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what causes deteroration of the cervical spine on woman of age 27

A: Disc degeneration starts very early, in fact most people have some amount of deterioration in the spine by the age of 20. Now, there are some factors that accelerate disc degeneration which I mentioned in my article http://www.healthcentral.com/chronic-pain/c/23153/58440/degeneration   But, you may have other reasons if your RA levels are up and down. I would first recommend going beyond the RA test. A rheumatologist usually will look at other blood markers like an ANA and HLA-B27, both of these tests look for auto-immune disorders (your body attacking itself). If your body is attacking itself, then joints will deteriorate faster.   You could go to a surgeon. After many surgeries, you will probably still have pain because chasing pain with a...


how dangerous is cervical disc surgery

A: Depends on how many disks, if fusion involved, front or back entrance, if an artificial disk is involved and your over all health. Any surgery has it''s risks. Can you share more info? gentle hugs............Jenny All surgeries have risk, some techniques are more simple than others. Just keep in mind they are dealing with your spine, the area of the spinal cord. The key to reducing risk is to make sure you have the best qualified surgeon available to you. Don''t be afraid to ask your doctor all your questions - if they don''t take time to fully explain and ensure you understand the risks and the procedure then they have not fulfilled the terms of the surgery notice that you will be signing. Plus if you...


What can you tell me about laser spine surgery performed at Laser spine Institute in Tampa, FL?

A: Laser spine surgery sounds sexy, and that has a lot of appeal (which is one reason they can get away without insurance contracts... they get a lot more money!) But when you look at the number of spine surgeons using "The Laser" it is quite minimal. Why? Because the science and proven literature is much weaker than the glitzy websites and touching testimonials. Most people with herniated discs get better with NO surgery of any kind. Any reputable surgeon will tell you this. If not, RUN for the door. Just some things to be aware of: Google the "Physician of the Year" award. It is an "award" purchased by political donations. The American Academy of Neurologic and...


cervical spine + MRI Problems...Need Some Advice

A: When was the visit with the neurosurgeon when he said you were not a surgical candidate (sorry if I missed that in the note)? I''d think it''s time for a consultation with another neurosurgeon and perhaps an orthopedic spine surgeon (OSS). I''ve had good luck with OSS, just make sure that the spine is ALL that they do and they are board certified. I kind of had to push for my second neck surgery as the findings on tests were vague. But the surgeon told my husband I had a huge bone spur sitting on the nerve and severe stenosis to the point where he was amazed I wasn''t in tears all day every day. However, in May of this year I went back to that same surgeon (OSS) who did my neck surgeries in 2006 and 2008. He...


My sister is 60 years old and was diagnosed with Stage IIB Breast Cancer last month based on size of tumor and possible lymph node involvement. Since then she had axilliary lymph node biopsy and came positive for cancer. She is HER2NEU+, ER/PR+, tumor size is 3cm according to catscan. Drs first told us it was 5cm. She has just had her 4th treatment of Navelbine and Herceptin. Upon my urging the Dr ordered an MRI of her spine as she has been complaining of Thoracic spine pain for quite some now, I mean for at least the past 2 years. The Oncologist says that he is 90% positive that she has cancer in that area. I just got my copy of the MRI report and it says: There is an anterior T5,T6,T7,T8 vertebral body T2 hyperintensity and T1 low siganl consistent with metastic disease from the known primary. There is prevertebral soft tissue thickening and edema at this level as well. No pathologic fracture, however, is identified and there is no spinal canal compromise. The thoracic cord appears normal in contour, caliber, and signal intensity. Yhere is no eveidence of disc herniation. Impression: T5,T6,T7,T8 Metastatic disease w/o any pathologic fracture. No evidence of spinal stenosis or cord compression.cervical spine: There is C3-C4 and C4=C5 mild posterior ridging. Note is made of C5-C6 small to moderate-sized broad based disc herniation impinging upon the anterior sac with right foraminal stenosis. No significant spinal stenosis, however, is demonstrated. There is C4 and C5 vertebral marrow subtle hyperintensity suggestive of degenerative marrow changes rather than metastic disease. Although for confirmation, a short interval f/u MRI is recommended. Impression: No definite evidence of metastic disease.My sister''s daughter was killed in a car crash and my sister is raising her children, they are 5 years old. I also should add my sister is right now receiving treatment to shrink the tumor. Now that the Dr knows it is in her spine he says he will add Zometa next week to her treatment and that we need to sit down and discuss where we go from here? He was planning on surgery in September to remove lymph nodes and lumpectomy or mastectomy along with different chemo mix and radiation etc.. What questions should I be prepared to ask and what is my sister''s prognosis best guess with it being in her spine? I read somewhere else that said 10 months and it has me so scared now. I understand that she has a fast spreading cancer. I am concerned for her and the children. I have been very positive with her and now everthing we thought would not be is turning out to be. She has had a bone scan, catscan of body, muga test and MRI''s of both breasts and now MRI of entire spine. Lumbar is clear except for bulging disk. I guess I am looking to know how to prepare her and what she should do to get things in order for girls etc...... I am very very scared and am trying to hide it from her.Thank you so much for taking time to do such a wonderful service. I appreciate it and will look forward to your reply.

