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How Soon After Valve Replacement surgery Can I Have cervical surgery?

A: After valve replacement surgery,you can do your cervical surgery after 12 months...

Muscle Atropy and cervical surgery

A: Todd, Thanks fo rth equestion, i am sorry to hear about your situation. The post op healing process after fusion or decompression of neurological tissue (Nerve root, Spinal cord) is a lengthy one.  Remember, a muscles abiltiy to contract depends heavily on the flow of neuro chemical information to and from the muscle. The nerves in your neck are likely surrounbded by a vast amount of bleeding and inflammation pursuant to the trauma of your surgery.  Your body has the potential to heal, but needs a great deal of time.  The more compressed or irritated those nerves were before surgery the longer it will likely take for them to return to prior level of function. I hope this helps and that you do well. Jeffrey...

cervical surgery

A: Hi Jay- visually impressive, huh?  i can ony imagine...=) the option people often start out with is a steroid injection at the site of the bad disc- it doesn"t always work, but it"s a non-invasive, relatively risk-free procedure.  personally (being averse to surgery in general) I"d ask your doc why they want to skip this possibility.  Many people if given MRIs show disc abnormalities, but it"s considered something to leave alone unless symptoms are present. you do have some symptoms, but at what level of severity I cannot say. If your doctor can explain to your satisfaction (ie, risk of complication too great, whatever) the need for jumping right in to surgery, i can tell you that his/her suggestion is not "out there"...


Muscle Atrophy and cervical surgery

A: I can certainly understand your readiness to work on your recovery.  That type of surgery is tough with strength exercises often against doctor advice for some time.  The operating doctor really needs to guide your treatment.  I would always describe what you are going through and ask for an explanation why.  Physicians will give you answers to common concerns such as numbness, pain, a weak feeling, a feeling of instability, stiffness, hand symptoms, skin changes etc. I would ask for a specific timetable on when you can begin an exercise program under instruction.  It may be based on a protocol the doctor has relied on for some time with good reason and/or it may be based on x-rays.   Some physicians are...

post cervical surgery scars

A: Hi Karen, This is a tough one and I don"t know that I have any magic answers for you. Many topical applications such as tapes and bandages have been placed over scars.  In general, pressure seems to work but whether or not plain silicone or other substances work is less clear. Steroid injections can also help flatten out scars that are starting to thicken but I do not use them prophylactically (there are downsides to everything; in this case, the skin can become thinned with too much steriod use). And as far as eventually seeing a plastic surgeon - you may want to go ahead and find one now that you can work with.  You can find one at surgery.org if you can"t get a recommendation from a friend or your physician. I...

Looking for feedback from people that have had or found an alternative to cervical surgery

A: Upper cervical chiropractic care, only adjust when needed I don''t know if you''ll be able to avoid surgery, but... cervical fusion surgery -- alternatives? pipersmz said: 1 I know it''s been a while since you posted the question so I don''t know where things stand now but I''ll give my input anyway. I''ve been putting off cervical fussion surgery for about a year now. I''m currently surviving by making some simple modifications to my life style. I''m watching what I lift, not only how much...


cervical surgery & yawning

A: I had both of these problems after cervical surgery. The swallowing thing eventually went away completely. But even now about 10 years later, I still occasionally have that feeling where my yawn gets "caught". I massage around the incision area for half a minute or so until the crampy feeling goes away. At this point it doesn''t happen often enough anymore to be bothersome. Hope this helps, Cat Hey Kathy, I have had the same problem every once in a while, but I just thought it was because of the neck brace I am in as it does put quite a bit of pressure on the chin and back of the head if I have to really open my mouth wide or have a big yawn coming on; but maybe its not? What has your doctor said? Steph ...


Buring feet-toes-muscle cramps following cervical surgery

A: Hi there -- It seems reasonable that the previous surgery could have resulted in irritation of the nerve root with consequent "static" if not actual perpheral neuropathy. While this does sound more like peripheral neuropathy (which also could result from random scarring at the op site), I''m assuming this was ruled out by means of nerve conduction studies. Is that correct? If so it still doesn''t exonerate the origin being farther upstream in the vicinity of the surgery. Just like regular pains, this sort can be referred downstream from the point of irritation. This can leave out the peripheral pathway and allow the pain to show up at a distant site without any convincing clinical evidence along the nerve route. It is possible...


Looking at a 3rd cervical surgery

A: Hello - I am like you I grow lots of bone spurs and ridges, right back where they clean out. When they add your C6/7 the general procedure is to remove the previous hardware, because you are fused now, and then put another plate in the level that is now being fixed. I am very similar, but I just don''t know when to do the next surgeries. I am kind of thinking it''s when I start having lots of neurological problems. The pain - I have found a way to live with. Most likely they will go in the front and will go through the scar that was from your C4-6 operation in 2002. I don''t want to sugar coat it, the revision to add the lower level might be a little difficult pain wise. The swallowing problem might be there again since they have to move your esophogus one more time. You did it...


Post cervical surgery

A: Hi! I am fused c4-c7 and understand what you feel.I probably need another level fixed. It may be too early to to say you won''t improve more from your surgery. Your nerves need time to wake up and settle down from surgery and swelling. Have you ever tried neurontin or lyrica for nerve pain? These type meds help a lot with pain you describe. ExARMYPILOT, *********** is right, in that there probably hasn''t been enough time to really tell. I''m sure it seems like forever since the last week of March to you, especially if you''re in so much pain, but less than two months is practically nothing in terms of nerve healing. I''m really surprised to hear you mention taking Motrin. Most surgeons ban NSAIDS for at least several months...

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