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What are the chances of giving hiv to my bf?

A: your 14 living with hiv---how''d that happen? just wondering He should call the FED''S on you...you should be ashamed you whore bag! i think this was prolly an unrealiable storry, but the chances of that is none.....000000000000000, but i would have told him before slim. if you used protection and it did''nt break it''s safe. the only way you can really get it other than the protection would be to kiss openly and one or the either has a sore inside the mouth. you both would have to have sores in your mouth and than kiss openly. or you would have to have a sore "down there" and he went "down there" with his mouth but he would still have to have sore. an std is contracted through the blood and the...


What are the chances of getting hiv/std from sharp objects?

A: No chance at all in the real world. But for science sake, I will say that it is extremely improbable. IF the infection was still alive when it occurred yes I don''t really think so. don''t worry about it. Isn ''t STD mean sexually transmitted disease? only if it belonged to someone with hiv, who also cut themselves, and the blood was still wet enough to enter the wound of your cut. ....so no hiv is transmitted by blood or other body fluids. So unless the toenail has blood on it, zero chance. Nĝ, unless ˙ou just picked up a toenail covered with blood of an hiv+ person and touched it to a cut on yoursêlf, and the virus actually survived long enough for transmission....


What Are Your chances of contracting Aids In America?

A: Your chances are as good or bad as you make them.  Someone who practices safe sex (using barriers, not just chemical birth control) has a much, much lower change of contracting hiv/AIDS than someone who does not use preventatives.  Someone who practices complete sexual abstinence (meaning no vaginal, oral, or anal sex) is pretty much safe barring accidents involving blood or other body fluids.  If you''re willing to go without sex and if you''re careful not to come in contact with blood or body fluids, then you are probably not going to get AIDS.  If you have unprotected sex with unfamiliar partners on a regular basis, you share invasive drug...

Details of contracting hiv

A: Having oral sex is one of the ways to transfer hiv infection. Having small wounds in the mouth or coming in contact with other fluid from your partner increases the possibility of getting infected. Four to six weeks after the exposure is the earliest time you can take the tests. The tests do not detect the virus. They detect the antibodies our body produces to fight the virus. It takes four to six weeks for this to happen. Definite confirmation of the first test results can be done when also testing three and six months after exposure....

chances of getting hiv

A: Hi elo*, Based on the information you have provided it would be next to impossible to state high or low risk. Risks of contracting hiv is related to certain behaviors etc. IV Drug use, unprotected intercourse with multiple partners, exposure to blood, body fluids of those who have the virus, etc., of course puts one in a high risk category. Those who do not have the above risk factors are of course considered low risk. Sincerely, Theresa Jones, RN...


Ive been having sex with different ladies in the past 5-7 months...whats the chance of having hiv?

A: From the risk assessment point of view, your chance of contracting hiv from the scenarios that you described is close to zero. let me tell you why: 1) You used protection. Condoms work. It is extremely unlikely that you contracted hiv if you used condoms. 2) The chance of contracting hiv from a single episode of oral sex is estimated around 1 in 10000 per exposure. Some experts even believe that oral sex is not a risk. There has been NO convincing documented cases of hiv transmission by oral sex. 3) It is...

What are the chances of getting hiv through a small scab on my hand, if I

A: i would say you are ok but if geting tested makes you feel better then that is what i would do....

what is the chance of getting hiv with asian indoor prostitute when wearing a co

A: Your chances of contracting hiv wearing protection at all times are very rare unless it breaks. But, if you did oral sex on her, your chance of contracting hiv are high, especially of other STD's. You can easily contract Herpes, Crabs, Genital Warts even by wearing a condom, because these diseases are transmitted by skin to skin contact....

Picked Up A Bloody Shirt With hiv+blood. Did Not Notice Any Blood On My Hand But Did Have Scratch On Finger. What Are My chances of contracting The Virus?

A: If you did not immediately see any blood on your hand, the chances are fairly small. Also, if the scratch wasn''t open and bleeding at that moment, your chances are even smaller. Still, you should go to the hospital and explain that you had contact with hiv positive blood and they will give you a high dose of antibiotics to help your body destroy the virus before it can take hold....

What is the percentage of contracting hiv thru unprotected sex?

A: On any single encounter with an infected partner, the risk is high, but not 100%. Multiple encounters increase the risk of transmission substantially. Contrary to popular belief, hiv is actually quite difficult to catch. It is about 5000 times more difficult to contract than Hepatitis C for example (another sexually transmitted disease). You should always use a condom if you want to avoid risk; you cannot rely on a person knowing their status. You don't know your status right now do you? And it takes several years for AIDs to develop, so often people feel and appear completely healthy while being infectious. The chance of transmission varies with the time that the person has been...
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