A: Sorry she is dealing with such a terrible situation. Glad she has you for support. As her disease eventually progresses, please consider asking for hospice care. this is a wonderful support program to help patients and families prepare for death and to die with dignity, hopefully with as little discomfort as possible and with affairs in order and closure achieved with family. Make sure she has an advanced directive too. Ask her what her wishes are. Hospice will assist you with what to expect as far as how she will physically be......

Does anyone have knowledge about compressed disc in cervical spine?

A: I''m not sure about the comressed disk. I was told that I have bulging disk at the c-5 and c-6 and also the c-6 and c-7. I have had a lot of shoulder pain, neck and back pain, radiating into my right arm. The muscles in my upper back were in spasm all the time, started having headaches and I became one constant ball of pain. It got to where I could not use my right arm much at all. The doctor gave me an epidural block injection about nine months ago in my upper back area. Some kind of steroidal/numbing stuff. It was pretty rough for the first few days immediately following but I have been pain free since. .....well until now, I have been riding horses and doing a lot of no no''s. I have an apt. for the 1st. I wonder if this is the same thing you are talking about.? Oh my, you...


Has anyone had Artifical Disc implanted in cervical spine ?

A: I too would like to hear from anyone out there who has had recent artificial disk replacement. I have been puting off ACDF surgery for over a year in hopes that artificial disks become more prevelant. To me, fusion of vertabrae sounds too permanent and I do worry about adjacent segment degenoration. Hello , I had a 2 level cervical disc replacement done with the ADR method, here in London in July 2005. I have just had my 2 year sign off. I had levels C5/6 and C6/7 done. My discs were the PCM made by Cervitech, which I believe is an American company (PCM stands for Porous coated motion). I have a very good range of movement in my neck and have been having regular 6 month x-rays, to check the positioning is still ok. I occasionally...


Displacement of the upper cervical spine

A: Please let me know what you learn. I am at the very beginning of getting evaluated for TMJ but have a history of a herniated cervical disc which was removed and fused together with a metal plate and screws. My TMJ symptoms developed shortly after my cervical surgery. In addition to muscle spasms in my jaw, I also get them in my neck. I was wondering about a possible connection. Thanks! I have been seeing a NUCCA or upper cervical (aka orthoganist) chiro for 3 months now and it helped aleviate the pulling or tugging sensation I had on my lower jaw and some of the TMJ symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, head, neck and back pain. But it has not corrected my mis-aligned jaw - which...


Laser spine surgery

A: I am not personally familiar with center in Florida, but I can say that I have a patient who underwent laser spinal surgery (in Southern California) on the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. His immediate results were miraculous. Unfortunately, he was in another accident; so his results were short lived.   Scientific research is still very inconclusive about laser surgery for the spine.   A $40,000 bill is very painful indeed especially when there is no guarantee. I might look to South America (Brazil) or Japan because other countries besides the U.S. (expensive U.S.) have well respected surgeons. And your money might go farther.   Dr....


getting cervical disk surgery

A: Hi Ash79, You may want to talk with a neurosurgeon about this. They would be best able to give you all the risks/benefits of surgery for your disk. In general, I recommend avoiding spine surgery unless there is no other option. Recovery from spinal surgery is long and there are often many complications. Occasionally, the surgery ends up not improving the initial symptoms or simply exchanges them for other problems. That being said, there are spinal surgeons because there are cases where surgery is an appropriate option. I believe most surgeons would agree with me that surgery of the spine...

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