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How Long Should You Take A hiv Test After Having Unprotected Sex?are There High chances of catching hiv If You Had Unprotected Sex Once

A: The answer is yes there is a chance, is the risk worth taking. I am guilty of taking the risk once but never again. So the answer is go ASAP and have a test and in the future use protection and request that your partner also takes a test................and then comes the long term question ..........trust are they in the future being as cautious as you....

chances of catching hiv?

A: "what is the chances i caught hiv?" -- How am I expected to answer this question??? What are the chances... Well, you could start by telling me if the man has an hiv infection. Before anyone asks a question like yours, they need to include this detail. So...DOES he? Where did you get 84 days? Most people develop detectable antibodies anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks (average 25 days). But because some people may take longer (and there's no way to know if you'll be one of them) testing in the first 3 months after a possible exposure is acceptable and if the initial result is negative, retesting by 6 months is more than acceptable....


What are the chances of catching hiv from unprotected sex?

A: 4 days agoHetero sex with someone with hiv 1/3000 for circumsiced male 1/1000 for uncicumcised male 1/10 for a female many variables like viral load, having another STD. Cure and vacinne has been found so let's have an unprotected orgy. '' Depends on the kind of sex, what genders are involved, and who's harboring the infection. In general, unprotected heterosexual vaginal intercourse has a low transmission rate (in the neighborhood of 1/300-1/1000 chance of infection per act of intercourse). Females are more readily infected by male partners than males are infected by female partners (aka easier to transmit the virus from male->female than...

What are the chances of catching hiv for a man if the woman does not ejaculate d

A: about 80/20 ejaculation has nothing to do with catching any disease just the mere contact could cause a spread. Even with condoms you take the chance. Man or woman there is never a full proof safe way. There are only aids in the prevention of spreading the disease....

How risky is kissing in terms of catching hiv?

A: Hey there is no risk in kissing a person infected with hiv,only thing be careful that you dont have open cuts/wounds in your''s and the other persons mouth.Make sure that no open cut gets blood in from the infected person There is a chance. I know, I know, everybody else says, hiv cannot be transfered by kissing, but through medias like blood. Imagine the person you''re kissing has bleeding gums, then what? you have to swallow a cup of spit before even considering it. slim but it could happen because saliva has been know to carry it...but u would have to have a cold sore or something that would put the saliva in contact w/ blood.... P.S. i don''t think there has been a known case that someone has caught it from...


What are the chances of catching hep c when sharing needles with a carrier? what if the needle was cleaned?

A: i was lucky because im ammune but my husband got it and had to do 6 months worth of treatment he is now in remission.chances are pretty high you got it !!we found out its not the needle its the spoon.sorry man.spread the word not many know but you can get it from sharing staws too.use clean spoon,clean rig and try not to share. Hep C is spread from blood to blood contact and the most common way of contracting it is the use of contaminated needles. So, if you are thinking about doing it, don''t. and if you''ve already done it, get tested. chances are very good that you''ve contracted it if you already used the needle. Good luck. A lot of cases...


chances of getting hiv from tattooing? high/low?

A: damn near impossible It''s very low as long as the equipment was sterilized and the needle is new. If your not go get tested. If the shop didn''t clean the needle after the last tattoo & it was given to somebody with hiv you could have it! Or if ya get a jailhouse or garage tattoo it''s also posible if the needle wasn''t changed or sterilized! http://www.willyblues.com/ high well make sure they use a clean needle on you!! just make sure the needle is clean, as for the signs of having aids it can range from rapid weight loss to constant fevers. for more information just go this website: http://www.hivaidssearch.com/facts/hiv_aids_common_symptoms.htm it has the most common symptoms and...


Does Viagra increase the chance of getting hiv?

A: There is no proof that Viagra increases the risk to catch hiv. However there have been studies made, which show that men who use Viagra behave differently by having multiple sexual partners and/ or having unprotected sex, which both increase the chances of getting infected with hiv. Viagra does not increase the chances of getting hiv. However it is not a substitute for condoms and other STD (sexually transmitted disease) prevention methods. Good afternoon! I order Viagra, Levitra and Cialis at http://tabletscheap.org Prices are low. For example, Viagra from $0.77 per pill, Cialis from $0.99....


I Have Herpes And A Genital Wart Right Now. I Just Recently Had Sex, I Did Use A Condom. What Are My chances Are catching hiv/aids. Also I Did Have Unprotected Sex For About 2-3 Minutes?

A: Herpes and hiv/AIDS are not connected, except that they''re both STD''s.  But getting one does not guarantee that you''ll have the other.  If you do not currently have hiv, and if your partner is also hiv-negative, then your chances of contracting AIDS from your unprotected sex is virtually zero.  However, you''re probably going to give your partner herpes, even with the use of a condom....

What are the chances of catching hepatitis from a transfusion?

A: The odds of contracting viral hepatitis from a blood transfusion are about 1 in 100 (versus 1 in 500,000 for hiv). If you''re stuck with a contaminated needle, the risk is 1 in 4 for hepatitis (versus 1 in 2,000 for hiv)....
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