise seeing people at a GUM clinic. Constantly urinating is not a sign of early hiv infection - if it is painful to urinate, then it COULD be something else (which can be treated). The chances of contracting hiv from a single encounter is around 1% (one) percent. Still a risk of course, but low. In countries where hiv is increasing, people have multiple contacts with infected people, so the risk is higher. Hope this helps. ...


Ways to contract hiv/AIDS

A: The chances of getting hiv through a blood transfusion in teh US are very minimal.  All donations are tested, and all donors are screened.  While this isn"t perfect, it is extremely effective. The situations that might slip through the net are those where an infected person (who most likely doesn"t think they are infected) donates blood in the "window period", which is the time between getting infected with hiv and producing antibodies to hiv.  Most of the screening tests used for hiv look for antibodies, so it is possible (and it has happened) that some blood with hiv might...


Is there some sort of injection you can get that can blast hiv out of your system within 24hrs of contraction?

A: Whoa, glad I have a girlfriend...chicks like you are SCARY. whoa thats scary, and kinda weird... but no their is no such injection hiv usually can''t be detected until weeks after infection, so going to get a hiv test wouldn''t help. There is some sort of pill or injection you can get that can drastically reduce your chance of getting hiv if you get it within 48 hours of possible transmission, but I don''t remember what it''s called...sorry. I would suggest going to your doctor/hospital, they probably have more information. did u get a blood test to know that u got infected? and there''s no way to take hiv virus when...


I was wondering what the odd are of transmitting hiv this way.?

A: Hi, Why do you think the doctor and nurse both wear gloves when a hiv patient comes for an appointment. You can transmite hiv through bleed. But I don''t think you have anything to worry about not unless your friend has told you he is hiv then you can start worrying!!! poppy1 Unless his blood mixed with some of your bodily fluids then the chances are slim. I wouldnt worry about it too much! The only way that you could contract hiv from that specific activity is if you had an open cut on your arm and the blood was in direct contact. I wouldn''t worry unless you had this kind of open wound. no the virus doesn''t die...


What are the chances of catching hep c when sharing needles with a carrier? what if the needle was cleaned?

A: i was lucky because im ammune but my husband got it and had to do 6 months worth of treatment he is now in remission.chances are pretty high you got it !!we found out its not the needle its the spoon.sorry man.spread the word not many know but you can get it from sharing staws too.use clean spoon,clean rig and try not to share. Hep C is spread from blood to blood contact and the most common way of contracting it is the use of contaminated needles. So, if you are thinking about doing it, don''t. and if you''ve already done it, get tested. chances are very good that you''ve contracted it if you already used the needle. Good luck. A lot


Can a person contract hiv by giving a hickee?

A: No, but don''t bite and draw blood no, there is no bodyfluid transfer specifically blood Even if you did draw blood, the chance of spreading hiv would be miniscule, unless you have an open wound in your mouth. haha. no. unless u like, give them a hickie on a scab. or u accidently bite them and draw blood. other than that, ur safe. Why would you even dare to give a hickie if you''ve got aids? All it takes is bodily fluids mixing...what if you punctured the other person''s skin while giving "a harmless hickie"? How gross to even be asking this. You should be concerned about being a productive citizen in society instead of giving hickies in the first place and at that having aids?? Common sense alone should...

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